Shadar Logoth

Shadar Logoth, (Old Tongue: Place Where the Shadow Waits, or simply The Shadow’s Waiting, pronounced: SHAH-dahr LOH-goth), was once Aridhol, a great city which destroyed itself during the Trolloc Wars, by becoming more evil than that which it fought against. Now Mashadar, a shapeless evil which manifests as a pale white fog, haunts the city. Shadowspawn will only enter at great compulsion, as Mashadar is drawn to things of the Shadow like the attraction between opposite poles of a magnet. The city is lethal to all who enter, however; any who take even a pebble will be tainted by that evil, and will eventually spread it like an illness. It is said Shadar Logoth is dangerous under daylight, but deadly at night.

Shadar Logoth is located a few hours’ ride from the town of Baerlon in western Andor. It is located north and east of the town across hilly country, on the southern banks of the River Arinelle. Despite its relative proximity to an inhabited settlement, Shadar Logoth is avoided by everyone bar only river traders sailing the Arinelle from Saldaea to Illian, and even they try to avoid mooring near the ruins unless the need is great.

The nation of Aridhol was located in what is now largely unclaimed territory, near the northern half of the Mountains of Mist. To the west was Safer, with Jaramide to the north, Aramaelle to the northeast, Coremanda to the southeast, and Manetheren to the south. The capital city of Aridhol was also called Aridhol, and was located where Shadar Logoth stands today. Other cities in Aridhol included Abor’maseleine and Cyrendemar’naille. There was a Waygate in the city of Aridhol.

Formation, government, and nobility
Like the other nations in its time, Aridhol was formed sometime after the Breaking of the World. The ruler of Aridhol who signed the Compact of Ten Nations was Queen Doreille Torghin. At one point during the Trolloc Wars, Aridhol was ruled by King Balwen Mayal, also known as Balwen Ironhand.

Corruption and fall
During the time of the Trolloc Wars, Aridhol was one of the Ten Nations (the lands that made the Second Covenant) and an ally of Manetheren (later known as the Two Rivers region), ruled by King Balwen Mayel (Balwen Ironhand). A man called Mordeth, the king’s advisor, corrupted the king and the city. The city adopted Mordeth’s motto The victory of the Light is all, became darker and harder, and gave birth to Mashadar, which consumed and corrupted it. Late in the Trolloc Wars, a large army of Trollocs, Myrddraal, Darkfriends and Dreadlords (an army that numbered in the thousands) camped there; not one Shadowspawn came out alive. When the army did not come out, scouts were sent in to look for them. All that was found was the remnants of armor and weapons, blood splatter and Trolloc scrawlings on the walls asking for the aid of the Dark One in their last hour. Since then, shadowspawn have avoided the city.

The territory once controlled by Aridhol came to form the nation of Masenashar and also part of Oburun, and more recently parts of Caralain and Andor.

Recent events
In The Eye of the World
In later years, the city had greatly decayed. The streets and buildings were pitted and cracked, some buildings had collapsed, and others were broken. Any who entered in the daylight felt unseen eyes on them, and any who entered at night felt worse. Someone waited in those damaged buildings; Mordeth, the advisor, who had somehow survived. He waited for someone to come to him, and accompany him to the borders of the city, so he could devour their soul and walk the earth once more in their body. He succeeded (in a way) in 998 NE, when he fused with Padan Fain. It was a place that was mostly avoided by merchants and travellers, though Rand al’Thor and others camped there to avoid a Trolloc force pursuing them, which led to a series of events where Mat Cauthon was ‘infected’ with the taint on the city.

In Lord of Chaos
Rand Traveled to Shadar Logoth accompanied by Aiel and Ogier to close the Waygate in the city. While there, one of the Maidens of the Spear, Liah, disappeared.

In A Crown of Swords
Rand hunted down the Forsaken Sammael in Shadar Logoth. Sammael was killed by Mashadar. Rand also saw Liah again; when she was caught by Mashadar, Rand killed her with balefire so that she would not suffer.

In Winter’s Heart
Rand and Nynaeve al’Meara used the One Power to set the evil of Shadar Logoth against the evil of the Dark One’s taint on saidin. The two evils annihilated each other, cleansing the taint on saidin in the process, and Shadar Logoth was completely destroyed, leaving a massive hemispherical crater. This leaves Padan Fain, with his dagger, and Rand with the wound in his side as the only remnants of the evil of Shadar Logoth.

Shadar Logoth

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