So Habor

So Habor is a town in northwest Altara. This large bustling town lies next to a significantly sized river. The Lord of So Habor is named Cowlin. An inn called the Golden Barge is in So Habor, owned by Mistress Vadere. Merchants in So Habor include Mycal Crossin and Rahema Arnon and a merchant assistant named Speral. Masema Dagar tells Perrin Aybara about So Habor, and that it is a town that they can buy food and other needful things. Perrin’s forces travel to So Habor to buy food and other things that the army needs.

When Perrin Aybara and his party conduct business in So Habor, he and companions see and feel that something is not quite right in the town. They see what could be the beginnings of The Pattern unraveling with the first instance of the dead walking.

But fear of the dead only explained so much. Maybe people were too frightened to think about washing, but it seemed unlikely that fear would take everyone that way. and weevils thriving in winter, in freezing cold? There where worse things in So Habor than spirits walking, and every instinct told him to leave at a dead run, without looking back.”
—Perrin Aybara’s thoughts on So Habor.

The grain that is in the warehouses that the merchants try to sell is infested with weevils. Wagons are brought from So Habor to Perrin’s camp, after the grain is winowed.

So Habor

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