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(pronounced: shy-NAHR) is one of the nations in the Borderlands, lying in the far northeast of the Westlands. The sign of Shienar is a swooping black hawk. By tradition, the sigil of the reigning ruler is also a sign of Shienar. Shienaran men normally shave their faces and wear their hair in a topknot.

Shienar stretches from the River Mora on the border with Arafel to the Spine of the World, and from the Blight to the River Erinin.

The nation of Shienar was formed early in the War of the Hundred Years. The governors of Hawkwing’s five northern provinces met and agreed to form stable nations to preserve the peace and defend against the Blight. Merean Tihomar was the first Queen of Shienar.

The government body of Shienar is a monarchy. The throne is currently held by King Easar Togita. The throne is located in the capital, Fal Moran.

Fal Moran (capital)
Fal Moran is the capital city of Shienar. The Royal Palace of Shienar is in the city of Fal Moran. It is the home of Easar Togita, King of Shienar.

Prior to the Battle of Tarwin’s Gap, Agelmar Jagad arranged for the people of Fal Dara to be moved to the capital in case the battle was lost.

Ankor Dail
Ankor Dail is a city-fortress in Shienar. It is in the southeast of the nation near the easterly source of the River Erinin.

The Aiel fought a battle near Ankor Dail. Masema Dagar fought them there and, as a result, did not like Rand al’Thor when they first met.

Ankor Dail sends men to join the other Shienarans at Tarwin’s Gap to fight the Trolloc army.2 A sniffer lives in Ankor Dail.

River Erinin
The River Erinin is one of the major rivers of the Westlands. It rises in the Spine of the World and flows westwards to form the southern borders of both Shienar and Arafel. In Shienar the river is about four days ride south of Fal Dara. It is only about sixty paces wide there, with a small village built on its banks and a ferry for crossing.

It flows south from Arafel and is joined by the River Antaeo. It continues southwards until it reaches the island and city of Tar Valon, where it splits in two, with the western branch named the Alindrelle Erinin and the eastern branch named the Osendrelle Erinin. The river reforms south of the island and continues to flow south, where it forms the western border of Cairhien and the eastern border of Andor. The river flows between the Andoran port town of Aringill and the Cairhienin village of Maerone. The River Luan also flows into the Erinin shortly after it meets the Cairhienin border.

South of Cairhien, the river is joined by another major tributary, the River Iralell, before it reaches the borders of Tear. Just south of the capital, the river breaks up in a maze-like delta called the Fingers of the Dragon before finally reaching the Sea of Storms.

The river erinin

River Mora
The River Mora is the river which forms the border between Shienar and Arafel. Its headwaters are located not too far westwards of the fortress of Fal Dara, and the river flows south and west for some distance before flowing into the Erinin.

The Mora is navigable from not too far from its headwaters, allowing relatively straightforward passage from the environs of Fal Dara to Tar Valon or parts beyond.

Map river mora

Camron Caan
Camron Caan is a city-fortress in Shienar.

Camron Caan sends forces with other Shienarans to fight the Trolloc army at Tarwin’s Gap

Fal Dara
For the chapter in The Eye of the World called “Fal Dara”, see The Eye of the World/Chapter 46.
“A single rose placed just so instead of a garden; the simple fortress of Fal Dara in place of the city of Mafal Dadaranel.”
—An author’s thoughts on Fal Dara

Fal Dara is the northernmost city in Shienar. Its sign is the Black Hawk. As with many cities of the Borderlands, the center of the city is dominated by a fortress or keep, and all streets and alleys are torchlit at night to prevent incursions from Fades.2 The city has several gates, the East Gate in the east wall, the King’s Gate in the south wall and the Malkier Gate in the north wall.

It was known as Mafal Dadaranell in the days before the Trolloc Wars.

Fal Eisen

Fal Eisen is a city-fortress in Shienar. Kayen Yokata is the Lord of Fal Eisen.

Fal Sion
Fal Sion is a city-fortress in Shienar. Fal Sion sends forces with other Shienarans to fight the Trolloc army at Tarwin’s Gap.

Medo is a village in Shienar which acts as the main trading port for the city of Fal Moran, as it lies on the River Mora. It has two stone docks that extend into the village. The Amyrlin Seat Siuan Sanche and her entourage of Aes Sedai, as well as Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara, take a river boat called the River Queen from Medo to travel towards Tar Valon.

Tarwin’s Gap
Tarwin’s Gap is a mountain pass marking the boundary between the Mountains of Dhoom and the Spine of the World.

Tarwin’s Gap can be seen as the location of Rand’s first appearance as the Dragon Reborn when he destroyed the Trolloc Army there after channeling the pool of pure saidin at the Eye of the World.

Tarwin’s Gap was also used extensively during the Trolloc Wars to transport Trolloc troops from the Blight into the Westlands

Noble Houses
House Jagad
House Jagad is the ruling House in Fal Dara and Lord Agelmar Jagad is the High Seat. Other members of House Jagad include his sister, Amalisa Jagad.

House Shinowa
House Shinowa is one of the known Noble Houses of Shienar.
The only known member of the House is Ingtar Shinowa, who was a Darkfriend.

House Togita
House Togita is one of the known Noble Houses of Shienar. The only known member of the House is Easar Togita the current king of Shienar.

The People
Bartu was a warrior from Shienar. He had shaven his topknot and was bald.

He was one of the twenty Shienarans picked to accompany Ingtar Shinowa and Rand al’Thor on the hunt for the Horn of Valere. He then joined Masema Dagar when Masema became the Prophet. He was one of Masema’s most devoted followers now and ended up in Samara. He was part of the Dragonsworn army that followed Perrin Aybara. He was with Masema when he met with Perrin and reported a large quantity of grain found in So Habor. It can be assumed he died in the Battle of Malden or soon after when Cha Faile ambush Masema and his men.

Changu was a guard in Shienar. Changu was at Tarwin’s Gap and fought to save Lord Agelmar Jagad.

He was in charge of the Darkfriend, Padan Fain. Fain corrupts Changu and Nidao and they help him escape from his prison cell. He is killed on the way to Toman Head.

Alesune Chulin
Alesune Chulin is the shatayan of Fal Moran Palace. She is slim and fiery, and has long black hair with two thin white streaks. Alesune Chulin is King Easar Togita’s escort to the meeting of the Borderland rulers.

Masema Dagar
Masema Dagar (pronounced: mah-SEE-mah) was once a Shienaran soldier who later became the Prophet of the Dragon. He has a triangular scar on his cheek and has dark deep-set eyes.

The Great Hunt
When he first met Rand al’Thor he regarded him with barely disguised contempt due to Rand reminding him of the Aiel he faced in the Aiel War. He informs Rand that he can’t leave Fal Dara while the Amyrlin was present. Later Masema witnessed Rand’s fight with Ishamael at Falme and started treating Rand with a religious fervor.

Becoming the Prophet
He abandoned the other Shienarans shortly afterward and preached the Dragon Reborn all the way to Ghealdan, settling there and triggering civil unrest. When Nynaeve found him in Ghealdan, he had become the leader of a sect, asking his followers to abandon everything and follow the Lord Dragon. (despite the irony that Masema has not seen Rand since early 999 NE) He exercised control over large sections of Ghealdan, offering both refuge for the masses of displaced persons, and commanding a large body of Dragonsworn.

Rescuing Faile
Later, he and an army of his followers joined Perrin’s army in the pursuit of the Shaido, but was secretly working with High Lady Suroth.

He reports to Perrin on a large quantity of grain found in So Habor. He is with the Shaido prisoners when Perrin arrives and chops a prisoners hand off, looking for answers on Faile Bashere. Even he seemed shocked by Perrin’s actions.

After Perrin Aybara forms another temporary alliance with the Seanchan, Masema aids Perrin in defeating the Shaido and rescuing Faile at Malden. Afterward, most of Masema’s army is dead or wounded due to a severe disadvantage against trained Aiel. He manages to cut his way back to about two hundred of his fiercest men and escapes with them.

After he escapes with his men, Masema plans to escape from Perrin and his army, and then return to kill Perrin as the “Dragon Reborn” ordered when he appeared “glowing in the air” the night before the battle. This strongly suggests Masema was at least partially manipulated by one of the Forsaken. He also begins to question how he could have lost so many men. Faile Bashere then appears as he begins to try to answer these questions. He is then killed by Faile and the Cha Faile before he can follow through with his plans to escape.

Hurin is a Shienaran from Fal Dara. He is a sniffer, someone with the unique ability to smell violence. He is lean with a lined face and graying hair cut long. He has a round face and small eyes. The ability to smell violence manifested itself in Hurin several years before Rand al’Thor came to Fal Dara. He soon began working for Lord Agelmar, using his unique ability to catch criminals.

Hunting the Horn
After Padan Fain escaped from the cells beneath Fal Dara and stole the Horn of Valere and the Shadar Logoth dagger, Hurin was assigned to the party gathered to pursue Fain. The party was able to follow quite easily, and when Rand, Hurin and Loial were transported to another world by a portal stone, Hurin was still able to follow the trail, although it smelled fainter.

Following the trail in the alternate world, the three came to a point where Rand was able to return them to their own world with another portal stone. It turned out they were ahead of Fain and his Darkfriends; Hurin had been smelling the path they would be taking in the alternate world.

They were able to take back the Horn and the dagger, and made their way to Cairhien to await the remainder of the Shienaran party. On one of Rand and Loial’s excursions into the city, the Darkfriends sneaked into the inn where they were staying, and attacked Hurin, making off with the Horn and dagger once more.

Hurin was healed by Verin, who had arrived with the rest of the party. He was able to lead everyone to the manor of Lord Barthanes, where it turned out the Darkfriends had used a Waygate hidden on the property.

Hurin continued on with the party, as they went all the way to Toman Head by portal stone. His skills were unused until they arrived on the peninsula, when he tried to pick up Fain’s trail again. He was unable to pick up the trail again until the Horn and dagger were recovered for the final time. He fought in the battle against the Seanchan at Falme, but then joined Verin and the others on their journey back to Tar Valon. Upon their arrival at Tar Valon, he continued on to Shienar alone to inform King Easar of what happened at Falme.

Reunion with the Dragon
Months later Hurin is sent as a delegate by the Borderlander rulers to meet with Rand. When Rand first meets with Hurin he picks him up with Air and turns him upside down asking him questions only the real Hurin would know. Hurin smells a different kind of violence and blood coming of Rand, the smell being darker, but not. It is speculated that this is from when Rand Balefired Graendals palace. Hurin tries to negotiate with Rand the terms that the Borderlander rulers will meet with him, the first being that Rand will meet in Far Madding. Rand sends him back telling him that he will not meet the rulers in Far Madding and that he will provide transport back to their lands, otherwise they can continue hiding in Far Madding.

Later, when Rand returns to Far Madding to meet with the rulers of the Borderlands, he wishes to speak with Hurin and apolagize. It is assumed that he has done so before he Travels to the Field of Merrilor.

Agelmar Jagad
Agelmar Jagad, Lord of Fal Dara, is the nephew of King Easar of Shienar and commander of Shienar’s armies. He is one of the Five Great Captains of the Westlands. He has a hard face with lines only at the corners of his eyes, which are like brown stone. He wears a topknot of pure white. His sign is three running red foxes.

On their way to the Eye of the World, Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran lead the heroes to Fal Dara and meet with Agelmar. Moiraine advises him to send men to wall up the Fal Dara Waygate. Padan Fain is caught trying to sneak into Fal Dara and brought before Agelmar. He offers to advise Agelmar on how to defeat the Dark One, but Agelmar refuses to listen. After the party returns with the Horn of Valere, Moiraine asks Agelmar for an escort to carry it to Illian. Agelmar gives the Horn to Siuan Sanche when she arrives in Fal Dara, but the city is attacked by Trollocs, and Fain is released from his cell and steals the Horn. He sends a company of men, led by Ingtar Shinowa, with Rand as his second-in-command, to retrieve the Horn. Unfortunately, once the Horn is retrieved, Rand proclaims himself the Dragon Reborn and most of the Shienarans pledge themselves to him, claiming that the Dragon Reborn has freed them from their old oaths. Only Hurin returns to Shienar. He accompanies Easar to a meeting with the rest of the Borderland Rulers.

Amalisa Jagad
Amalisa Jagad is the sister of Agelmar Jagad, the Lord of Fal Dara. She is short and middle aged, with a dark mature beauty. Her nickname for King Easar is Magami or “Little Uncle.”

She was blackmailed while under Compulsion by Liandrin, who suggested that it might come out that Agelmar was a Darkfriend and that they would be dragged in the streets naked. She had her maidservants search Fal Dara keep for Rand al’Thor, but they could not find him because he was hiding in the women’s quarters.

Kumira was an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Kumira was a handsome Shienaran, with blue eyes and short hair. She had a photographic memory. She stood very low down in the Aes Sedai hierarchy.

Cadsuane Melaidhrin brought her and Daigian Moseneillin to the Sun Palace so that that she could memorize every detail of the goings on among the captured Aes Sedai so that it could be analyzed later. She Traveled with Cadsuane to Far Madding to track down Rand. During the Battle near Shadar Logoth, Kumira linked with Shalon and Verin to patrol the area around Shadar Logoth. They encountered Graendal and Kumira was killed in driving her off.

Berenicia Morsad
Berenicia Morsad is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is part of the Salidar Aes Sedai. She is plump and always looks grave.

She is part of the Salidar delegation sent to greet Rand al’Thor in Caemlyn. She Heals Demira Eriff when she is stabbed by false Aiel. After the delegation is dissolved she escorts all the Two Rivers girls wanting to become Novices back to Salidar.

Delana Mosalaine
Delana Mosalaine was an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah and one of the Sitters of the Salidar Hall. She was also Black Ajah. Balthamel, in the guise of Halima Saranov was posing as her secretary. As a Gray, Delana is a practiced mediator of conflicts. Her exceedingly intense gaze causes some to attribute her mediation success to the fact that “both sides would agree just to make her stop staring at them.” She has a deep voice with a melodious accent from Shienar,but her manner of speaking can be abrupt and derisive. She has never done well with novices. Delana is a stickler for impeccably copied notes; Elayne advises Nynaeve to do the transcriptions slowly since mistakes or blots will require starting over perhaps fifty times with Delana. Despite her harsh manner and Black Ajah affiliation, Delana’s thoughts seem to incongruously reveal a woman with compassion and respect for Aes Sedai. Delana has no Warder. She proposes to bond Matrim Cauthon (actually “came close to trying to bully him into it”) while he was in Salidar, but only at the insistence of Halima. Delana was stout with pale blue eyes and very light hair. She was oddly graceful for one so stout.

Bennae Nalsad
Bennae Nalsad is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She has dark hair liberally streaked with gray and sharp, blue eyes. She is slender, in a bony way. She teaches history to novices in the White Tower. Her sitting room is cluttered with haphazard stacks of books and specimens of many different birds, snakes and mammals.

She sided with Elaida’s White Tower after the split. She makes Egwene perform an exhaustive set of weaves and then attempts to get Egwene to teach her Travelling. Egwene refuses. She asks Egwene a series of questions on history which she cannot answer, though she tells Bennae the truth about Shein Chunla and about the existence of the Thirteenth Depository. Bennae scolds Egwene but is obviously intrigued and may have checked out the leads that Egwene suggested would back her up. She lands in trouble after asking around about the Thirteenth Depository. She asks Egwene for a solution out of her predicament, which Egwene gives. Bennae actually tilts her head in thanks to Egwene.

Blaeric Negina
Blaeric Negina is Warder to Joline Maza. He is a tall Shienaran, with short black hair and blue eyes. His topknot is starting to grow again after being shaved off.

Evading the Seanchan
He accompanies Joline to Ebou Dar. When the Seanchan attack, Joline is poisoned with Forkroot. He with the help of his fellow Warder Fen Mizar, manage to sneak Joline out of the Tarasin Palace where they were staying. They hide her in the basement of The Wandering Woman. The owner of the inn, Setalle Anan, finds Matrim Cauthon and charges him with the task of helping Joline flee. Mat plans to use an a’dam around her neck, which neither Joline or her two Warders are very pleased with.

Traveling with the Band
He goes with Joline and Mat when they flee Ebou Dar and joins up with Valan Luca’s Traveling Circus. He has shaved his topknot off. When Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag manages to get an a’dam on Joline, Blaeric and Fen just about break down every door in order to rescue her. He rides with Mat into the cursed village of Hinderstap and is attacked by the crazed villagers when nightfall comes. The group only just manage to escape the village and wait the night away before entering the village again at daybreak to find everyone is back to normal. Once the Band reaches Caemlyn Joline, with her Warders, decide to takes Mat’s leave and journey back to the White Tower.

Nengar was a warrior from Shienar. He had shaven his topknot and was bald.

He is one of the twenty Shienarans picked to accompany Ingtar Shinowa and Rand al’Thor on the hunt for the Horn of Valere. He then joins Masema Dagar when Masema becomes the Prophet. He is one of his most devoted followers now and ends up in Samara. He is part of the Dragonsworn army that now follows Perrin Aybara. He is with Masema when he meets with Perrin and reports of a large quantity of grain found in So Habor. It can be assumed he died in the Battle of Malden or soon after when Cha Faile ambush Masema and his men.

Nidao was a guard in Shienar. Nidao was at Tarwin’s Gap and fought to save Lord Agelmar Jagad.

He was placed in charge of the Darkfriend, Padan Fain when he was imprisoned in Fal Dara. Fain corrupts Nidao and Changu and they help him escape from his prison cell. He was killed on the way to Toman Head.

Uno Nomesta
Uno Nomesta is a Shienaran soldier. Uno is a grizzled old veteran with numerous injuries, including a missing eye. He also is constantly cursing and finds it extremely difficult to not do it for even a few sentences. He has begun wearing an eyepatch with a painted fiery red eye over the top of it.

He is one of twenty Shienaran soldiers picked to search for the Horn of Valere. He is present when Rand al’Thor proclaims himself Dragon over Falme. He breaks his oath to Shienar and pledges himself to the Dragon Reborn. He now has the deepest respect for Rand and doesn’t even curse in front of him. He is left behind in Ghealdan along with the other Shienarans when Rand makes his way to Tear.

Moiraine Damodred sends them to Jehannah but after no further instructions come Masema begins preaching of the Dragons’ rebirth. Uno and most of the other Shienarans followed his lead, but decided to abandon him in Samara after meeting Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne Trakand in the town. He takes Nynaeve to Masema, who now calls himself The Prophet. He escorts the girls out of Samara when the Prophets men begin a riot with the Children of the Light.

Uno and his companions accompanied them to Salidar and there agreed to join and help train the army Gareth Bryne was assembling for the rebel Aes Sedai there. He was later placed in command of a detachment of heavy cavalry and accompanied Egwene al’Vere to her meeting with several Andoran lords on the border between Andor and Murandy.

Ragan is a Shienaran who has a easy and relaxed manner about himself. He has a white triangle scar from a Trolloc arrow on his cheek.

He is the Shienarian that greets Lan Mandragoran and group when they arrive in Fal Dara. When the Amyrlin arrives in Fal Dara it is Ragan that tells Rand that no one is allowed to leave. He is one of twenty Shienaran soilders picked to search for the horn of Valere. He is present when Rand al’Thor proclaims himself Dragon over Falme. He now has the deepest respect for Rand. He is left behind when Rand makes his way to Tear.

After being sent to Jehannah by Moiraine Damodred, no other orders follow and so he follows Masema Dagar to Samara. Here he meets with Nynaeve and brings her to Masema, who is now calling himself The Prophet. He followed Nynaeve to Salidar and has joined Gareth Bryne’s army.

He later brings news to Egwene al’Vere about raiders being about at night, when the siege of Tar Valon begins. It is unknown if Ragan and the other Shinarans join the White Tower after the reunification.

Ingtar Shinowa
Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa was a Shienaran nobleman, who served under Lord Agelmar in Fal Dara. Ingtar was also a Darkfriend of considerable influence. When introduced to Rand and his company when they arrived in Fal Dara he was described as a short, dark Shienaran warrior, head shaved except for the topknot, wearing armor and a yellow cloak. His clothes prominently displayed his personal sigil, the Gray Owl, and the stooping black hawk of Shienar. Ingtar’s helmet was described as having a crescent moon crest positioned so that the points of the crescent moon pointed upward. While searching for the Horn of Valere, before he is revealed as a Darkfriend, Perrin notes that this helmet crest reminds him of Trolloc horns.

Like most Shienaran Lords, Ingtar was well educated in matters of history. He was rather pessimistic about mankind’s chances. The endless war with the Blight and the vast stretches of land unclaimed by any nation made him change his allegiance to the Dark One. Later he regretted that choice and saw the pursuit of Padan Fain and the Horn of Valere as a way to redeem himself. He asks Rand if any man who walks long in the Shadow can’t walk in the Light again before holding the Seanchan by himself to allow Rand and crew to escape. Rand then commends him to “the last embrace of the Mother.” He was apparently killed at Falme in 998 NE.

Most of Ingtar’s dialogue in the series has been identified as expressing a desire for the Horn of Valere. It can be speculated that at the Darkfriend Social, an meeting of influential Darkfriends which he is known to have attended, that he was given some sort of compulsion to obtain the Horn, similar to the yearning Padan Fain feels to find Rand, only of a much lesser strength. This would explain his passionate and at times desperate actions during the Great Hunt.

Thulin is a blacksmith and neighbor to Renald Fanwar. He is lean for a smith, and his skin is tan. He shaves his face, but does not wear the traditional topknot of a Shienaran. He is getting old for a blacksmith.

He has a young daughter, Mirala. He has been married to his wife, Gallanha, for 25 years. He has packed up all of his essential belongings and headed north toward The Blight to join the armies gathering for Tarmon Gai’don.

Merean Tihomar
Merean Tihomar was the first Queen of Shienar and the founder of that nation.

Tihomar was the Imperial Governor for the Province of Shienar during the latter part of the reign of Artur Hawkwing, the High King. Upon his death in FY 994, Tihomar and the other Borderland Province rulers met to discuss what they should do as the rest of the Empire began to disintegrate in the War of the Hundred Years. The five provinces became independent nation-states, allied together against both the threat of the Blight to the north and also from attack by the southern kingdoms. They were able to subsequently ride out the chaos of the wars with minimal violence.

Easar Togita
Easar Togita of House Togita is the King of Shienar. Although his topknot is white with age, his face is unwrinkled.

He led the Shienaran troops into battle at Tarwin’s Gap to battle the Trollocs.

He meets with the other Borderland Rulers and makes a blood pact with them before setting out and leaving the Borderlands to look for Rand al’Thor. The army travels to Braem Wood in Andor where it camps down for the winter. He, with the rest of the rulers meet with Elayne Trakand. They agree with her to carry on moving south towards Murandy in exchange for her to not raise a hostile hand against them as they travel.

Kayen Yokata
Kayen Yokata is the Lord of Fal Eisen. He is sharp faced with a harsh voice. He has a sharp face and a harsh voice.

He is among the Borderlands army that rides to Braem Wood in Andor. He meets Elayne Trakand when she is riding into their camp to meet with the Borderland Rulers.


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