Ter’angreal (pronounced: tear-ANH-gree-all) are objects of the One Power that perform specific functions. Some ter’angreal do not require the One Power to be used for their activation, such as the striped stone ring that Verin Sedai gave to Egwene al’Vere, and the twisted redstone doorframes that lead into the realms of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. While not as rare as angreal or sa’angreal, the method of making them was believed to be lost for thousands of years, until recently.

After visiting the Seanchan, Elayne Trakand came across the a’dam, a type of ter’angreal being made in the present Age. By studying one, she was able to work out how to replicate it, and from there extrapolated how to make certain other types of ter’angreal. Recently, Aviendha has discovered that she has the Talent for discerning the use of ter’angreal just by holding them.

The original uses of most ter’angreal are lost to the depths of time. A few, such as the silver arches which is used in the basement of the White Tower for testing to become an Accepted, are used safely for what may or may not be a related purpose to the original intent, but most are stored away safely. Ter’angreal which require channeling can be activated at times just by someone channeling nearby, sometimes with disastrous results. Aes Sedai have been burned out trying to study them, or been killed, or have simply vanished. The type which do not require channeling to be activated seem to be more rare, although they are generally kept safely stored away, unless their purpose is known, to prevent accidents.

It was hinted by Mesaana that most common ter’angreal used in the Age of Legends, even those that required channeling, could be used by non-channelers. When describing the function of a slender red call rod, she mentioned that powering it required simulating what she called the Standing Flows, described as an “always on” power source energizing any number of objects. This was done by weaving “hair-thin” flows of Fire and Earth at two of the “interconnections”. No specification is giving regarding the total number of “interconnections”, but the wording implies multiple. No additional hints were given regarding the range and limitations.

List of recorded ter’angreal
Access keys
The access keys are ter’angreal linked to the massive Choedan Kal, the two greatest sa’angreal ever created. As tapping the Choedan Kal unaided is invariably deadly because of the immense quantities of the One Power available through them, and the fact that carrying a gigantic statue is not feasible, the access keys were created both to act as buffers between the user and the sa’angreal while being portable. Three access keys have been found, two by Rand in Rhuidean and one alone, though there is a possibility that more may exist. The keys are shaped as small-scale replicas of their respective sa’angreal. Rand and Asmodean fought for the male access key found in Rhuidean, with Rand emerging victorious. Lanfear also arrived in search for the female ter’angreal, but concluded that it was either not present or destroyed, although Rand recovered it intact. This one known workable female key was destroyed during the cleansing of saidin, along with the female Choedan Kal. The male key was taken into possession by Cadsuane Melaidhrin after the cleansing. A damaged version of the female key was (and presumably still is) in one of the displays within the Panarch’s Palace in Tanchico, first found when Egwene al’Vere went Dreamwalking to search for the Black Ajah. The Broken Female one is extremely dangerous to channel into, and even hurt Egwene just by touching it in Tel’aran’rhiod. After Rand banished Cadsuane from his sight, he had her room searched and recovered the male access key, which he then kept with him at all times, nearly using it for disastrously destructive purposes on several occasions. After traveling to the top of Dragonmount and realizing his madness, Rand draws every ounce of saidin that he can through the access key, and then pushes the power back into it, shattering the key and the Choedan Kal deliberately

An a’dam (pronounced: AYE-dam) is a ter’angreal designed to hold a female channeler captive. It takes the form of a flexible silver collar and bracelet, usually joined by a long “leash” although that convention is not strictly necessary to its functioning. They form a basis for the “leashed channeler” social status in the Seanchan Empire; the leashed woman is called a damane (“Leashed one”), and the women who holds the bracelet a sul’dam (“Leash holder”).

The first a’dam was made by Deain Sedai, a Seanchan woman who wanted to assist Luthair Paendrag Mondwin in his consolidation of the continent by giving him an instrument to control female channelers who opposed him. She was later collared herself by an a’dam, and it is said that her screams “shook the Towers of Midnight”.1 While the exact timing of this event is unclear, it must have occurred in Luthair’s lifetime, so sometime in the later days of the Free Years calendar.

An a’dam will only work to collar a woman who can channel saidar (called a marath’damane before her capture), and – unknown to most Seanchan – can only be operated by a woman who can be taught to channel; the irony here is that while the damane is viewed by most as dangerous, subhuman property to be controlled, the sul’dam are valued members of society, due to their skill in working with the women who actually wield the One Power. At some point in the past, then, the a’dam’s nature as a ter’angreal that required a woman who is capable of channeling to control it was lost. The recent rediscovery of this fact by certain members of Seanchan society (including some sul’dam) has the potential to rock their society to the core. A man who is collared suffers one of two fates: either nothing happens, or he dies screaming; the interpolation from this is that those who die are men who either have the latent ability or the spark to channel saidin. A man who can channel who touches the bracelet end experiences a shock of pain that is transmitted to the damane as well, if there is one collared, but he can open and close the locking mechanisms.

The a’dam includes a number of useful characteristics for maintaining the captivity of the damane:
It incapacitates the damane if she makes any attempt to open the clasp on the collar, or move an empty bracelet from where it has been placed by a sul’dam. It should be noted that Mat teaches a Windfinder made damane to open and close her collar, but no one else seems to be able to duplicate that feat, including sul’dam who certainly know how the collar is operated.
It allows the addition of emotional sensations to the damane’s worldview; she can thus be punished immediately and unavoidably for any transgressions, a fact used liberally in most training.
Any pain inflicted on a sul’dam is also felt by the damane twice as severely, effectively preventing a damane from attacking her sul’dam.
A damane cannot pick up a weapon. If a damane thinks of using an object as a weapon, she will not be able to pick it up until she completely expunges the thought from her mind.
A sul’dam can make a damane embrace or release the True Source at will.

There exists an unknown number of a special type of a’dam made to control a male channeler. There was originally just one, but after they fell into the possession of the Seanchan more sets were made. They incorporate two bracelets and a collar, and thus can be worn by two women.

Alabaster Figurine
The alabaster figurine is a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by the Black Ajah. The ter’angreal is shaped of a unclothed woman made of alabaster, about a hand tall. Evidence suggests that this ter’angreal is a sleepweaver.

Amber Plaque
The Amber Plaque is a sleepweaver ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. It is recovered from the Black sisters in Tear. The ter’angreal seems to be made of amber. It bears the image of a sleeping woman on it. By channeling spirit into the plaque and falling asleep, the user can enter Tel’aran’rhiod.

Bearded Man
The bearded man is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The statue is apparently made of bronze and is about two feet tall. It depicts a stout man with a beard holding a book. The man bears a merry smile. This ter’angreal holds records of thousands of books, most likely from the Age of Legends. Channeling fire and earth into the figure causes the words “Ansoen” and “Imsoen” to appear above it, Old Tongue for “fiction” and “non-fiction”.

Bent Rod
The bent rod is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar The rod is black and featureless. It is as wide as a person’s wrist and seems to be made of metal. One end shapes itself to the grip of its holder. The exact method is unknown, but the ter’angreal seems to have been made for cutting things that aren’t too thick and can’t catch on fire

Bent Black Rod
The Bent Black Rod is a ter’angreal used by Asne Zeramene during the confrontation at the residence of the “Lady Shiaine Avarhin” in Caemlyn.1 It was a gift from Moghedien. “… a small, bent black rod, perhaps an inch in diameter, that had a strangely dull look.” It appears that this ter’angreal immediately inverts of a weave. An inverted weave cannot be seem by other channelers. How this ter’angreal is activated is unclear.

Blinding Chair
A binding chair is a type of ter’angreal made during the Age of Legends. It is unknown whether any have survived the Breaking of the World. As no binding chairs have been revealed, it is unknown what the exact appearance of them are. These ter’angreal could be used to bind non-channelers to oaths, such as the Oath Rod does for those who can channel.

Bloodknife Ring
A Bloodknife ring is a ter’angreal made by the Seanchan. The ter’angreal is a black stone ring. With a touch of the user’s blood, the ter’angreal grants the wearer incredible strength and speed, as well as the ability to shroud themselves in shadows. The ring drastically shortens a person’s lifespan, however, but as Bloodknives are used for suicidal destructive missions, they are the only ones who wear the rings, as they expect to die shortly anyway. Removing the ring can slow the dying process slightly

Blue Woman
The Blue Woman is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The blue figurine is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and is dressed in an oddly cut skirt and coat. This ter’angreal can supposedly be used to speak to people over great distances, much like the black and white bird

Black and White Bird
The Black and White Bird is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The bird is coloured black and white. It has long wings that appear stretched out as if it is in flight. This ter’angreal can supposedly be used to speak to people over great distances, much like the blue woman, five earings, six finger rings, and three bracelets

The bookmark is a ter’angreal recently in the possession of Verin Mathwin. The ter’angreal is a thin leather strap with steel weights on the ends, like what is normally used to mark a book, but much longer than usual. Placing the bookmark in a closed book and twisting the loose ends together causes the book to disappear. The ter’angreal works only on books. Verin suggests that the bookmark was created by someone concerned with concealing their personal journal.

Bowl of the Winds
The Bowl of the Winds is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. A powerful bowl-shaped ter’angreal which allows its users to control the weather. It draws both saidin and saidar, no matter which is being channeled at it. During the Age of Legends, the weather was carefully regulated by Aes Sedai using various weather ter’angreal. None of the ter’angreal were strong enough on their own to affect the weather of the entire planet, yet through the use of several, the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends were able to keep close control over the weather. One of these ter’angreal was held by the ancestors of the Atha’an Miere. They used the bowl to survive the seas during the Breaking of the World. Somehow the bowl was lost and for 2,000 years sat in a store room of the Kin in Ebou Dar. The bowl became a legend among the Atha’an Miere and was thought lost or destroyed. During this time the Atha’an Miere learned to control the weather to a degree that according to Ishamael should have required a weather ter’angreal.

The bowl is activated by channeling a complex weave of all five powers to form a four pointed star, which turns the bowl blue as a summer sky with clouds floating through it. Then the number of points on the star is increased to five, six, seven, eight, and nine. At each stage the bowl changes colors and reflects a different part of the sky or the sea. After the nine point star is channeled the bowl begins to draw saidar and saidin on its own in far greater quantities than what was originally channeled into it. The bowl then shoots a column of power into the sky, a complex mix of saidar and saidin. A new weave is then laid on the bowl to alter the column of power. Eventually the column branches at the top, fanning spiderwebs of power out in all directions. When finished the column evaporates and the bowl turns clear. Controlling the weather with the Bowl is like using the rudder of a ship. The weather is not changed instantly, rather the course of the weather is nudged in the desired direction to produce lasting effects.

The bowl was located again by Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve al’Meara in Tel’aran’rhiod using Need. They were sent by the Amyrlin Egwene al’Vere with Matrim Cauthon and several more experienced Aes Sedai to retrieve the bowl. However because the streets of Ebou Dar, particularly in the Rahad, all look the same, they could not easily return to the same spot. Through the use of Mat’s ta’veren qualities they were led to the Kin by Setalle Anan, roughly the same time Mat discovered the Bowl’s location independently. They retrieved the bowl through a confrontation with the Black Ajah, Darkfriends, and a gholam sent by Moghedien and Sammael. During this confrontation, about a quarter of the relics from the Kin’s hoard were stolen, and Ispan Shefar was captured.

Because the Sea Folk had the knowledge to use the bowl that the Aes Sedai lacked, Elayne and Nynaeve bargained with Renaile din Calon Blue Star of the Atha’an Miere for their help in using the bowl. This was a spectacularly bad bargain for the Aes Sedai, and would have been even worse if Matrim Cauthon had not bullied the Atha’an Miere into agreeing to the final details, including the location of the Kin’s farm.
Sea Folk Knowledge to use the bowl and control the circle
Windfinders of strength to be part of the circle
Use of the most powerful Windfinders instead of the Windfinders with the highest rank
Windfinders could learn anything that Aes Sedai could teach, including traveling and forming a link.
The Bowl after the weather was fixed
Twenty sisters going to the Atha’an Miere subject to their laws, required to teach anything the Windfinders wanted to learn and unable to leave until others came to replace them.
Windfinders allowed to enter the Tower as guests, allowed to learn whatever they wished, leave whenever they wished.

After fleeing Ebou Dar to the Kin’s farm, Aviendha unwove the gateway after seeing Ishamael watching her so that no one could follow. They chose the top of a hill as the best place to form the circle. The circle was lead by Caire din Gelyn Running Wave who knew more of the Bowl of Winds than anyone else. She lead the circle like the captain of a ship, expecting full obedience. The circle involved women who could channel from all major societies in the Westlands, and was probably the most powerful circle since the Breaking of the World.

The full circle of 13 consisted of:
Atha’an Miere:
Caire din Gelyn Running Wave — In command
Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind
Metarra din Junalle
Talaan din Gelyn — Using the amber turtle angreal
Aes Sedai:
Elayne Trakand
Nynaeve al’Meara — Using the gold bracelet and rings angreal
Kirstian Chalwin
Garenia Rosoinde
Reanne Corly
Wise Ones:
Aviendha — Using the Ivory carving of a woman covered by her hair angreal

Within days the weather changed and winter began to set in. Because of this, the Bowl was given to the Sea Folk. The aftereffects of using this bowl have caused saidin and saidar to become strange and lifelike, causing many weaves of the two halves to be distorted and jumpy. This is most noticeable near Ebou Dar. This effect is most likely caused by a form of “precipitation” of the Power due to the immense strength of the flows through the Bowl. It is likely that, in the Age of Legends, the Bowls were a) controlled by a circle of both men and women, and b) used with less of the Power since more Bowls were in existence, giving each Bowl a smaller area to cover rather than requiring weather manipulation across a continent. The huge use of power also alerted the Seanchan. Sul’dams and their damane were dispatched to collar the women wielding the power. However, they were all destroyed when Elayne Trakand failed to unweave her gateway properly and caused the weave to blow up, creating destruction of both sides of the gateway, and completely destroying the farm.

Brilliant Red Rod
The Brilliant Red Rod is a ter’angreal used by Alviarin Freidhen to summon Mesaana after returning to the White Tower. It is no longer than a forefinger and utterly smooth with the exception of a a few fine lines which form a “sinuous interconnecting pattern.” Alviarin uses saidar to channel hair-thin flows of Fire and Earth at “two of the interconnections.” It is assumed that this is done to simulate what were known as “Standing Flows” in the Age of Legends. She then pressed hard on one end of the rod with her thumb in order to activate it.

A callbox is a ter’angreal, a few copies of which exist. A callbox is a small, gray cube that is carved with intricate patterns that seem to have no end. Using saidar to channel Fire into a callbox causes the ter’angreal to draw in the other powers, as well as saidin. In this way, a male channeler can sense the callbox and hear and speak through it. A callbox was given to Sevanna by Sammael, using the alias of Caddar, in Kinslayer’s Dagger. Sevanna had Someryn use the callbox to summon Sammael.

Chair of Remorse
The Chair of Remorse is a ter’angreal kept in the second basement of the White Tower. The Chair is a rectangular, marble-gray block that is as hard as steel, except for the top which molds itself around the person seated upon it. There is a small hole on one side filled with tiny, unevenly spaced notches. Channeling into the hole on the side forces the person seated on the Chair to experience possible consequences of their crimes, and can be used to both torture and punish. Five Sitters of the Hall, Seaine Herimon, Saerin Asnobar, Doesine Alwain, Yukiri, and Pevara Tazanovni use the Chair of Remorse to force Talene Minly to reveal that she is Black Ajah. Talene accuses Elaida as well.

Clear Chrystal Rod
The clear crystal rod is a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. The rod is made of crystal and is perfectly clear. It is a foot long and an inch in diameter. The use of the rod is unknown.

Chrystal Throne
The Crystal Throne is the seat of power of the Seanchan Empire, located in the Court of the Nine Moons.1 It is believed to be a ter’angreal that inspires reverence and wonder in those who come before it, and does not require the occupant to be able to channel to cause it to work.

Crystal Vial
The crystal vial is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The ter’angreal is a tiny, stoppered vial made of what appears to be crystal. It contains a dark red liquid inside. The use of this ter’angreal is unknown. Judging by its appearance, however, it may be similar to a cour’souvra.

Domination band
The Domination Bands are a male version of the a’dam, a ter’angreal for controlling men who can channel. They take the form of a finely jointed collar and two bracelets of dull black metal. The Domination Bands are made of a form of cuendillar and are nearly impossible to destroy.
The bracelets were recovered in Tanchico, in the Panarch’s Palace, by Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne Trakand. They gave them to Egeanin Sarna and Bayle Domon to drop into the ocean. Egeanin and Domon were stopped by the Seanchan, however, before they were able to dispose of the bracelets. They were turned over to the High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath who, in turn, raised Egeanin to The Blood. They were subsequently copied and six sets were recovered after an abortive attempt to capture Rand. It is unknown whether any other copies remain in Seanchan hands. One set was possessed by Cadsuane Melaidhrin until it was used by Semirhage in an attempt to capture Rand, and was subsequently destroyed. The location of the others is as yet unknown.

The Domination Bands were made during the Breaking and allow a woman or two women to control a man who can channel. Prior to the Cleansing of saidin, the Domination Bands were dangerous to use because they did not prevent the man from going mad. They are also imperfect because, given time, he will eventually be able to control the woman as well as she controlling him. While saidin was tainted, this had extremely dangerous repercussions. Two women in the bracelets reduces this back seepage, but it also makes it harder to control the male channeler. Cadsuane’s set was later destroyed when Elza Penfell stole them from her strong box in association with Shaidar Haran and gave them to Semirhage who used them on Rand. This resulted in Rand’s channeling the True Power and destroying the set, and subsequently destroying Semirhage and Elza with the True Power. This said, it was not a problem for Semirhage to completely control Rand al’Thor’s body and connection to saidin, despite a second female channeler wearing the bracelet. It should be noted that Domination Bands impose far more severe limitations on the collared channeler than do the a’dam. The leash holder needs to give express permission for almost any voluntary movement, for example walking or speaking. Breathing and other normal bodily functions seem to be unaffected. The question of whether or not a Domination Band can prevent breathing is not addressed. This would clearly have logistical implications if Domination Bands were to be taken into active use by one of the major powers, as around the clock maintenance of the wearer would be required.

The dreamspike is a ter’angreal made during the Age of Legends. A dreamspike is a large, spike-like piece of silvery metal that is topped with a large metal head and set with golden inlay.

The ter’angreal seems to make a type of barrier both in Tel’aran’rhiod and in reality, though the purple dome it creates can only be seen in the world of dreams. The dome has a radius of about four leagues and, when active, is always present with the Dreamspike at its center. Touching the barrier in Tel’aran’rhiod drains the energy from a person and can likely kill them. The barrier prevents instant transportation in or out of it in both worlds. In Tel’aran’rhiod, willing oneself to be on the opposite side of the barrier simply fails to work. In the waking world, Traveling is useless except for those who are allowed by the user of the Dreamspike; gateways of all forms simply fail to form. This allows the Dreamspike to be used to protect oneself from hostile channelers, who will be unable to Travel to the user; it can also be used to trap a channeler in place by disabling the ability to Travel. The dreamspike is also mentioned to have the ability to protects the owner’s dreams, though how this functions is never shown. It may protect the dreams of the one controlling the dreamspike specifically, or it may simply block interaction with the dreams of those who sleep within the protected area. In either case, however, it does not block those within the barrier from entering or using the World of Dreams. A dreamspike’s other unique property is its interaction with Tel’aran’rhiod. Though it is a physical object and is inside the waking world when inactive, when triggered it disappears from the waking world and plants itself in Tel’aran’rhiod. A dreamspike appears to have a “key” associated with it, presumably a mental command code that can be used to disable or counteract that specific dreamspike.

Moridin is shown to own two dreamspikes. He lends one to Graendal in order to have Slayer use it to kill Perrin Aybara, but Perrin eventually finds it in the Wolf Dream and destroys it. Occurrences at the Black Tower suggest that the other dreamspike is posted there. As no one in the area is able to create gateways, it is likely that Moridin gave the ter’angreal to Mazrim Taim to use.

Dull Dagger
The dull dagger is a ter’angreal found in the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The use of it was the first to be identified by Aviendha’s talent of Reading Ter’angreal. The dagger is slightly longer than the palm of a hand, but wide in proportion. It is seemingly made of iron, but appears to also have never been sharpened, with an edge that would not cut much more than butter. The hilt is made of deerhorn and wrapped in gold wire. Whoever is in possession of the dagger becomes invisible to Shadowspawn, including Myrddraal and Trollocs. Aviendha also states that it is possible that even the Dark One himself may not be able to see its wielder

Eight-pointed Star
The eight-pointed star is a ter’angreal in the possession of Cadsuane Melaidhrin as a part of her paralis-net. A trinket of a star with eight points. The star will start vibrating in the presence of men who can channel. The more male channelers that are present, the more the star will vibrate

The eight-pointed star is a ter’angreal in the possession of Cadsuane Melaidhrin as a part of her paralis-net. A trinket of a star with eight points. The star will start vibrating in the presence of men who can channel. The more male channelers that are present, the more the star will vibrate

Flexible Black Rod
The flexible black rod is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s storeroom in Ebou Dar. The ter’angreal is slim and black, and flexible enough to be twisted into a circle before springing back again, as if it is made of rubber. Not much is known about the rod other than it causes a person pain, the amount of which is adjustable. Supposedly, one blow from the rod can be made to feel like a hundred

Fluted Black Rod
The fluted black rod is a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. The rod is made of black stone and is a full pace in length. The rod will produce balefire, but is very difficult to control and extremely dangerous to the wielder

Foxhead Medallion
The silver foxhead medallion is a ter’angreal that was given to Mat Cauthon when he emerged from the Rhuidean twisted doorframe ter’angreal. It is one of his most prized possessions, and he refuses to part with it under any circumstances, though he did once offer it as protection to Elayne and Nynaeve. The foxhead is made of silver, and one of its eyes bears the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai.

The foxhead will disrupt flows of the One Power aimed at the bearer. For some unknown reason it also injures a gholam on contact, burning it as if the medallion were red-hot metal. The foxhead does not, however, affect actions of the Power which are not directly aimed at the bearer. For example, although a binding formed of Air will melt away upon touching the bearer, a stone thrown by a flow of Air will strike normally. Another example would be lightning; once formed, however many bolts, they would follow their natural course and could strike the bearer. If a person using the One Power specifically directed a bolt at someone wearing the medallion, they would melt away. Though Mat is unaware, a side effect of the medallion is that it protects dreams. This was not part of the intended purpose of making the medallion; it is a true side effect. The medallion has the ability to nullify both saidar and saidin. Its first protection from saidar comes in Rhuidean when Moiraine tries to heal Mat from a drop of saliva from a Darkhound. Other Aes Sedai have tried to hold Mat with Air, with no success. Its first protection from saidin comes in Salidar, when Aran’gar, in the guise of Halima, channels at Mat.

Glass Blacksmith’s Puzzle
The glass blacksmith’s puzzle is a ter’angreal found in the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The ter’angreal has an unspecified appearance of a blacksmith’s puzzle made of glass. The use of this ter’angreal is unknown. Elayne tried testing it with a touch of Spirit, but it left her extremely dizzy and kept her from sleeping for half the night

Glass Bracelet
The glass bracelet is a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by the Black Ajah. The bracelet is made of glass rings that are unbreakable to almost any force. The bracelet is a sleepweaver, allowing the user to enter Tel’aran’rhiod by channeling Spirit into it

Glass Columns
The glass columns are ter’angreals found in Rhuidean. It was among the ter’angreal and angreal entrusted to the Aiel during the Breaking of the World. The columns are made of clear, glittering glass that rise up nearly one hundred feet into the air. They are arranged in concentric rings and are quite thin in comparison to their height. The glass columns are located near to Avendesora.

The experience of passing through the glass columns has been the one of the primary purposes of a visit to Rhuidean. For generations upon generations, those sent to the city are would-be leaders: aspiring clan chiefs and women about to become Wise Ones. Entry is traditionally prohibited to others, even with the barrier protecting the city broken and the Aiel now travel the city freely. An Aiel man or woman, upon entering the glass columns, will experience the lives of some of the Aiel’s oldest ancestors, learning the true origin of the warring race. The visions vary slightly for different people; a person sees pivotal events through the eyes of a direct ancestor. Those key events are the sharing of water with the ancestors of the Cairhienin, and the treaty of Rhuidean. The Aiel leaders must learn, from these visions, that they descend from a people sworn to peace that betrayed their oath in order to be the violent clans of warrior societies today. The shame of this knowledge is too great for some people who pass through and those do not return to their people. Only one in three men survive the pilgrimage due to the experience of the columns. Muradin was one such man who did not survive. A man who enters and emerges bears a golden dragon tattoo on one arm, the mark of a clan chief. However, when Rand emerged from the columns, both his arms bore the dragon tattoos: the anomaly is due to the fact that he is the Car’a’carn, the chief of chiefs. A woman experiences the glass columns on her second visit to Rhuidean, at the end of her training as a Wise One Apprentice. (The first time, she uses the Three Rings, another ter’angreal that shows different visions.) A woman does not bear a visual mark as a result of her time through the glass columns, and women accept the visions and therefore return to rejoin their clans more often than men.

The Aiel’s use of the glass columns has always produced an experience of the past, but the function of the ter’angreal has proved to have a wider range of function. The glass columns actually change the visions shown to correspond to the needs of the user, though it may only work for the needs of Aiel. When Aviendha journeys to Rhuidean the second time, she wonders about the future of the Aiel and the use of the columns, now that all the Aiel know its secrets and that the Aiel’s purpose as the People of the Dragon are nearly fulfilled. When she touches the columns, the visions change, and the ter’angreal shows the lives of future generations of Aiel instead, showing the genocide of the people by the Seanchan.

Aviendha, shortly before her re-entry of the glass columns, decided that she may be able to “read” how the glass columns work using her Talent that allows her to read ter’angreal. To do this, she needed to touch it. When she did, she experienced a strange event. Before she completed her first step away from the pillar, she experienced a vision from the pillar even though she did not step into the pillars. The vision successfully tempted Aviendha into entering the glass pillars for a second time. This vision did not seem to be caused by anything Aviendha did. The pillars seemed to act of their own will, giving the vision to Aviendha to force her to enter the pillars again.

Glass Man
The glass man is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. Seemingly made of glass, the man is about a foot tall and has its hand raised as if to signal stop. The ter’angreal was made to chase away vermin, such as rats and mice. It is unknown if channeling is needed to make it work

Golden Crescents
The golden crescents are a ter’angreal in the possession of Cadsuane Melaidhrin as part of her paralis-net. The ter’angreal is made of intertwining golden crescents which look like moons. When saidar is channeled around the crescents, they will detect it and turn cool, much like Mat Cauthon’s foxhead medallion.

Golden Hummingbird
The golden hummingbird is a ter’angreal in the possession of Cadsuane Melaidhrin as a part of her paralis-net. The hummingbird is made of gold and appears to be in flight. The ter’angreal is a Well, allowing saidar to be stored inside it to be used in times and places where the user is cut off from the source.

Golden Swallow
The Golden Swallow is a ter’angreal in the possession of Cadsuane Melaidhrin as a part of her paralis-net. The ter’angreal is made of gold and is shaped like a swallow. It hangs from a golden chain and appears to be flying. The Golden Swallow requires no channeling of its user to activate. It is used to detect the direction from which the One Power is being used, whether it is saidar or saidin. When either is channeled, the swallow will turn and appear to fly in the direction that the channeler is. The swallow will point towards saidin over saidar if both are being channeled, and will also take priority to point to linked circles of channelers

Great Oval Ring
The Great Oval Ring is a ter’angreal in possession of the White Tower. The ring is more of a doorway, with its rim as thick as an arm, a height of over a span, and a width of about a pace. It glitters in ever-changing colors. This ter’angreal is what is used to test a woman to become a full Aes Sedai. Seven channelers must channel all Five Powers in a complex weave into it while the candidate enters the rings into a mirror world and must successfully perform one hundred weaves at the right times to pass. Injury and death can occur within the rings, and a person can also simply not emerge from the ter’angreal

Green Stone Disc
The green stone disc is a ter’angreal created by Elayne Trakand. It was one of the first successful ter’angreal she made, and the only working copy of the five other of its like she attempted, with two doing nothing and two others making the user nauseous. The disc is made of plain green stone. The disc was made so that a woman not strong enough to make herself invisible can be able to do so otherwise.

The Guardian is a ter’angreal that sits in the Hall of Council’s chambers in Far Madding. It is made of three large discs. The three discs create an area around the city that cuts off channelers from the True Source. The Guardian is similar to a stedding because it stops channelers from embracing the True Source but not destroying their weaves. So a well can be used inside the dome, like when Nynaeve used one to set Aleis Barsalla’s crown back on her head with a weave of Air. Men are cut off about a mile around the city and women at the city limits. The third disc creates an even larger area that allows channelers to be tracked.
The hedgehog is a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. The ter’angreal is in the shape of a wooden carving of a hedgehog, no bigger than the last knuckle of a man’s thumb. Any woman who tried to channel through it went into half a day of peaceful dreamless sleep, and it could be used to trap others as well. It was left by the Black Ajah who fled the White Tower as a trap for Moiraine Sedai in Tear. It was broken by Perrin Aybara to rescue Faile, who had instead triggered the trap, from its effect

Helmet of Metal Feathers
The helmet of metal feathers is a ter’angreal that was recovered in the Kin’s Store Room in Ebou Dar. The helmet is covered with what appears to be fluffy metal feathers. The use of this ter’angreal is unknown. When Elayne tested it with a thread of Fire, she gave everyone except herself within twenty paces a blinding headache

Iron Disc
The iron disc is a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. The disc is seemingly made of simple iron but has been untouched by rust over the years. It is three inches in diameter and is engraved with a spiral on both sides. Evidence suggests that this ter’angreal is a sleepweaver.

Ivory Box
The Ivory Box is a ter’angreal that was found in the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The box appears to be made of ivory and is decorated with rippling red and green stripes. The box contains music, possibly thousands of songs, much like a music box. The method of playing the songs is still unknown

Jeweled Belt
The jeweled belt is a ter’angreal in the possession of Nynaeve al’Meara. The belt is made of gold and is covered in very fine rubies. The ter’angreal is a well, allowing the user to fill it with extra saidar to use even when cut off from the source.

Jewelry Set
The jewelry set is a collection of ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s store room in Ebou Dar. The set consists of unspecific pieces of jewelry. These ter’angreal can supposedly be used to speak to people over great distances, much like the black and white bird and blue woman

Metal Balls
The metal balls are a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The ter’angreal appears to be a set of metal basketwork balls, one inside the other. The use of the ter’angreal is unknown.

Metal Gauntlets
The metal gauntlets are a ter’angreal in the possession of the White Tower. The gauntlets are very large, with firedrops decorating the metal cuffs. The use of the gauntlets is unknown, as they were only seen in passing in the White Tower’s storeroom by Egwene al’Vere

Metal Helmet
The Metal Helmet is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. Made much too thin to be used as an actual helmet in battle and twice as heavy as it looks, the ter’angreal is covered in minute engravings. The metal also has a slick feel, as if it is covered in oil. The Metal Helmet was made to control another device of some sort, most likely a machine from the Age of Legends that was lost during the Breaking

Oath Rod
The Oath Rod is a binding rod that is possessed and used by the White Tower. It is used when raising Accepted to Aes Sedai, upon which they are required to swear the Three Oaths. It makes oaths binding; that is, it is not possible to knowingly break an oath sworn on the Oath Rod unless the rod is used again to release the person from it. The Black Ajah has found a way to break the Three Oaths while retaining an ageless face. The Black Ajah uses the Oath Rod to remove their Oaths and swear three new Oaths to the Shadow. One of these Oaths is to “not betray the Great Lord, to keep my secrets until the hour of my death.” Another Oath is to not betray the identity of any Black sisters, although the exact phrasing is unknown. Seaine Herimon, Pevara Tazanovni, Saerin Asnobar, Yukiri, and Doesine Alwain secretly used the Oath Rod to investigate sisters and force then to reswear the Three Oaths in order to prove they are not a member of the Black Ajah. During their period of carrying out this task they tested themselves, Talene Minly and the rebel sisters that were spying on the White Tower sisters. The Oath Rod was also taken by Egwene after her escape from captivity in the White Tower. She held it in secret so as to catch all Aes Sedai off guard when she made them reswear the Oaths, so as to not allow any members of the Black Ajah to become aware of the events and escape. After Egwene’s rise to power as Amyrlin Seat in the White Tower, the Oath Rod was used again on the remaining sisters to wring out any darkfriends who had not yet escaped. Seaine presents to Egwene three possible ways for a Forsaken to circumvent the Oath Rod: using another Oath Rod just after taking the Three Oaths to negate them, sending another woman under the Mirror of Mists to take the Oaths, and using some voice-changing weave to make others hear the words of Oaths instead of the words that were really spoken. The Oath Rod is the cause of the Aes Sedai agelessness. Although most Aes Sedai believe that the ageless look comes with the ability to channel, the Kin, the Forsaken, the Wise Ones and the damane do not have ageless faces, despite centuries worth of channeling. Egwene herself states to Romanda that the Oath Rod is the cause of agelessness.

Peaceful Illusions
The peaceful illusions ter’angreal is a ter’angreal in the possession of the White Tower. The appearance of this ter’angreal is unknown. The ter’angreal creates images of flowers and the sound of a waterfall. Any other use or the original purpose of the item is unknown. A member of the Kin named Callie who had been put out of the tower tried to steal it when she left, but was caught.

Red Crystal Chair
The red crystal chair is a ter’angreal that was found in Rhuidean. The ter’angreal is a chair, undecorated but made completely of red crystal. The use of the ter’angreal is unknown.

Red Stone Bracelet
The red-stone bracelet is a ter’angreal in the possession of Nynaeve al’Meara. The bracelet is decorated with pale red stones, not brilliant enough to be rubies. The bracelet covers the user in an invisible, but extremely protective armor.

Red Rod
The red rod is a ter’angreal that was recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The rod is as thick as a person’s wrist, is bright red, and is smooth and round. It seems to be made from stone, though it is soft to the touch. The exact use of the rod is unknown. The ter’angreal made Elayne think of fire when she held it, and when she channeled fire into the rod, she lost consciousness. Upon awakening, everyone refused to tell her what happened and struggled to keep from rolling on the floor laughing. The evidence, including the shape and flexibility of the rod, seems to indicate that this ter’angreal is some sort of sexual aid.

Ring with Green Stone
The ring is a ter’angreal in the possession of Nynaeve al’Meara. The ring is average sized and possesses a round, pale green stone. when either saidar or saidin are being channeled within a certain distance, the ring will appear to vibrate differently to signal either one, though it does not actually move

Root-like Carving
The root-like carving is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The ter’angreal is a blue carving of seemingly random curves. It feels like stone, but does not actually look like it was carved. The exact use of the carving is unknown, but it is confirmed that it is for growing something if the correct song is sung to it. In all likelihood, this ter’angreal is the Talisman of Growing for creating Waygates

Sapphire Ring
The sapphire ring is a ter’angreal in the possession of Nynaeve al’Meara. The ring is average-sized and contains a flawless blue sapphire. When in the presence of someone feeling anger or hostility, the ring will turn cold against the wearer’s finger

Silver Arches
The silver arches are a ter’angreal made of of three connected arches. They are in the possession of the White Tower. The original purposes of the arches is unknown, but it is now used in the test to raise a novice to Accepted.

By passing through the arches, the entrant will become subject to her greatest fears of the past, present, and future in turn, passing through another of the arches for each. The One Power must be channeled into the arches at all times while a person is inside, or else they will become lost to the outside world forever, if they even survive. When inside the arches, a person’s greatest fears will be made real, presented as possibilities of what was, is, and what could be. The person loses nearly all knowledge that what they see is an illusion, and takes everything as reality, to an extent. It is unknown exactly how much hold the illusions bear on reality, but there is no doubt that they are at least loosely based off of the truth. It is also unclear where exactly the arches takes a person to face their fears. The arch that the person entered reappears inside the illusion only once, and usually during the instance in which it is the most difficult for the person to leave what they see, either emotionally or physically. However, Nynaeve al’Meara managed to make the way out reappear a second time during her test by channeling. Channeling itself is dangerous inside the arches, as studies of the ter’angreal have shown. Aes Sedai who have entered the arches holding the power or surrounded by wards have either emerged stilled or not at all. Those who channel and manage to return to reality are considered very fortunate.

The Silver Arches seem to be related to Tel’aran’rhiod. When Egwene passes the test to become Accepted, she brings the twisted stone ring with her. The Silver Arches then create a buzz felt by the Aes Sedai channeling on it. When Egwene is in the Arches, she encounters some problems, especially during the third and last part. Alanna Mosvani, a Green Sister operating the Arches during the test, said a reverberation came during the test. “The ter’angreal almost seemed to be trying to shut off the flow from saidar.” Alanna then revelead that “the only time [she has] ever seen anything like it was once years ago when [she] tried to use a ter’angreal in the same room with another that may have been in some way related to it.” Egwene knows that the only other ter’angreal in the room is the twisted stone ring she just received from Verin Mathwin.

Silver Ring
The silver ring is a ter’angreal in the possession of Elayne Trakand. It was recently held by Ispan Shefar, but had it taken upon her capture as a Black sister. The ring is silver and worked in braided spirals. The ring is a sleepweaver, allowing the user to enter Tel’aran’rhiod by channeling Spirit into it

Six Spotted Dice
The six spotted dice are a ter’angreal that was stolen from the White Tower by Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. The ter’angreal takes the form of a carved cluster of six spotted dice, joined at the corners, less than two inches across. Its use is unknown, save that channeling through it seems to suspend chance in some way, or twist it. Tossed coins presented the same face every time, and one test landed balanced on edge one hundred times in a row. One thousand tosses of the dice produced five crowns one thousand times, which makes Egwene think of Mat who would love to have luck suspended. Ironically, Mat has similar luck, possibly because he is ta’veren.

Slim Black Rod
The Slim Black Rod is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s storehouse in Ebou Dar. It is a “slim black rod, a pace long and so flexible it could be bent into a circle and spring back.” The rod is used to cause pain. "One blow can feel like one, or a hundred.”

Small Bent Rod
The small bent rod is a ter’angreal in the possession of the Black Ajah, who received it as a gift from Moghedien. The rod is about an inch in diameter and slightly bent. Using the ter’angreal, a woman can embrace saidar without other female channelers able to feel it

Small Red Rod
The small red rod is a ter’angreal possession of Alviarin Freidhen, who received it from Mesaana. The rod is bright red and about the size of a one’s forefinger. It is decorated with lines which connect in a continuous pattern. Alviarin keeps it in a knotted wooden box that can only be opened by pushing on a specific four knots simultaneously. It is said that even a hammer can not break this rod. Alviarin used the rod to contact Mesaana and let her know that Aliviarin wished to speak to her. It was activated by channeling Fire and Earth into the rod and pressing her thumb to one end. It is assumed that Mesaana owns a partner ter’angreal to this one. The rod used to have standing weaves upon it, allowing those who couldn’t channel to use it, but they have faded over time.

Stone Carving
The stone carving is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The stone carving ter’angreal is an object about the size of a person’s hand with deep blue curves. It feels like stone and does not looked as if it could be carved. This ter’angreal is used for growing holes. It is not activated by the One Power but by singing the right song

Three Rings
The three rings are a ter’angreal found in Rhuidean. The ter’angreal is made up of three gray, metal rings that stand vertically in a circle and are joined at the middle. The rings are used to as a right of passage for a woman becoming a Wise One Apprentice. When she enters any of the rings, she experiences countless possibilities of her future based on every decision she might make. Most women cannot remember the majority of these experiences. Often, women do not emerge from the rings, likely from not being able to handle what they see.

Twisted Redstone Doorway
The twisted redstone doorframes are a pair of ter’angreal which provide access to the world of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. These entry points, along with the Tower of Ghenjei in Andor, are the only known intersections between the human world and the parallel world of the Finn. Both doorframes are red and seemingly made of stone. They both are built in a way that makes the doorway look twisted and causes one’s eyes to slip away before being able to tell as to how it connects at the top. One, located in Tear, has a series of wavy lines running around the frame. The other, found in Rhuidean, has triangles on it.

The doorframes found in Tear and Rhuidean link to the realms of the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn, respectively. The Finn are extraordinary creatures with the ability to grant wishes and answer questions. However each person can only enter each of the doorframes once; further attempts simply cause them to pass through the open doorway normally. Furthermore, as due to an ancient contract between the Finn and humans, no sources of light, instruments of music, or items made of iron can be brought through the doorframes.

The Eelfinn’s doorframe was destroyed in the battle on the docks of Cairhien, when Moiraine Damodred knocked Lanfear and herself through the doorframe, while both were channeling.

Twisted Stone Ring
twisted stone ring is a sleepweaver ter’angreal originally to Egwene from Verin Mathwin. The ring is made of stone and too large to actually be worn on a finger. Its shape seems to be twisted in a way, and it is coloured with specks of red and green. The ring allows a person to enter Tel’aran’rhiod. Unlike other sleepweavers, which required channeling, the ring only needs to touch the person’s skin to work.

Water Vase
The Water Vase is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The vase is tall and decorated with blue and green vines. The vase can be used to collect water out of the air, a useful thing in dry places. It is unknown whether or not channeling is necessary to make the vase work

White Bowl
The White Bowl is a ter’angreal recovered from the Kin’s Storeroom in Ebou Dar. The ter’angreal is flattish and white, about a pace across. The bowl is said to be used for looking a things far away. It could have been meant as a communication device or an item for spying. Not much else is known about it.


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