-Starting Characters will begin as “Seasoned”.

-Choices: In the books many characters had choice wrenched from their grasp. Destiny was set upon them regardless if they wanted it or not. So it shall be in this game.

-Player Characters that choose to be human may be from any of the following locations: Arafel, Kandor, Saldaea, Shienar, Altara, Andor, Arad Doman, Cairhien, Ghealdan, Illian, Murandy, Tarabon and Tear. WoT Locations However, effort must be made as far as roleplaying, background, proper speech, appearance, combat styles, customs etc. This includes Ogier characters though they will ofcourse be from a Steading.

-Each Player Character must have a background that sets them into the adventure as someone that strives for adventure either by choice or by a higher power who has put them upon the path. (Note that this adventure will be Canon to the original stories unless ofcourse paths with main characters are crossed and the PCs affect these paths)

-No character can be an Aiel, A Male Channeler, A Windfinder or Darkspawn.

-At character creation, any female character who wishes to be able to channel must select the Arcane Background:Channeling background Edge.

-A Female character with the ability to channel can either be a Wilder or purchase the Edges necessary to become an Accepted of the White Tower. One who has left the White Tower either by choice or by orders to do so.

-Any Character that selects the Arcane Background:Channeling is considered to be of Average Power with the One Power. Edges exist to allow one to be more powerful in The One power.

-All Background Edges can be selected at anytime provided there is sufficient explanation for its sudden appearance.


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