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Saldaea is a country in the Westlands. The sign of Saldaea is three silver fish on a field of dark blue.

Saldaeans have bold, prominent noses and slightly upturned, almond-shaped eyes. While as ferocious in battle as any of the Border nations, their equestrian skills are undoubtedly superior; No other nation in Randland can match Saldaea for her famed and effective use of light cavalry. Saldaean soldiers often carry serpentine swords. Saldaean men usually have long mustaches.

The Marshal-General of Saldaea is Davram Bashere, uncle to Queen Tenobia and Lord of Bashere, Sidona, and Tyr. His daughter, Faile Bashere, is wed to Perrin Aybara, childhood friend of Rand al’Thor — the Dragon Reborn — unwilling ta’veren, and Lord of the Two Rivers.

Saldaea is the westernmost of the four Borderlands, lying adjacent to the nation of Kandor. It is also the largest of the Borderlands, larger than Shienar and Arafel combined.

Saldaea stretches from the Aryth Ocean to the Plain of Lances and consists of forests in the south, mountains (such as the Banikhan range) in the north and plains in the east. Saldaea’s coast is extremely rocky and consists of vast cliffs known collectively as World’s End. It has no major port or good harbourages.

The nation of Saldaea was formed early in the War of the Hundred Years. The governors of Hawkwing’s five northern provinces met and agreed to form stable nations to preserve the peace and defend against the Blight. Rylen t’Boriden Rashad was the first King of Saldaea.

The government body of Saldaea is a monarchy. The throne is currently held by Tenobia Kazadi. The throne is located in the capital, Maradon.

Saldaean women are almost a breed apart, known as they are for their fierce loyalty and strength of will (not to mention temper). For Saldaeans, war is a family affair. The wives of officers and nobles accompany their husbands on all campaigns except those into the Blight. A traditional farewell from a Saldaean wife to a husband going to battle is “If you fall, I will take up your sword.” While not trained with the sword, Saldaean girls are quite skilled both with knives and in hand-to-hand combat. All Saldaeans are armed with at least a knife at all times; in Saldaea, steel is not bared unless it will be used. Saldaean farmgirls are notorious for being very forward, especially at harvest.

The Saldaean economy is strong; built upon the trade of furs, wood, and ice peppers, Saldaean goods fetch high prices at markets as far away as Tear.

Another important part of Saldaean life is the sa’sara, a dance outlawed by several Saldaean queens for its indecency. While known by virtually every noblewoman, few would ever admit to the knowledge. Apparently, the sa’sara has the ability to drive men wild. The sa’sara is known to have started three wars and sparked two rebellions, among many other smaller disturbances.

Maradon (capital)
Maradon is the Saldaean capital. It is situated along the Arinelle River. It sits on the former site of Deranbar, the capital of Jaramide, one of the Ten Nations. It is said that there are towers in Maradon from the tops of which one can see the Blight. As it is the seat of the Saldaean monarch, Maradon is the home of a robust court life with many balls and promenades.

Maradon is also the site of a Waygate, installed by the Ogier.

After a massive Trolloc invasion at the Battle of Maradon, the city of Maradon is now mostly in ruins with a gaping hole in the city wall. Despite Rand al’Thor’s awe inspiring display of Power having driven away the Trolloc forces, it is unlikely that the city would be able to sustain a prolonged defense.

Irinjavar is the location of Mazrim Taim’s downfall as a False Dragon. Taim was fighting a battle against Davram Bashere and his forces when Rand al’Thor declared himself the Dragon Reborn. At that moment, Taim’s horse threw him and he was knocked out. Because his followers thought he was dead, he could be captured.

While on patrol in Caemlyn, Vilnar Barada, a resident of Mehar, thinks on marrying Teryane, a merchant’s daughter from the same town.

Kayacun has an inn called The Queen’s Lance. Residents include Weilin and Alida Aldragoran, a Malkieri and Saldaean couple, was well as Ruthan, a clerk in the service of Weilin.

After Traveling to World’s End and leaving Lan Mandragoran there, Nynaeve al’Meara Travels to Kayacun. There, she enlists the help of Weilin Aldragoran, as well as every Malkieri she can find in the Borderlands, to ride to Fal Moran for Lan.

Noble Houses
Houses Bashere
House Bashere is a Saldaean noble house. Davram Bashere is the High Seat of House Bashere. Other members include Davram’s wife Deira, his daughter Faile, and his son Maedin.

House Gahaur

House Kazadi
House Kazadi is one of the known Noble Houses of Saldaea.
The only known member of the House is Tenobia Kazadi, the current queen of Saldaea.

The People
Adrin was a Saldaean guard under Davram Bashere. Adrin was a large, handsome man who had fine hair. During Rand’s stay at the Domani manor house, while guarding the front of the manor house with another of Davram Bashere’s soldiers, Aviendha witnessed Adrin complain about the heat. His companion thought he must be joking, or feverish. Minutes later, he burst into molten tar and gave off an intense heat and things near him started to burst into flame, including the manor itself. Aviendha moved the other guard away from danger and began to redirect the nearby stream to quench the heat. The Asha’man Naeff used the one power to aid her diversion of the stream to quench the fire and the charred leftover of Adrin’s body. Rand then appears and is angered that the Dark One seemed to be striking at Rand but missed, hitting a guard instead. Likely, this was not a direct attack at Rand or anyone, but rather a bubble of evil.

Aghan is a Saldaean under the command of Davram Bashere. He has a thick mustache. He is one of the Saldaeans to accompany Bashere and Rand al’Thor to Rand’s meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. During this meeting it is revealed that it the Daughter of the Nine Moons is actually Semirhage in disguise. After a fight insures, he is asked to secure the area by Bashere.

Tumad Adzkan
Tumad Ahzkan was from Saldaea and was a lieutenant under Davram Bashere. Bashere was grooming him to take command of his forces one day. He was heavy shouldered with a hatchet nose and a black beard and mustache. He brings Mazrim Taim into audience with Rand al’Thor and Bashere, but is more servile to the latter. When Rand’s forces are asked to withdraw from Caemlyn, he is disgruntled with having to watch an enemy army lay siege to Caemlyn without being allowed to interfere. He goes with Bashere to Algarin Pendaloan’s manor in Tear, where they meet up with Rand. He dies in the Trolloc attack against the manor.

Alida Aldragoran
Alida Aldragoran is the wife of Weilin, a jewel merchant in Kayacun. When Nynaeve al’Meara leaves The Queen’s Lance soon after arriving, Weilin becomes disappointed. He knows that Alida would like to meet the wife of the uncrowned King of Malkier.

Zarya Alkaese
Zarya Alkaese is a member of the Kin in Ebou Dar who went by the name Garenia Rosoinde. She is originally from Saldaea. She is very strong in the One Power, matching Lelaine Akashi and Romanda Cassin. She has dark tilted eyes and a hooked nose and wide mouth.

Using the name Garenia Rosoinde, she meets Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve al’Meara in her house when Setalle Anan deposits them there mistaking them for runaway novices. Setalle seems to think Garenia is a runaway novice from the White Tower called Zarya Alkaese. When Elayne and Nynaeve refuse any help Reanne Corly sends them on their way. She is present on the farm when Elayne and Nynaeve arrive with their group and the Bowl of the Winds. She faints when she spots the Aes Sedai in the group. She is part of the thirteen women who link up and channel into the Bowl of the Winds to change the weather.

She is found out to be a runaway by Adeleas Namelle and she is put back into novice white again. She works out that the murderer of Adeleas must have been an Aes Sedai. She is now solely taught by Vandene Namelle.

She is with Vandene, when Vandene tells Elayne the news of Reanne’s death.

Yurith Azeri
Yurith Azeri is one of Elayne Trakand’s bodyguards. She is from Saldaea. She is as tall and lean as most men. She reports to Caseille Raskovni that Merilille Ceandevin and Talaan din Gelyn have fled the Royal Palace in Caemlyn.

She was a Hunter of the Horn before becoming one of Elayne’s bodyguards. She is very skilled with a sword and teaches Elayne’s other bodyguards how to use it. She is outside the house on Full Moon Street when the Aes Sedai’s Warders go charging inside. Birgitte Silverbow get the bodyguards to instead ride back to the royal palace and mount a strike force to try and rescue Elayne, who is taken captive.

Vilnar Barada
Vilner Barada is a Saldaean under-lieutenant under the command of Davram Bashere. He thinks on a woman he wants to marry, Teryane, who is a merchant’s daughter in town Mehar in Saldaea. He greets Perrin Aybara and Faile Bashere when they arrive in Caemlyn and takes them into the Royal Palace. He doesn’t seem the task of bringing Faile back to her father.

Davram Bashere
Davram Bashere, Lord of Bashere, Tyr and Sidona, Guardian of the Blightborder, Defender of the Heartland, is Marshal-General to Queen Tenobia of Saldaea, and is counted as one of the Five Great Captains. He is married to lady Deira ni’Ghaline t’Bashere. He has the best claim to the throne of Saldaea, if the present Queen Tenobia abdicated or died. He is short and slender. He has gray streaked black hair and a thick mustache that curls around his mouth. He has tilted dark eyes. He is counted as one of the Five Great Captains, and has defended the Blightborder since before Tenobia became Queen. In fact, he was one of her chief advisors during her reign, often displeasing her enough for brief periods of exile to the countryside.

His skill as a Great Captain may come in part to his earlier service under the command of the mad Muad Cheade, who was never defeated. His strategy and skill in battle is great, and he has only been known to have been defeated in battle against Mazrim Taim, and his powerful channeling. He also hates Mazrim Taim for burning Saldaea, as many Saldaeans do.

In 999 NE, he was dispatched by Queen Tenobia to capture (or more likely kill) Mazrim Taim, after it was discovered that he had escaped from the White Tower. Inexplicably, once he came south, he came to Caemlyn and swore fealty to the Dragon Reborn, possibly due to some ta’veren twist of the Pattern, or simply by his choice. In truth, he follows the Dragon Reborn because of who he is and what he has to do, as he once followed a madman who was the best general at the time. So utterly loyal is he to his oath and his liege-lord, that he even tolerates the continued life of Mazrim Taim, a man he was tasked to capture or slay.

Since swearing fealty, Lord Bashere has been one of Rand al’Thor’s most trusted advisors. His skill as a general is often put to the test in his service; He was one of three to know of Rand’s original plan to take Illian, and indeed had a hand in its making. Rand has also placed him in charge of Andor with Bael while he waits for Elayne Trakand to arrive and take the Lion Throne. He meets Perrin Aybara for the first time in Caemlyn after Perrin had married Faile. He likes what he sees in Perrin and likes the idea of “fresh blood” in the family line.

Rand meets with Davram after Rand had been rescued from the White Tower Aes Sedai, and initiates the strike on Illian.

Davram also came up with the strategy that hounded the larger Seanchan forces as they maneuvered to take Illian. When Rand is struck by a crossbow bolt and is surrounded by Seanchan, Bashere manages to rally his men with Gregorin den Lushenos and rout the Seanchan force. He leads Manel Rochaid, Jeordwyn Semaris, Amondrid Osiellin and Gueyam into the final assault on the Seanchan. When Rand loses control of Callandor, Bashere manages to tackle him and knock it out of his hands before he kills all the Seanchan as well as his own army.

He then takes command of Rand’s forces in Caemlyn again but is told to withdraw them from the city by Elayne Trakand. While camped outside the city, Deira is stabbed when she walks in on a burglary attempt. The burglars escape but then are found dead outside the camp perimeter.
He then Travels with Loial and Logain Ablar to find Rand in Tear. Representative of the trust Rand holds in him, he was part of the embassy that was eventually sent to negotiate peace with the Seanchan, and also the keeper of one of the seven Seals.

He joins Rand to his meeting with who he thought was the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Bashere warns Rand of the probability of the meeting being a trap.

He and his men Travel to Arad Doman where they stay with Rand at Lord Tellaen’s manor. He is at the meeting with Rand and the Aiel Clan Chiefs when Rand gives the order for the Aiel to capture the Council of Merchants. Later he is sent to the real Daughter of the Nine Moons to request her to meet with Rand. He reports to Rand that Milisair Chadmar and the rest of the Council of Merchants have been returned to their estates.

Davram Bashere is the uncle (erroneously called “cousin” in TGS ch. 22, p. 342) of Queen Tenobia. He is also the father of Zarine ni’Bashere t’Aybara, also known as Faile; Maedin Bashere; and possibly others of whom no sign has been seen. He is also father-in-law to the Wolfbrother Perrin Aybara.

Deira Bashere
Deira ni Ghaline t’Bashere, from Saldaea, is married to Davram Bashere and has a daughter, Faile Bashere. She is a buxom woman with a mature beauty. She has long dark hair, which is white at the temples, and the large, hooked Saldaean nose. She is very proud of her husband and rides behind the Saldaean army with all the other wives. She is utterly loyal to her husband only and is cold and untrusting of Rand al’Thor. She meets Perrin Aybara for the first time after he had married Faile in Caemlyn and after a few words with him she accepts him as part of the family.
Rand meets with Davram after he had been rescued from the White Tower Aes Sedai and Deira is present during this meeting. She is worried Rand will send her husband to his death and isn’t convinced that the White Tower has not attached any strings to Rand during his kidnapping. When Rand initiates the attack on Illian he forbids Deira and the rest of the Saldaean wives from accompanying their husbands into battle, which she doesn’t seem particularly happy about.
While camped outside Caemlyn, she is attacked and injured by robbers rummaging through her tent. The two escape but are found later dead outside the camp.

Faile Bashere
Zarine ni Bashere t’Aybara, commonly known as Faile (Old Tongue: Falcon, pronounced “fa-YEEL”) is a young woman from Saldaea. She has black hair falling to her shoulders, and a bold nose and generous mouth. She has high cheekbones, slightly tilted dark eyes, and is tall and slim with a high voice and a flat way of speaking. According to Perrin, she has an herbal scent. Zarine ni Bashere t’Aybara is the eldest daughter of Davram t’Ghaline Bashere and Deira ni Ghaline t’Bashere as well as wife to Perrin Aybara. After both of her older brothers died, one in a riding accident and the other fighting Trollocs, she was schooled in the running of the Bashere family estates. As a young girl, Zarine convinced her footman to teach her how to use knives and hand-to-hand combat because women in Saldaea were not allowed to learn the sword. Unhappy with this situation, she left to take the oath as a Hunter for the Horn, whereupon she assumed the name Mandarb, though she quickly changed it to Faile when she found out that Mandarb was the name of Lan’s horse.

Hoping to find the Horn of Valere in Manetheren, she encountered Perrin Aybara in Remen, Altara. After watching Perrin fight off a group of Whitecloaks, she decided to follow him, hoping he would lead her to the Horn. When Perrin pointed out that Mandarb is the name of Lan’s horse, Zarine announced that she would call herself Faile instead. Faile was a name her father called her when she was young. Faile means falcon in the old tongue, and it instantly made Perrin wary, as in a vision his friend Min Farshaw told him that a hawk and a falcon would perch on his shoulders.

Along the way to Tear she learns the reason for the group’s travels, Rand, The Dragon Reborn. Soon after reaching Tear she gets caught in a trap meant for Moiraine by picking up a hedgehog shaped ter’angreal which traps her mind in Tel’aran’rhiod. She is rescued by Perrin who finds her with the help of Hopper through the Wolf Dream.
While she is in Tear she meets Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, who has decided to lay claim on Perrin for herself. This begins a massive rivalry between the two for the right to Perrin. After the Stone of Tear falls to Rand al’Thor, she is uneasy about being in Tear and wants to leave with Perrin. She doesn’t let Perrin dissuade her from coming along to the Two Rivers and tricks Loial to get her way. They travel through the Ways and manage to escape Machin Shin. Upon reaching Emond’s Field and learning of the fate of Perrin’s family, the Aybaras, she is the one who helps Perrin grieve. She is instrumental in teaching Perrin how to be a great leader as well. Later, they marry, but before the Trolloc horde attacked Emond’s Field, Perrin sent Faile away, under the pretext of getting help from Queen Morgase, in the hope she would remain free and not die with the rest of the village. Instead she rides to Watch Hill to pick up reinforcements and leads them back to Emond’s Field where these men, along with men from Deven Ride, help turn the tide and defeat the Shadowspawn army.

Now known as the Lady Faile, she leaves the Two Rivers with Perrin when he is pulled back to Rand. They head to Caemlyn, where her father and mother happen to be present. She takes an instant dislike to Min Farshaw upon meeting her, but is not hostile. Faile at first believes that Min is after Perrin, but soon learns that it is not Perrin, but Rand, who Min loves. After a confrontation with her mother, both her parents accept Perrin as her husband. Faile goes with Perrin and Rand to Cairhien, where Berelain happens to be steward. Berelain continues her pursuit of Perrin, which causes even greater friction between Faile and Perrin, with Faile not even acknowledging Perrin’s existence anymore. When it is revealed that Rand is captured by Aes Sedai she opts to stay behind while Perrin goes to rescue him. While Perrin is gone, she attaches herself as a lady-in-waiting to the newly made Queen of Cairhien Colavaere Saighan. She secretly gathers information about Colavaere ordering the murders of both Lord Maringil and Meilan Mendiana, and confronts her with this when Rand arrives back in Cairhien, leading to Colavere having both her crown and lands stripped from her and being exiled to a farm. Perrin, on his arrival, confronts Faile and after a heated argument (which pleases Faile) they make up.

After Perrin and Rand have a large and angry public argument, Faile joins Perrin on a secret mission to Ghealdan. They are under the pretense of being exiled from the presence of the Dragon Reborn, because of said argument. To her annoyance, Berelain also accompanies them. While traveling to meet the Queen of Ghealdan she chances on Maighdin, who is actually Morgase, and her party. After judging them worthy she takes them into her service. Upon reaching their destination, she is instrumental in binding the Queen of Ghealdan, Alliandre, to Perrin. Later, she is captured by the Shaido Aiel and made gai’shain. Therava and Someryn are part of a number of Wise Ones who make her spy on Sevanna and report back any information she finds back to them. She is nearly raped by a massive Aiel named Nadric but is saved by Rolan, who has noticed her interest in the Aiel way and is now trying to court her. A number of other gai’shain swear fealty in the hope of escaping with her. Two of these oath-bound gai’shain, Theril and Alvon, steal the Oath Rod from Therava’s tent and bring it to Faile. She plots her escape in many ways but ultimately is betrayed by Galina Casban who traps her and her party under a collapsing house. However, she is rescued by Perrin with the help of the Seanchan and Masema Dagar.

She orders Cha Faile and a group of Two Rivers men to surround and ambush Masema and the last surviving Dragonsworn. She stabs Masema, killing him. She believes that as Perrin’s wife, she has to do what he can’t. Later she meets with Alliandre, Arrela and Lacile. The four women hold a funeral ceremony for the Aiel men that protected them while they were in the Shaido camp and were then ultimately murdered. While traveling from Malden, she continues to try to support her husband and teach him how to be a leader. She finally decides to do something about all the rumors that are still swirling about Berelain and Perrin. She is with Perrin when they find land that appears to have been affected by the Blight.

Maedin Bashere
He is Faile Bashere’s younger brother and the son of Davram Bashere and Deira Bashere.

Adelorna Bastine
Adelorna Bastine is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, and secretly the head of her Ajah, referred to as the Captain-General. She has three Warders, one being named Talric. She is short and slim. She has three Warders. When Alviarin suggests that Elaida have Adelorna and Josaine punished for secretly holding angreal in their rooms, it begins a period of suspicion and infighting among the Aes Sedai still in the White Tower. This appears to have been Alviarin’s intent.
She is now one of the Aes Sedai who give private lessons to Egwene al’Vere. Adelorna mutters to herself that Cadsuane Melaidhrin would find Egwene a challenge. During the Battle of Tar Valon, she attacks the Seanchan with a number of other Green sisters before most of them are captured or killed. One of her Warders is killed during the attack while another is seriously injured. As she is fleeing, she is nearly captured by a sul’dam when she is suddenly shielded. Egwene arrives freeing Adelorna and killing the sul’dam. Egwene then tells her to refer to her as Mother and allows Adelorna to join her resistance. She then shows Adelorna how to Travel and gets her to show her where the angreal are kept. It is revealed that Adelorna and the rest of the Ajah Heads are behind the Too Young Sitters conspiracy. Unfortunately their plan didn’t work and they are forced to throw their support behind a new Amyrlin after Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan is captured by the Seanchan. They all agree on Egwene.

Sheriam Bayanar
Sheriam Bayanar (pronounced: SHEH-ree-ahm bay-ah-NAHR) was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, and the Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower-in-exile. She was also of the Black Ajah. Sheriam was firm but fair as an Aes Sedai, no matter what her rank. Her Warder was Arinvar. It is unknown if he was a Darkfriend or what his status is. She had fiery red hair and slanted pale green eyes, showing her Saldaean heritage. She was slender in her youth, but is now “a little plump”. She was an Accepted in the White Tower during the Aiel War when then Dragon was born and was a companion of a young Siuan and Moiraine. The friendship between her and the two girls carries on when Sheriam is raised to the shawl a couple of weeks after the other two.

When Siuan Sanche rose to the Amyrlin Seat, she appointed Sheriam to Mistress of Novices. She devised a clever method of breaking Theodrin’s block. She met Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara at the docks of Tar Valon, when they first arrive, and escorted them back to the White Tower. She took interest in breaking Nynaeve’s block, as she had Theodrin’s. She accompanied Nynaeve to her testing to become an Accepted. She was in close quarters when one of the Gray Men was found dead in the White Tower after trying to kill Egwene. She told the girls to mention the incident to no one. When they later questioned her about the Gray Man, she became angry with them and told them that the Gray Man matter had nothing to do with them now. She was one of the Aes Sedai that Healed Mat. She accompanied Egwene to her Accepted Test. When Egwene comes out of the three arched ter’angreal, she asked Sheriam about the possibility of someone being turned to the Dark One. Sheriam seemed to have intimate knowledge of this. She confirmed that it happened during the Trolloc Wars, where thirteen Dreadlords channeled through thirteen Myrddraal. Egwene pointed out that that was the number of Aes Sedai who fled the White Tower. Sheriam told Egwene to forget it.

Sheriam, along with many others, revolted against Elaida after Siuan was deposed. They fled the White Tower, taking eighteen Novices with them to Salidar. She became one of the original leaders of the Salidar Aes Sedai, known informally to fans as the Salidar Six. While searching the Amyrlin’s study in Tel’aran’rhiod for information on what Elaida has received, the Salidar Six were attacked by a stray nightmare of Trollocs. They were saved when Elayne Trakand and Siuan reminded them about the dream not being real, in which case the nightmare fades away leaving only injury. Later she leads Nynaeve al’Meara into the Little Tower to show the rest of the Aes Sedai especially those of the Yellow Ajah, that Nynaeve has worked out how to Heal Stilling by Healing Leane and Siuan. She was with the rest of the Salidar Six in Tel’aran’rhiod, when she summoned Egwene to become Amyrlin. She was one of the three Aes Sedai to escort Egwene into the Little Tower when Egwene was raised as Amyrlin.

She was selected to be Egwene’s Keeper of the Chronicles, with the intention that the Salidar Six could use Egwene to control the rebel cause. She had sworn an oath of fealty to Egwene. She accompanied Egwene to the meeting with the Andoran nobles along the Andor border. She was with Egwene and Gareth when they survey the area around Tar Valon. When the Hall sat to vote on an agreement with the Black Tower, she was strangely late and out of breath. She lost her composure during the meeting and ended up a sniveling wreck, much to Egwene’s chagrin. She came with the news that Nicola Treehill had run away and that it was kept quiet by her “family”. One of the “cousins” who covered for Nicola is Larine Ayellin. Sheriam pressed Egwene on whether she will let Larine escape without punishment because she is from the Two Rivers.

She was in council with Egwene’s other advisors over Egwene’s disappearance, when Siuan arrives with the news that she was still alive but prisoner inside the White Tower. With Egwene now gone, Sheriam could no longer enter the Hall once it’s in sitting. She was forced to watch the meeting with Jahar Narishma and the Hall from outside with the rest of the sisters who are not Sitters.

Following her selection as Keeper to Egwene al’Vere, Sheriam began to experience regular visits from someone who beats her and pressures her for information. While this was done with the One Power, it is not clear whether saidar or saidin was being used. It may have been related, from Sheriam’s own thoughts, to a visit with a Sitter of the Hall. The identity of her tormentor was revealed to be Halima Saranov, and she was using saidin to torture Sheriam.

Siuan learns from Sheriam that Ashmanaille has returned from Kandor with the news that Elaida a’Roihan’s White Tower can now Travel. Sheriam was revealed to be a secret leader of the Black Ajah, and stole several of the rebels’ sleepweaver ter’angreal on order from Mesaana. She had at least a few fingers severed from her hand, as promised by Mesaana if every sleepweaver wasn’t acquired. She was part of the group who question Shemerin about how she escaped the White Tower. Her affiliation was revealed to Egwene al’Vere by Verin Mathwin, and she was brought to justice in the rebel camp outside of Tar Valon by the Amyrlin before the sitting Hall of the rebel Tower. She was sentenced and executed that very same day along with fifty other Black Sisters in the camp, but not before revealing several bits of potentially useful (although outdated) information, taking advantage of the fact that she had been stilled and thus was no longer bound by the Black Ajah oaths.

Min had a viewing of Sheriam surrounded by rays of silver and blue, with a golden glow flash over her head. The viewing refers to Sheriam’s execution. Egwene describes the “silvery” axe falling on Sheriam. She also mentions Sheriam’s blue dress, as well as her red hair suddenly “bathed in warm golden light.” (fulfilled) Prior to her true alligences being known, and her subsequent execution, this viewing could have signified something different. It could have refered to her being raised to the position of Keeper of the Chronicles, similarly to Min’s viewing of Logain and his future glory.

Velina Behar
Velina Behar is an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. She is also secretly part of the Black Ajah. She has an eagle’s beak of a nose and sharp, tilted eyes. Her voice is almost girlishly high-pitched. Her appearance is fierce. Her plain snowy dress appears stark and cold. She is normally the most self-possessed woman in the Tower and the model of a White sister. She is a Sitter for the White Ajah. She has remained loyal to the White Tower during the split and is a Sitter in the Hall. She is among the Sitters that Elaida meets with in Alviarin’s absence. At this meeting, she tries to convince Elaida that, logically, multiple a’dam cannot exist since two ter’angreal that perform the same function are rare. It has been theorised that she is Black Ajah because she flinched when Alviarin entered the room and there is at least one more Black Ajah Sitter among the remaining Sitters in the Tower. Her logic on the a’dam may also be intentionally faulty. Verin Mathwin’s list confirmed that Velina is Black Ajah. She was not present for Egwene’s raising, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Taeric Chavana
Taeric is a short and compact man. He has green eyes and Saldaean features such as high cheekbones and a hooked nose. He is one of four “brothers” who travels with Valan Luca’s Traveling Show. They are obviously not brothers, due to the differences of their nationalities. He is introduced to Elayne Trakand, Nynaeve al’Meara, Thomdril Merrilin and Juilin Sandar by Valan Luca when the four join the show. When Nynaeve invites the brothers to dinner, they all begin to flirt with her, causing a fight between Nynaeve and Latelle. Taeric gets a limp when he tries to break up the fight. They are still with the show when Matrim Cauthon comes to the show

Muad Cheade
Muad Cheade was Marshal-General of Saldaea. When Davram Bashere was younger, he served under General Cheade. Bashere told Rand al’Thor about the general, in relation to madness. General Cheade, according to Bashere and many more, was mad. He searched his bodyservant for poison twice a day and drank nothing but vinegar and water. He claimed it protected him from the poison that his bodyservant fed him. Despite the “poison,” General Cheade ate everything that was prepared for him. General Cheade once had a grove of twenty-three oak trees chopped down. He believed that the trees were looking at him. Regardless of the fact that they were trees, he still gave them decent funerals, even giving them an oration. Despite the madness, his family and friends would do nothing to help him. Queen Tenobia Kazadi’s father gave an order that no one interfere with the general. Even though he was insane, he was a great general.

Einone is Queen Ethenielle’s sister. She is married to one of Queen Tenobia’s uncles.

Enkazin is an Asha’man Soldier. He is skinny and broad-nosed just short of his middle years. He has looks like a clerk with a bit of a stoop. He has tilted eyes. He watches the six Red Ajah members, when they come to the Black Tower to ask Mazrim Taim for permission to bond Asha’man as Warders.

Eran is a soldier from Saldaea. He used to be under the command of Davram Bashere. He is now footman to Faile Bashere and teaches her how to fight with knives and her hands.

Garamund was a Saldaean captain and distant cousin of Queen Tenobia Kazadi. He was a handsome man with a thick moustache. Garamund was in charge of the guards for Graendal’s estate in Natrin’s Barrow. Garamund was killed when Rand balefired the palace.

Avar Hachami
Avar Hachami is Warder to Myrelle Berengari. Myrelle saved him after the Aes Sedai to whom he was Bonded died. He is a dark-eyed Saldaean. He has a nose like and eagle’s beak and a square chin, with a thick graying moustache. He arrives when Egwene al’Vere is dressing down Myrelle for hiding Lan Mandragoran in Salidar and detects Myrelle’s somber mood. He is guarding Myrelle’s tent when Siuan Sanche arrives with the news that Egwene is still alive inside the White Tower.

Hamad is a Saldaean under the command of Davram Bashere. He has a dark beard and mustache with green tilted eyes. He has a scar down his face. While in Caemlyn he brings in a messenger from Sammael to Rand al’Thor. He is one of the Saldaeans to accompany Bashere and Rand to Rand’s meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. During this meeting it is revealed that it the Daughter of the Nine Moons is actually Semirhage in disguise. After a fight insures, he is asked to secure the area by Bashere.

Janira was one of the Kin Elders in Ebou Dar and a Wise Woman. She had graying hair and had the typical Saldaean hooked beak nose and sharp cheekbones. Janira and seven other Elders meet Mat, Elayne and Nynaeve at the Tarasin Palace to go after the Bowl. At the six story building the gholam kills Janira.

Jidar is a Saldaean soldier under the command of Davram Bashere. He is one of Saldeans who now occupy and patrol Caemlyn.

Hadnan Kadere
Hadnan Kadere was a Darkfriend from Saldaea, who was part of a party of peddlers in the Aiel Waste. He was very heavy, but it is all muscle. He had a hooked beak of a nose and dark, tilted eyes. Matrim Cauthon’s wide-brimmed hat was purchased from Kadere. While crossing the Spine of the World with Rand al’Thor and the Aiel, Hadnan strangled Isendre and hid her corpse. When he killed Isendre, it was suggested that every time Hadnan kills a woman, he saw his sister Teodora, whom he had killed when she found out he was a darkfriend. An Aiel woman left him a letter saying that he was not alone. Hadnan was skinned alive by Lanfear when he reported to her that Aviendha had slept with Rand.

Kashgar is a member of the Children of the Light. He is almost boyish, despite a great hooked nose and thick mustaches like inverted horns. He is lean. He is young and from Saldaea and holds the rank of Under-Lieutenant. Eamon Valda removes his helmet and offers it to be taken away. When no one volunteers, Kashgar steps forward and Valda hand him his sword belt too. This is slightly demeaning for an officer, though nobody else appears to be willing to help Valda prepare for his duel against Galad Damodred. After Valda is slain, he wipes blood from the heron-marked blade on Valda’s coat, sheathes it and presents it to Galad. He addresses him as Lord Captain Commander.

Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi
Her Illumined Majesty, Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi, Shield of the North and Sword of the Blightborder, High Seat of House Kazadi, Lady of Shahayni, Asnelle, Kunwar and Ganai is Queen of Saldaea. She is niece to Davram Bashere and is thus cousin to Faile. Tenobia is tall and pretty with the typical Saldaean bold nose, a wide mouth and tilted purple eyes. She meets with the other Borderland Rulers and makes a blood pact with them before setting out and leaving the Borderlands to look for Rand al’Thor. The army travels to Braem Wood in Andor where it camps down for the winter. She and the rest of the rulers meet with Elayne Trakand. They agree with her to carry on moving south towards Murandy in exchange for Elayne to not raise a hostile hand against them as they travel. She seems intent on finding her uncle again.

Kirkun was a soldier from Saldaea and was under Davram Bashere’s command. He went with Bashere to Algarin Pendaloan’s manor in Tear, where they met up with Rand al’Thor. He died in the Trolloc attack against the manor.

Venr Kosaan
Venr Kosaan is Warder to Careane Fransi. It is unknown whether Venr was aware that Careane was Black Ajah. He was dark with touches of gray in his curly black hair and had a short beard. He was very slim. He was with Careane when she traveled to Caemlyn. He felt Careane die inside the house on Full Moon Street and rushed inside to confront the Black Ajah Aes Sedai who killed her. It is assumed he died in the confrontation.

Lurts is a Saldaean soldier. He is a massive wall of a man. He goes with Nynaeve al’Meara when she tries to track down the messenger boy, who was sent by King Alsalam Saeed Almadar to Milisair Chadmar.

Maenadrin is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. She has dark eyes. She is in the Brown Ajah quarters when a shifting of the Pattern places her and half of the quarters where the Novice quarters used to be.

Matoun is a Saldaean under the command of Davram Bashere. He is one of the Saldaeans to accompany Bashere and Rand al’Thor to Rand’s meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. During this meeting it is revealed that it the Daughter of the Nine Moons is actually Semirhage in disguise. After a fight insures, he is asked to secure the area by Bashere.

Merya is a Saldaean woman with whom Elyas Machera had a tempestuous relationship for a year. Elyas tells Perrin Aybara in an attempt to teach him about Saldaean woman in general and Perrin’s wife in particular. Elyas said the Merya shouted at him and even threw dishes at him. In the end, she left him because he was too “restrained” for her tastes.

Fen Mizar
Fen Mizar is Warder to Joline Maza. He is Saldaean. He has dark, tilted eyes, shoulder length black hair and a sharp chin.

He accompanies Joline to Ebou Dar. When the Seanchan attack, Joline is poisoned with Forkroot. He with the help of his fellow Warder Blaeric Negina, manage to sneak Joline out of the Tarasin Palace where they were staying. They hide her in the basement of The Wandering Woman. The owner of the inn Setalle Anan finds Matrim Cauthon and charges him with the task of helping Joline flee. Mat plans to use an a’dam around her neck, which neither Joline or her two Warders are very pleased with.

He goes with Joline and Mat when they flee Ebou Dar and joins up with Valan Luca’s Traveling Circus. When Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag manages to get an a’dam on Joline, Fen and Blaeric just about break down every door in order to rescue her. He rides with Mat into the cursed village of Hinderstap and is attacked by the crazed villagers when nightfall comes. The group only just manage to escape the village with some captives. During Fen’s shift the captive serving girls just disappear. The party wait the rest of the night away before entering the village again at daybreak to find everyone is back to normal. Once the Band reaches Caemlyn Joline, with her Warders, decide to takes Mat’s leave and journey back to the White Tower.

Haster Nalmat
Haster Nalmat is an officer in Davram Bashere’s army. He helps maintain guard duty in Bandar Eban.

Natasia is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She is Saldaean, with dark tilted eyes. She teaches Moiraine Damodred the method of ignoring heat and cold.

Pritalle Nerbaijan
Pritalle Nerbaijan is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is from Saldaea. She has green tilted eyes, but has only a trace of the typical Saldaean nose. She has a single Warder, Harril. She was an Accepted in the White Tower during the Aiel War when the Dragon is reborn. She has remained loyal to the White Tower during the split. She is one of the sisters who capture Egwene al’Vere at Southharbor and bring her back to the White Tower. She is now one of the Aes Sedai who give private lessons to Egwene.

Beldeine Nyram
Beldeine Nyram is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is a curly-haired Saldaean, with brown, slightly tilted eyes. She is from Saldaea. She has only been an Aes Sedai a short time and does not have the ageless look yet.

She appears as Egwene al’Vere’s Keeper of the Chronicles when Egwene goes through the three arch ter’angreal to become Accepted.

She has sided with the White Tower after the split.
Since Beldeine did not yet have the ageless look, she was included in the Aes Sedai party that kidnapped Rand, along with Janine Pavlara and Marith Riven. She was taken prisoner at the Battle of Dumai’s Wells and later begged to swear fealty to Rand. She Travels with Cadsuane Melaidhrin to Far Madding to track down Rand. She participated in the Battle near Shadar Logoth where she links with Nesune Bihara, Daigian Moseneillin and Eben Hopwil. She is attacked by Aran’gar during the battle and Hopwil is killed. She accompanies Rand and Cadsuane to Algarin Pendaloan’s house in Tear, where Rand recovers after cleansing Saidin. She is starting to talk about bonding an Asha’man as a Warder.

Beldeine has bonded Karldin Manfor, an Asha’man as her first Warder, fulfilling a vision that Min had about her. She watches Rand’s meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons from a distance and Travels in as back up when it is revealed that the Daughter of the Nine Moons is actually Semirhage. She goes to Rand’s room after finding out about Semirhage’s escape and then death. While in Tear she is sitting in Cadsuane’s chamber when Min Farshaw proposes her idea that Rand will need to wield Callandor at Tarmon Gai’don. Beldeine shoots this idea but Cadsuane agrees with Min. Cadsuane to give Min credit where credit is due but Beldeine just gets up and leaves the room.

Rakim is a soldier in Lan’s army during the Aiel War. He is grizzled. He has a hoarse voice due to receiving an Aiel arrow in the throat. He now has a ragged scar. He has tilted eyes. He is a Saldaean who considers himself lucky because he once cheated death. Lan thinks he is foolish for taking too many chances. He brings a messenger to Lan from Lord Emares. He then travels with Lan to Kinslayer’s Dagger, in pursuit of the retreating Aiel. More than twenty years later, Rakim, Andere and Nazar Kurenin all meet up with Lan and Bulen along the Plain of Lances. They travel in front of Lan until he finally accepts them into his company.

Kalyan Ramsin
Lord Kalyan Ramsin is one of Queen Tenobia’s uncles. He is scarred and grizzled, has a face like an eagle, and thick mustaches. He is extremely attracted to Queen Ethenielle Cosaru Noramaga of Kandor, but she hasn’t decided whether she should take notice of it yet. He accompanies Tenobia to a meeting with the rest of the Borderland Rulers.

Rylen t’Boriden Rashed
Rylen t’Boriden Rashad was the first King of Saldaea and the founder of that nation. Rashad was the Imperial Governor for the Province of Saldaea during the latter part of the reign of Artur Hawkwing, the High King. Upon his death in FY 994, Rashad and the other Borderland Province rulers met to discuss what they should do as the rest of the Empire began to disintegrate in the War of the Hundred Years. The five provinces became independent nation-states, allied together against both the threat of the Blight to the north and also from attack by the southern kingdoms. They were able to subsequently ride out the chaos of the wars with minimal violence.

Rissen is a Saldaean soldier under the command of Davram Bashere. When Rand al’Thor controled Caemlyn, he set Saldaean soldiers to patrol the city. Rissen and Jidar are under the command of Vilnar Barada when Perrin Aybara and Faile Bashere come to Caemlyn.

Ruthan is a Saldaean clerk, who works for Weilin Aldragoran. Ruthan has hard eyes. When Weilin Aldragoran concludes is gem deal with Jeorg Damentanis and Pavil Geraneos, Weilin has Ruthan put the money in a strong box. Though he looks dangerous, he does not know one end of a sword from the other.

Mazrim Taime
Mazrim Taim (MAHZ-rihm tah-EEM) is a male channeler and a former False Dragon. He has black hair, with a dark face, and the tilted eyes, hooked nose and high cheekbones of a Saldaean. In his first meeting with Rand al’Thor, the Dragon thought him in his mid-thirties, perhaps due to the stress of evading Davram Bashere’s armies during his journey to Caemlyn. He normally looks somewhat younger, as all channelers do. He is from Saldaea. As a man who can channel, Taim falsely declared himself to be the Dragon Reborn in 998 NE. Mazrim Taim is a very powerful channeler, rivaled only by Logain Ablar and a few other Asha’man and surpassed only by Rand al’Thor and some of the Forsaken. Evidence of his immense channeling ability would be the destruction he is able to cause in Saldaea and how he was able to overpower his Aes Sedai captors. The fact that Rand al’Thor chooses him to be a teacher at the farm is also evidence of his channeling ability and skill.

He burnt much of Saldaea and nearly defeated Davram Bashere before he was captured, though only because he fell off his horse due to the visions of Falme. Before being captured, a farmer allegedly gave him one of the Seals of the Dark One’s prison. Although captured, he escaped, and took advantage of Rand al’Thor’s amnesty to male channelers to escape punishment for his crimes, and for glory. After giving Rand the cuendillar Seal, he was appointed as leader and teacher of ‘the farm’. ‘The farm’, later renamed the Black Tower, was a training center for male channelers. He now leads Rand al’Thor’s male channelers, the Asha’man, and calls himself the M’Hael, which means Leader in the Old Tongue. He is notably arrogant, forgoing normal Asha’man rankings for blue-and-gold dragons on his coat sleeves, paying homage to Rand’s arm markings while apparently mocking him at the same time. It is also worth noting that Taim does not wear the collar pins, as all other Asha’man do. He leads the Asha’man into the Battle of Dumai’s Wells but it is very suspect on how he found out and under whose direction he is. He enjoyed watching the Rebel Aes Sedai swear fealty to Rand. He later pays a visit to Elayne Trakand and is forced to observe and obey Andoran law due to the Black Tower being on Andoran land. He is also forced to accept daily visits from soldiers of the Queen’s Guards on the Black Tower grounds. When Elayne is summoned by the Wise Ones, Taim sneaks a peek at her when she has to go naked.

Once thought to be Demandred in disguise, Taim is still speculated to be a Darkfriend, however he could also be another of the Forsaken in disguise as he refers to the Aiel as “these so-called Aiel,” a reference to Da’shain Aiel which has been made before by the Forsaken. In this same conversation, he mentions “severing”, a term used so far only by the Forsaken to refer to channelers being cut off from access to the One Power. Severing is now referred to as stilling, gentling, or burnt out. He certainly does not have Rand’s best interests at heart; he secretly sent four Asha’man (Charl Gedwyn, Manel Rochaid, Peral Torval, and Raefar Kisman, all Darkfriends) to kill Rand in the Sun Palace (Though it is suggested that it was not actually Taim, but one of the forsaken in disguise who issued the order. Though none are mentioned, Osan’gar seems the most likely). He later reports to Rand after the attack that all four men are deserters. He seems shocked and surprised when Rand also mentions that Corlan Dashiva is also a deserter. He watches Rand put Fedwin Morr to sleep for good and mutters how hard Rand is. It has also been theorized that Taim is, in fact, Moridin in disguise, despite the character of Taim being introduced before the character of Moridin. However, since it is unknown exactly when Ishamael was resurrected as Moridin, this is still a viable option. Evidence for this connection (aside from that listed in the previous paragraph) include Corlan Dashiva’s (Osan’gar) readiness to obey his orders and Taim’s use of the colors red and black, which were Ishamael’s colors. Other theories suggest that Taim was once Ishamael’s student. It should also be noted that he is at odds with the Asha’man Logain Ablar, also a former False Dragon, who holds more loyalty to Rand than Taim does, and believes Taim is a Darkfriend.

Logain claims that Taim has a small sect of followers whom he personally teaches weaves that no other Asha’man know. Taim refuses to believe that Rand was responsible for the cleansing of saidin. Very recently, Taim met with Aes Sedai and agreed to allow the bonding of Asha’man by sisters of the Red Ajah. His justification for this was “let the Lord of Chaos rule”, a phrase unknown outside of the Forsaken. Atal Mishraile nearly reveals something to them before he is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head with air from Taim. Taim will only allow him to be Healed if he survives the night. It is possible that Mazrim Taim is turning Asha’man into Darkfriends with thirteen channelers channeling through thirteen Myrddraal. This is strongly hinted at during Towers of Midnight, where several channelers in the Black Tower are said to be turned different, as “Shadow brought into man.” It is also revealed that Moridin’s second dreamspike is at the Black Tower, which can be seen as conclusive evidence that Taim is a Darkfriend.

Teryane is the daughter of a merchant in Saldaea. She is betrothed to Vilnar Barada. He thinks of her when he is on patrol on Caemlyn.

Vram Torkumen
Vram Torkumen was a Saldeaan noble and a Darkfriend. Lord Torkumen is a distant cousin of both Lord Davram Bashere and Queen Tenobia Kazadi. Lord Torkumen delayed aid to Rodel Ituralde’s army in defending Maradon against an invading Trolloc army. Eventually, Ituralde’s forces were permitted into the city at the latest possible moment.1 They were subsequently joined by Rand al’Thor, who single-handely decimated the invading Trolloc Army. Upon Rand’s channeling, Vram and his wife were revealed to be Darkfriends. His wife threw herself out the window while Vram clawed out his own eyes.

Triben is a Saldaean soldier. He is hawk-faced with a short, trimmed mustache and a scar on his forehead. He goes with Nynaeve al’Meara when she tries to track down the messenger boy, who was sent by King Alsalam Saeed Almadar to Milisair Chadmar.

Yoeli is a Saldaean officer. He took comand of Maradon’s forces and saved Rodel Ituralde just before he was about to die.He fought bravely after the Shadow’s forces entered the city and died valiantly.Bashere’s man found a few of his soldiers guarding his body.

Devore Zarbayan
Devore Zarbayan is a Bannerwoman in Elayne Trakand’s bodyguards. She is from Saldaea. She is slim and cool-eyed. She is one of Elayne’s bodyguards, when Elayne gets lost walking through the Caemlyn Palace corridors.

Zavion is the Lady of Gahaur. She is sinewy with red hair. She is one of the ladies who waits on Deira Bashere, while she is in Andor.

Asne Zeramene
Asne Zeramene is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is also Black Ajah and one of Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. Asne is a typical Saldaean with a bold nose and tilted eyes. She is from Saldaea. She has been Aes Sedai for over a hundred and thirty years. She has four Warders. Only one of them, Powl, is a Darkfriend, but she is confident the other three will believe what she tells them and do anything she orders.

After fleeing the White Tower, she and the others go to Tear and work for the Forsaken Be’lal. They try to trap Rand al’Thor just after he releases Callandor. After this failure, she flees to Tanchico to try and steal the male a’dam from the Panarch’s Palace. This Black Ajah plan was also foiled by Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve al’Meara. She travels to Samara with Chesmal Emry, Eldrith Jhondar, and Temaile Kinderode after Moghedien orders Temaile to Ghealdan. When Eldrith Jhondar’s Warder Kennit arrives, they flee to Caemlyn. After fleeing Samara, Asne stops masking her Warder bond so that they can find her. She intends to keep the presence of her warders a secret, holding them in reserve in case she needs protection. She walks in on Elayne, Vandene Namelle, Sareitha Tomares and Careane Fransi trying to arrest Mili Skane. Vandene, Sareitha and Careane are all killed and Elayne is taken captive. Working with Chesmal, Falion Bhoda, Temaile, Marillin Gemalphin, Eldrith, and Lady Shiaine, Asne attempts to try and flee from Caemlyn with Elayne. Asne was killed by lightning thrown by the Windfinders during the rescue of Elayne.


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