School of Cairhien

The School of Cairhien is an academy set up by Rand al’Thor after he took the city from the Shaido Aiel. It’s located in Lord Barthanes’s former manor house in Cairhien. Rand offered funding and rewards to inventors in the city who would contribute to the school, in an effort to recover some of the lost knowledge from the Age of Legends.

Known Scientists
Idrien Tarsin is the headmistress – Giant crossbow
Idrien Tarsin is Headmistress of the School of Cairhien. She is stocky with a blunt face. Her black hair is graying. She makes a massive crossbow in the battle against the Shaido which was attached to Cairhiens wall. Rand al’Thor was so impressed that he makes her in charge of the new school of inventions. She runs the school with a tight rein and has a real dislike of Herid Fel. She finds the remains of Fel and passes out. When she comes round she runs to Rand and breaks down when she attepts to tell him what happens. She shows Rand through the school, when he arrives with Min Farshaw to pick up some of Fel’s books.

Ryn Anhara – lightning jar
Ryn Anhara works at the School of Cairhien. Idrien Tarsin reports to Rand al’Thor that Ryn can capture lightning in a jar.

Herid Fel – history and natural philosophy
Herid Fel was an Andoran historian and philosopher who joined the School of Cairhien set up by Rand. He was a stout man with thin gray hair. Rand consulted repeatedly with him on the nature of saidin and how he might be able to cleanse it. Herid was often distracted by Min at these discussions. At the end of 999 NE Rand asked Fel first about the Warder Bond and if it can be broken and then about the seal on the Dark One’s prison, most notably how it would be possible for him to repair it during the Last Battle. Fel pointed out an inherent contradiction, namely that the prison needs to be completely intact when the Wheel of Time turns and the Age of Legends comes again, so the Aes Sedai of that time can create the Bore once again. He also mentions that the Dark One needs to have been forgotten by this time as well. Fel became intrigued by this contradiction and began thinking on how it might be resolved. He reached a possible conclusion and wrote down a cryptic phrase “clearing away the rubble”. At this point, he was brutally killed by the gholam in his study, ripped apart from limb to limb, suggesting that the Shadow was aware of his line of research and considered it extremely dangerous. Recent evidence as unearthed by Min Farshaw has suggested that “clearing away the rubble” means destroying the seals so that they can be rebuilt.

Maryl Harke – glider
Maryl Harke works at the School of Cairhien. Idrien Tarsin reports to Rand al’Thor that Maryl is constructing a glider that she plans to use soon.

Jander Parentakis – paddlewheel riverboat
Jander Parentakis works at the School of Cairhien. Idrien Tarsin reports to Rand al’Thor that Jander is constructing a riverboat that will be moved with a large waterwheel. Due to his name, he might be an Illianer, though this is unconfirmed.

Mervin Poel – steam engine
Mervin Poel works at the School of Cairhien. Master Poel has a beard and is bald.
Mervin shows Rand al’Thor the invention he is working on, which appears to be a steam engine. When Rand is back at the school to retrieve some books from Herid Fel’s quarters, he witnesses Mervin’s steam-wagon roar to life and move about fifty paces before breaking down again. When Rand returns to Tear, he sees Poel’s steamwagon, which can now travel a hundred miles a day and can also pull wagons

Niko Tokama
Niko Tokama is a scientist and inventor at the School of Cairhien. When Rand al’Thor visits the School of Cairhien with Min Farshaw in 1000 NE, Idrien Tarsin tells him of Niko. According to Mistress Tarsin, Niko is working on a “silly” project

Kin Tovere – telescope
Kin Tovere is a lensmaker from Cairhien.

He is stocky and bald. He invented a telescope which Rand al’Thor uses to watch the battle of Cairhien through and currently works at Rand’s School of Cairhien. He later draws up plans for a telescope which can look to the stars. Rand is so impressed he tells Kin to start building it. Idrien Tarsin reports to Rand that Kin has finished his looking glass and can now see the moon quite clearly.

School of Cairhien

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