Power Wrought Weapons

An item is said to be power-wrought if it was constructed, manufactured or produced using the One Power.

Power-wrought buildings are reinforced with the One Power during their construction so that they don’t succumb to decay and keep a “new” appearance. There have been buildings that got this description when observed by people. It is suspected that a lot of buildings in Tar Valon have been made using the One Power in cooperation with the Ogier masons. This would be why the Shining Walls are so radiant even after a few thousand years of existence.

Significant Examples: Buildings in Tar Valon, The cities in the Age of Legends, including Paaran Disen and M’Jinn.

Power-wrought blades are rare weapons that have had their metallurgical structure enhanced by the One Power They never need sharpening and are immune to corrosion and rust. Only with great difficulty can they be broken or damaged – possibly only with the One Power itself, or another Power-wrought blade.

Most, if not all, were made prior to the Trolloc Wars, by which time Aes Sedai were forbidden from making weapons by the Three Oaths. Many date from the War of Power, and so may have been forged with either saidar or untainted saidin. Due to their rarity and durability, they are extremely sought after weapons and command a high price. During the War of Power blades made for the most skilled fighters, called Blademaster, would be decorated, with a heron, however blades made for a common soldier would be plain. Other than the mark there is no known difference between the two types of blades. After the War of Power, the surviving swords were so coveted that even the blades made for commoners often found their way into the hands of nobility, or even kings, such as Lan Mandragoran’s royal Malkieri sword.

Significant Examples:

Matrim’s ashandarei: While most Power-wrought blades are in the form of swords, the ashandarei carried by Matrim Cauthon is a spear-based example.

Perrin’s Mah’alleinir: First power-wrought weapon of the Third Age.

Some of these weapons are endowed with properties beyond that of enhanced durability.

he first Power-wrought weapon forged during the Third Age is Perrin’s Mah’alleinir, which was forged using both saidin and saidar. When used by Perrin, it feels warm to the touch, and it seems to either burn any Shadowspawn, kill Myrddraal, or induce severe injury to normal human or Darkfriends.

Tam’s Sword: The first sword Rand ever owned, given to him by Tam al’Thor on Winternight after the Trollocs attacked Emond’s Field. It was made with the One Power and had herons on the hilt and blade.

Power Wrought Weapons

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