Pit of Doom

The Pit of Doom, also spelled Pit of Dhoom, is the area where the Bore in the Dark One’s prison is most easy to detect, as well as being the area where he has more control. This area lies under a mountain in the heart of Shayol Ghul.

The Pit is the only place where one can communicate with the Dark One. Although doing so makes one feel pain and ecstasy beyond imagining; it is somewhat like the feeling of the True Power. The Dark One has no physical manifestation that he uses, he simply speaks with a booming voice like no other, although the fact may be that his voice is heard only inside the person’s own mind.

Reality is twisted and malleable within the Pit of Doom, most likely due to the Dark One’s direct influence. Possibly due to this twisting of reality, a mindtrap can be established here and nowhere else in the world.

Channeling in the Pit of Doom can be sensed by the Dark One. Channeling in the Pit without permission is a sure way to anger the Dark One. Death is invariably swift.

Pit of Doom

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