New Spring - The Novel

Danu 1st • Evening: With the Battle of the Shining Walls completed, Lan finds his surviving forces reduced to half-strength. [NSTN-H-334]

Danu 2nd • Before Dawn: As the Aiel march east, Lord Emares contacts Lan and arranges for his forces to help set a trap at a ridgeline known as the Hook. [NSTN-H-17]

Danu 2nd • Dawn: The force of over two-thousand Aiel heading towards Lan abruptly halts. Aware of Lan’s presence, the Aiel alter course to move around the ridgeline and avoid combat. [NSTN-H-24]

Danu 2nd • Dawn: As most of the Aes Sedai attend to the survivors of the attack against Tar Valon, Gitara Moroso, the Keeper of the Chronicles to Amyrlin Tamra Ospenya, Foretells the birth of the Dragon Reborn on the slopes of Dragonmount. She dies immediately afterwards in the arms of Moiraine Damodred, one of two Accepted present during the Foretelling. Moiraine and Siuan Sanche are sworn to secrecy by the Amyrlin. [TGH-TP-109 / NSTN-H-36]

Danu 2nd • Dawn: Shaiel gives birth to a son on the slopes of Dragonmount during the Battle of the Shining Walls. The infant, Shaiel having died after giving birth, is found by Tam al’Thor, blademaster and Second Captain of the Illian Companions, who later returns with the child to Emond’s Field. Tam and Kari name the infant Rand and raise him as their own son. [TEOTW-H-73 / TGH-TP-105-108 / LOC-H-710]

Danu 2nd • Morning: The Amyrlin Seat announces that Tar Valon is to dispense a bounty of one-hundred gold crowns to all women who have given birth since the first soldiers arrived to defend Tar Valon. The bounty covers those within Tar Valon, as well as those accompanying the forces of the Grand Alliance encamped around the city. All Accepted in the White Tower are tasked with collecting and recording this information. [NSTN-H-58]

Danu 2nd: Birth date of Bili, son of Willa Mandair. [NSTN-H-108]

Danu 2nd: Moiraine and Siuan, accompanied by four Tower Guards, leave Tar Valon and pass through the village of Alindaer. [NSTN-H-71]

Danu 2nd • Late Afternoon: After collecting names at a Murandian camp six miles from the city, Moiraine and Siuan return to Tar Valon. [NSTN-H-91]

Danu 2nd: Moiraine learns of the deaths of three uncles, King Laman and his brothers Moressin and Aldecain. She is excused from further work collecting names. [NSTN-H-94]

Danu 3rd • Morning: Merean Redhill, the Mistress of Novices, informs Moiraine and Siaun that they are to be tasked with recopying the information collected the previous day. [NSTN-H-101]

Danu 3rd: Birth date of Rahien, son of Lady Ines of Kandor, in a farmhouse two miles from Dragonmount. [NSTN-H-316]

Danu 4th: On their second day of recopying information, Moiraine and Siuan begin to secretly make their own copies of the records, limiting themselves to male infants born after Gitara’s Foretelling and near Dragonmount. [NSTN-H-109]

Danu 4th: Moiraine becomes aware of the White Tower’s intention to place her on the Sun Throne of Cairhien. [NSTN-H-110]

Danu 5th – 6th: Moiraine correctly deduces that the Amyrlin is quietly gathering a small number of experienced Aes Sedai to search for the Dragon Reborn. The five chosen are Kerene Nagashi, Aisha Raveneos, Valera Gorovni, Ludice Daneen and Meilyn Arganya. [TGH-TP-53-110 / LOC-H-710 / NSTN-H-118]

Danu (before thaw): Aeldra Najaf is raised to Keeper of the Chronicles. [NSTN-H-119]

Danu • Evening (before thaw): In preparation for Moiraine and Siuan taking the test to become Aes Sedai, Elaida helps them to practice concentrating while weaving flows of the Power. Her methods result in various injuries to the two Accepted, which she Heals the next morning. [NSTN-H-126]

Danu (before thaw): The morning after Elaida’s third session with Moiraine and Siuan, Merean informs them that Elaida had possibly helped them to cheat on their test, and that she had been chastised for such help. [NSTN-H-130]

Danu 12th: An unexpected thaw melts all of the snow on Dragonmount. [NSTN-H-131-316]

NOTE: Although Jordan’s wording on page 131 is a bit awkward, this date can be established by a reference on page 316 to a range of ten days that starts on the day of Gitara’s Foretelling up to the day before the thaw.

(Within weeks of Rand’s birth): Birth date of Perrin Aybara, son of Con and Joslyn Aybara, at his family’s farm near the Waterwood outside of Emond’s Field. [TEOTW-H-94 / TSR-H-328]

(Within weeks of Rand’s birth): Birth date of Matrim Cauthon, son of Abell and Natti Cauthon, in Emond’s Field. [TEOTW-H-94]

Danu 14th: A man named Ries Gorthanes, posing as a Tower Guard, arrives at a Tar Valon bank and passes a forged letter from the Amyrlin Seat requesting the financial records of Moiraine Damodred. Although Gorthanes is apprehended, he escapes before the Tower Guards arrive. [NSTN-H-180]

Danu 21st • Before Dawn: Moiraine is told that she is to be tested for the shawl. [NSTN-H-132]

NOTE: Since sunrise marks the start of a new day, Moiraine would have been told of her upcoming test late on Danu 21st, but the test would have taken place early on Danu 22nd.

Danu 22nd • Morning: Entering a ter’angreal located in a basement of the White Tower, Moiraine is required to complete one-hundred weaves under a variety of mentally and physically challenging circumstances. [NSTN-H-140]

Danu 22nd: Siuan is told that she is to be tested for the shawl, and undergoes a similar test as Moiraine’s. [NSTN-H-150]

Danu 22nd (six days before the Feast of Lights): The Aiel enter Kinslayer’s Dagger and the pursuing Grand Alliance forces halt their attacks. [TWORJTWOT-124]

Danu 22nd • Evening: Although instructed to spend their last evening as Accepted in prayer and contemplation, Moiraine and Siuan instead plot to place mice in Elaida’s bed. The two are discovered and are disciplined by Merean. [NSTN-H-152-230]

Danu 22nd • Just Before Dawn: Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche are raised to the shawl of an Aes Sedai. Afer swearing the Three Oaths on the Oath Road, they both choose the Blue Ajah. [TGH-TP-109 / LOC-H-710 / NSTN-H-155]

NOTE: It can be assumed that the oath swearing ceremony and Ajah selection are timed to occur at the very end of an Accepted’s last day (as in the chapter title, Just Before Dawn), so that they start the following day as an Aes Sedai.

Danu 23rd: Siuan is assigned to work for Cetalia Delarme, head of the Blue Ajah’s eyes-and-ears network. [NSTN-H-171]

Danu 23rd: The Amyrlin gives Moiraine the task of distributing the bounty to those woman who bore children during the specified period. [NSTN-H-172]

Danu 23rd • Late Afternoon: Forces led by Lan stop near Kinslayer’s Dagger, having pursued the retreating Aiel for more than two weeks. At Bukama’s urging, Lan agrees not to return to the Borderlands immediately, and the two head southward together. [NSTN-H-174]

NOTE: The date that the Aiel retreat into Kinslayer’s Dagger is firmly fixed on Danu 22nd, yet the passage where Lan’s forces approach the mountain range appears to take place on Danu 23rd. It’s not clear if the Aiel have entered the mountain range that day, or the day before, although the text does hint that these events take place on the same day that the Aiel enter the mountains. Due to the ambiguity in some of the earlier text relating to Moiraine and Siuan, it is possible that the events listed here are off by one day, and that Lan’s forces do arrive at Kinslayer’s Dagger on Danu 22nd. This would also change Moiraine and Siuan’s first day as Aes Sedai to Danu 22nd, as well as a few other dates. It’s also possible that Danu 23rd is the accurate date, and that Lan arrived the day after the Aiel entered the mountains.

Danu 23rd • Mid-Afternoon: While depositing her first stipend from the White Tower at a Tar Valon bank, Moiraine learns of Gorthanes’ attempt to gain access to her financial records, and that her bankers’ message to her was never delivered. [NSTN-H-180]

Janduin, grief-stricken over allowing Shaiel to fight while pregnant, and having lost both her and his infant son, abandons his place as clan chief of the Taardad. He goes north to fight Shadowspan in the blight, and is eventually killed by a man reported to resemble Shaiel. [TSR-H-393]

Brandelwyn al’Vere becomes the mayor of Emond’s Field and the innkeeper of the Winespring Inn. [TEOTW-H-9]

979 NE
Taisham 2nd: Ellid Abareim dies while being tested for the shawl. [NSTN-H-191]

(Between Taisham 2nd and 11th): Over a period of time Kerene Nagashi, Aisha Raveneos, Valera Gorovni, Ludice Daneen and Meilyn Arganya all leave Tar Valon to begin their search for the Dragon Reborn. [NSTN-H-193]

Taisham 12th • High Chasaline/Day of Reflection: Sheriam Bayanar is raised to the shawl of the Aes Sedai and chooses the Blue Ajah. [NSTN-H-193]

Taisham 14th • Night: Tamra Ospenya, the Amyrlin Seat of the Aes Sedai, is tortured and killed by the Black Ajah, which had learned of the existence of the Dragon Reborn. Knowing only that the Dragon had been reborn, the Black Ajah, led by Jarna Malari, sets out to kill those Aes Sedai searching for him, and to kill any man who has the ability to channel. [NSTN-H-194 / ACOS-H-42 / WH-H-242]

Taisham 15th • Morning: The announcement of Tamra’s death is made. The official explanation is that the Amyrlin died in her sleep. [NSTN-H-194]

Taisham 16th? • Morning: Funeral of Tamra Ospenya. [NSTN-H-195]

NOTE: Tamra is presumably buried on the morning after the announcement of her death, although none of the text directly states this. It is difficult to imagine that all of the Aes Sedai in the tower could prepare for her funeral on the same morning as her death was announced.

Taisham 17th? • Evening: Sierin Vayu of the Gray Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Her rule lasts until 984 NE. Against Aes Sedai customs, Sierin does not grant relief from penances, but instead orders two sisters birched and three others exiled from Tar Valon for a year. [TWORJTWOT-216 / NSTN-H-196 / TFOH-H-214]

NOTE: Gitara was buried a day after the announcement of her death, and if this is custom for all Aes Sedai (and not just the Keeper), then Tamra would have been buried on Taisham 16th, and Sierin raised to the Amyrlin on the 17th.

(Taisham?): Moiraine approaches the new Amyrlin and requests to be removed from overseeing the payment of the bounty. The request is granted, but Moiraine is told not to leave the Tower. [NSTN-H-198]

Unwilling to assume rulership of Cairhien as an Aes Sedai pawn, and intent on searching for the Dragon Reborn herself, Moiraine leaves Tar Valon on the rivership Bluewing. Her departure is witnessed by Gorthanes. [NSTN-H-201]

Winter: Lady Edeyn Arrel, having heard false reports of the death of al’Lan Mandragoran, raises the Golden Crane, the symbol of Malkier. She travels across the Borderlands and later returns to Chachin in Kandor. [NSTN-H-214]

Josef Najima, along with his three sons, including Jerid, are killed in a fire in the Najima’s stable. [NSTN-H-222]

Spring (Jumara or Saban?): The beginning of the Fourth War of Cairhien Succession. Four noble houses contest for the Sun Throne, and House Riatin eventually takes control from House Damodred. [TWORJTWOT-124 / NSTN-H-223]

(Saban?): Siuan Sanche learns of the deaths of Aisha, Valera and Ludice, three of the five Aes Sedai searching for the Dragon Reborn. Aisha and her Warder are reported to have been killed by bandits in Murandy. [NSTN-H-238]

(Saban?): Siuan learns of the death of Kerene, who had reportedly drowned in the Alguenya. Meilyn arrives at the White Tower later in the day, but Siuan is unable to speak to her. [NSTN-H-238]

(Saban? • The day after Meilyn returns) Morning: Chesmal Emery announces the death of Meilyn in her sleep the previous night. Siuan, aware that Meilyn had never slept in her room, later leaves Tar Valon to seek out Moiraine. [NSTN-H-238]

Spring (before Bel Tine in Kandor): Lan Mandragoran and Bukama Marenellin arrive in Canluum, Kandor. They take rooms at The Blue Rose, and Bukama is reunited with Racelle Arovni, the innkeeper. [NSTN-H-203]

Lan is found in The Blue Rose by Ryne Venamar, a friend and survivor from Malkier. Ryne tells Lan of Lady Edeyn Arrel’s raising of the flag of Malkier. [NSTN-H-214]

Lan and Bukama are attacked by six men outside The Blue Rose. Lan defeats all six by himself. Ryne notes that some of the men were loyal to Edeyn. Lan decides to journey to Chachin to confront Edeyn. [NSTN-H-219]

(Aine?): Posing as a Cairhienin noblewoman named Alys, Moiraine visits Jurine Najima in Canluum as part of her search for infants who might be the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine finds that Jurine’s recently deceased infant son, Jerid, was born at the wrong location during the Battle of the Shining Walls. [NSTN-H-222]

Moiraine returns to The Gates of Heaven in Canluum. Although five Aes Sedai are staying at the inn, she is unfamiliar with them and all believe her to be a wilder. [NSTN-H-225]

Moiraine encounters three more Aes Sedai at the inn: Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Merean Redhill and Larelle Tarsi. Cadsuane is curious to know why Moiraine is in Kandor, and Moiraine implies that she is seeking her first Warder. After Moiraine makes known her intent to travel to Chachin as soon as possible, Cadsuane arranges for Merean and Larelle to accompany her. [NSTN-H-225]

Siuan Sanche arrives in Canluum. She tells Moiraine of the deaths of the five Aes Sedai known to be searching for the Dragon Reborn, and of her suspicion regarding the death of Tamra Ospenya. Both assume the the Amyrlin and the five Aes Sedai were murdered by the Black Ajah. [NSTN-H-236]

Moiraine sends Siuan ahead to Chachin to start searching for Lady Ines. [NSTN-H-241]

Moirane sees an Arafellin man talking with an Aes Sedai at the Gates of Heaven. Unable to identify the sister, and on edge concerning the Black Ajah, Moiraine becomes curious. [NSTN-H-242]

Circa: The husband of Lady Ines Demain, a personal friend of Prince Brys, dies unexpectedly. [NSTN-H-304]

Morning: Intent on finding Avene Sahera, Moiraine leaves Canluum without Cadsuane’s escort. She sees three men ahead, including the one she had seen earlier with an Aes Sedai, but keeps her distance until they separate. [NSTN-H-246]

Twilight: Moiraine follows one of the three men into the forest in order to question him about the Aes Sedai in Canluum. Hoping to catch him by surprise she attempts to take his sword. The man, Lan, responds by throwing her into a nearby pond. Bukama and Ryne return later, and Moiraine asks the three to escort her to Chachin. [TGH-TP-270 / LOC-H-709 / NSTN-H-248]

Night: Using the Power, Moiraine dumps a large portion of the pond on Lan as he stands watch over the camp. Although forced to reveal that she is Aes Sedai, Moiraine maintains her guise as Lady Alys. [NSTN-H-253]

Morning (One day out of Canluum): Lan’s party arrives at Manala, a small village that is celebrating Bel Tine. They stop briefly before continuing to Chachin. [NSTN-H-257]

Noon (Four days out of Canluum): A group of bandits waylays Lan’s party. After a display of the Power by Moiraine and a threat from Lan, the bandits flee. [NSTN-H-265]

Night (Five days out of Canluum): For the fifth night in a row, Moiraine uses the Power to irriate Lan, whom she believes owes her an apology and has not shown the proper respect to an Aes Sedai. [NSTN-H-267]

(Two days from Cachin): Arriving at the village of Ravinda, Moiraine finds Avene Sahera and learns that her son Migel was born at the wrong place and the wrong time to be the Dragon Reborn. [NSTN-H-269]

(Two days from Cachin): Some time after leaving Ravinda, Lan is hit by an archer. The attacker, mortally wounded by Ryne and Bukama, is Caniedrin, a soldier who had served with Lan during the Battle of the Shining Walls. Caniedrin’s dying words imply the involvement of Gorthanes. [NSTN-H-270]

Lan’s party arrives at Chachin. Lan and the others part ways with Moiraine, and Lan makes his way to the Aesdaishar Palace to find Edeyn. [NSTN-H-275]

Lan is reunited with Lady Edeyn, who pledges fealty to him in front of a large gathering that is honoring Malkier. Lan reminds Edeyn that he is not the King of Malkier. [NSTN-H-284]

Returning to his rooms in the palace, Lan encounters Edeyn and learns that she intends to see him married to her daughter, Iselle. [NSTN-H-286]

Twilight: Siuan finds Moiraine in Chachin, and takes her back to The Evening Star. Moiraine learns that Ines Demain, whose son Rahien was born near Dragonmount, is in mourning in the Aesdaishar Palace following the recent death of her husband. Moiraine develops a risky plan to gain access to Lady Ines. [NSTN-H-294]

Midmorning (Two days after arriving in Chachin): Moiraine, using her real name and noble status, but not revealing that she is Aes Sedai, arrives at the Aesdaishar Palace. Siuan acts as Moiraine’s maid, Suki, and learns that Ines is in seclusion while mourning. [NSTN-H-303]

During an audience with Prince Consort Brys, Moiraine learns that Lan is the uncrowned King of Malkier. [NSTN-H-308]

Returning to her rooms, Moiraine encounters Merean, who indicates that Larelle had changed her mind about travelling to Chachin. Moiraine becomes suspicious about Larelle’s fate. [NSTN-H-309]

Moiraine meets with Lan and asks for Merean’s activities to be watched. After Moiraine reveals why the Aes Sedai failed to render aid to Malkier when it was attacked, Lan agrees to have Bukama watch Merean. [NSTN-H-311]

Night: Siuan returns with news that Lady Ines’ child had been born one day after the Aiel retreat from Tar Valon, and that Bukama had witnessed Merean in the company of Prince Brys all day. [NSTN-H-316]

Lan, pushed by someone wielding the Power, is almost killed in a fall down a flight of stairs, after which he is told of a serious injury to Bukama. Lan arrives to find Bukama dead from a dagger in his back. [NSTN-H-320]

Lan confronts Moiraine about Bukama’s death, and Moiraine, suspecting that Merean is Black Ajah and that Prince Brys is in danger, has Lan take her to Brys. [NSTN-H-322]

Lan and Moiraine find Merean holding Brys and Diryk with the One Power on a walk on the outside of the palace. Also present is Iselle, also held by Merean, and Ryne, revealed to be a Darkfriend. Merean reveals Ryne’s involvement in Bukama’s death. Ryne attacks Lan, and Merean and Moiraine engage in a fight with the One Power. [NSTN-H-323]

Shielded by Merean, Moiraine watches as Merean drops Diryk and then Brys off the walk to the rooftops below. Unable to channel, Moiraine stabs Merean as she attempts to move Iselle off the walk. Moiraine fails to catch Iselle in time and Iselle falls to he death. Lan barely defeats Ryne in combat. Moiraine disposes of Merean and Ryne’s bodies, and Lan agrees to keep recent events a secret. [NSTN-H-325]

Dawn: Aesdaishar Palace mourns the sudden and unexplained deaths of Brys, Diryk and Iselle. [NSTN-H-329]

Lady Edeyn, mourning the loss of her daughter, abandons her efforts to revive the nation of Malkier. [NSTN-H-329]

Siuan reveals that Rahien was born in the wrong location to be the Dragon Reborn. Informed of Moiraine’s fight with Merean, Siuan deduces that the Black Ajah, unaware of exactly when the Dragon was reborn, is attempting to kill any many who might be able to channel, including those that exhibit unusually good luck. Moiraine instructs Siuan to return to the White Tower and resume her work with Cetalia. [NSTN-H-330]

Moiraine leaves Chachin and tracks down Lan outside the city. She asks him to bond to her as her Warder, and then explains her quest to find the Dragon Reborn. Lan agrees and accepts the bond. The two return to Chachin, and then travel on to Arafel. [NSTN-H-332]

(End of New Spring: The Novel)
Circa: Cairhien farmers, wary from the Aiel War, abandon their farms in the east, most of them settling in Cairhien’s Foregate. King Galldrian is forced to pay for shipments of grain from Andor and Tear to make up for the loss of production. [TGH-TP-310 / TSR-H-116]

Choren: Birth date of Ban Crawe in Emond’s Field. [TEOTW-H-94]

Birth date of Kenley Ahan in Emond’s Field. [FTTR-xii]

980 NE
(Sometime after Taisham 19th): Birth date of Aviendha. [TPOD-H-50 / COT-H-271]

Circa: A sick man near death arrives in Stedding Shangtai. He recovers quickly upon entering the stedding, and before he leaves tells the Ogier that the Dark One intends to blind the Eye of the World and slay the Great Serpent. [TEOTW-H-537]

Circa: The husband of Ailhuin Guenna, a Tear wise woman, is killed in a storm in the Fingers of the Dragon. [TDR-H-478]

Circa: Following the death of Queen Ethenielle’s husband, Lord Baldhere assumes the position of Swordbearer and is placed in command of the armies of Kandor. [TPOD-H-17]

Janny begins service to House Sarand as the maid to Lady Elenia Sarand. [COT-H-369]

Three Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, Toveine Gazal, Lirene and Tsutama, are punished for an unknown crime. After being birched in view of Accepted, novices and Sisters, the three voluntarily resign from the White Tower and enter solitary retreats. Toveine, a former Sitter in the Hall, is sent to the farm of Jara Doweel in the Black Hills. [ACOS-H-21 / TPOD-H-513]

Summer: Birth date of “Tuon” Athaem Kore Paendrag, daughter of the Seanchan Empress. Furyk Karede is appointed to Tuon’s personal bodyguard. An attempt on Tuon’s life is made the same day, and Furyk is one of only three people to survive the attack. [COT-H-140-156-160]

NOTE: Tuon’s birth-name is not known.

Furyk Karede is chosen for officer training in the Deathwatch Guard. [COT-H-160]

981 NE
Circa (Spring?): Birth date of Egwene al’Vere, daughter of Brandelwyn and Marin al’Vere, in Emond’s Field. [TWOTW-H-35 / TGH-TP-31 / ACOS-H-157]

Circa: Ajimbura, a member of the Kaensada hill tribe, becomes the servant of Furyk Karede, an officer in the Deathwatch Guard. [COT-H-154]

Galina Casban is appointed as the head of the Red Ajah, but does not serve as a Sitter in the Hall of the Tower. [LOC-H-45 / ACOS-H-623]

Birth date of Lemore to a wealthy family in Tanchico. [WH-H-206]

Birth date of Talaan din Gelyn. [WH-H-268]

(Sometime after Taisham 18th): Birth date of Elayne Trakand. [LOC-H-602 / ACOS-H-476]

Jain Farstrider disappears after returning from a trip to the Great Blight. [TEOTW-H-663]

NOTE: The date for the disappearance of Jain Farstrider was originally given as 994 NE in the first printing of The Eye of the World. This date was later changed to 981 NE in later printings.

982 NE
Birth date of Bodewhin Cauthon, daughter of Abell and Natti Cauthon, in Emond’s Field. [TSR-H-165]

Katerine Alruddin is raised to the shawl of the Aes Sedai and chooses the Red Ajah. [LOC-H-45]

Aes Sedai Jarna Malari, head of the Black Ajah, is killed by Ishamael, who had been angered to learn of the Black Ajah’s hunt for the Dragon Reborn. Jarna’s death was the result of her use of an unidentified ter’angreal which slowly killed her over a ten-day period. [ACOS-H-42]

Alviarin Freidhen, a member of the Black Ajah’s Great Council, is appointed the head of the Black Ajah following Jarna’s death. Alviarin and the other Black Ajah are painfully questioned for the next two years concerning their involvement in the death of Tamra Ospenya. [ACOS-H-42]

983 NE
Some Darkfriends claim to have received orders from Ishamael during this time. [TWORJTWOT-52]

Kari al’Thor dies. [TEOTW-H-68 / LOC-H-93]

Birth date of Eldrin Cauthon, daughter of Abell and Natti Cauthon, in Emond’s Field. [TSR-H-165]

Birth date of Adora Aybara, daughter of Con and Joslyn Aybara. [TSR-H-327]

Birth date of Jalani, an Aiel. [LOC-H-66]

984 NE
Taringail Damodred is assassinated. [TWORJTWOT-124]

Amyrlin Seat Sierin Vayu dies. Working to prevent her own arrest, Chesmal Emery, a member of the Black Ajah, had arranged for Sierin’s murder at the hands of the Red Ajah. [TWORJTWOT-216 / ACOS-H-42 / WH-H-242]

Marith Jaen of the Blue Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat after the death of Sierin Vayu. Her rule lasts until 988 NE. [TWORJTWOT-216]

Birth date of Ewin Finngar in Emond’s Field. [TEOTW-H-19]

Thom Merrilin, Court-Bard in the Royal Palace of Caemlyn, becomes romantically involved with the recently widowed Queen Morgase. He abruptly leaves the Palace to tend to a matter involving his nephew, Owyn, who has been discovered to have the ability to channel. Morgase sends Captain-General Gareth Bryne of the Queen’s Guards to retrieve Thom by any means necessary. [TEOTW-H-454 / TGH-TP-327 / TDR-H-465]

Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah gentle Owyn and then return to Tar Valon. Thom arrives too late to stop the Aes Sedai. Owyn is driven from his home and later dies, having lost his will to live. Within a month, and despite Thom’s efforts, Owyn’s widow also dies. [TSR-H-195]

Thom returns to Caemlyn following Owyn’s death. After harsh words with Morgase he flees the city and barely avoids arrest. [TEOTW-H-454 / TGH-TP-327 / TDR-H-465]

Anjen, the Warder of Leanee Sharif, dies. Unable to deal with the pain of another broken bond, Leane does not bond another Warder. [LOC-H-427]

Birth date of Eben Hopwil. [TPOD-H-286]

985 NE
Circa: Aes Sedai Teslyn becomes a Sitter for the Red Ajah. [ACOS-H-18]

Circa: Aes Sedai Pevara becomes a Sitter for the Red Ajah. [ACOS-H-517]

986 NE
Circa: Aes Sedai Seaine Herimon becomes a Sitter for the White Ajah. [ACOS-H-517]

Furyk Karede is reassigned to the bodyguard of Lady Tuon. [COT-H-160]

Summer: Tuon, the daughter of the Seanchan Empress Radhanan, receives her true-name. [COT-H-140]

Birth date of Theril, son of Alvon. [KOD-H-175]

Birth date of Aurana, daughter of Seanchan Empress Radhanan. [KOD-H-285]

987 NE
Nieda Sidora, innkeeper of Easing the Badger in Illian, begins to work as eyes and ears for Moiraine, who goes by the name Mistress Mari. [TDR-H-430]

Birth date of Deselle Aybara, daughter of Con and Joslyn Aybara. [TSR-H-327]

Katerine Alruddin, an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, swears oaths to the Dark One and is made a member of the secret Black Ajah. [LOC-H-45]

Following the death of her apprentice from an uncurable illness, Doral Barran, Wisdom of Emond’s Field, takes the recently orphaned Nynaeve al’Meara as her new apprentice. [FTTR-xx]

Furyk Karede is seriosuly wounded while defending High Lady Tuon from an assassin. Tuon rewards Karede by giving him Emela, a favorite doll of hers. [COT-H-160]

988 NE
Spring (Bel Tine): Emond’s Field celebrates Bel Tine with a rare fireworks display. [TOETW-H-9]

Cenn Buie catches a young Rand al’Thor and Mat Cauthon in his apple trees. [TEOTW-H-36]

Siuan Sanche is raised to the Amyrlin Seat from the Blue Ajah at the age of thirty. [TWORJTWOT-216 / TGH-TP-46 / LOC-H-471 / ACOS-H-161 / COT-H444]

Mat Cauthon is punished after trying to cut open a firework to see what is inside. [TDR-H-397]

Perrin Aybara, prodded by Mat Cauthon, is caught trying to steal a gooseberry pie from Neysa Ayellin. [TSR-H-483]

Presumed death of Yukiri’s Warder. [COT-H-41]

989 NE
Pedron Niall is appointed the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of Light. [TDR-H-xiv]

Death of (King?) Easar’s wife. [TPOD-H-20]

The Women’s Circle in Emond’s Field gives permission for Nynaeve al’Meara to braid her hair—a sign that Nynaeve has become an adult. [FTTR-xxi]

Fall: Berowyn (al’Vere) loses her husband to breakbone fever. [FTTR-xiv]

990 NE
Birth date of Paetram Aybara. [TSR-H-327]

The husband of Queen Tylin Quintara dies. [ACOS-H-473]

Harine din Togara Two Winds becomes Wavemistress of Clan Shoedin. [WH-H-301]

Late Spring: Egwene al’Vere of Emond’s Field carries water to Widow Aynal’s Meadow for the village’s annual sheep shearing. She notices numerous ravens that appear to be watching the activities, especially those of the men and boys. [FTTR-xi]

Late Spring: Curious to learn more about the boy everyone believes she will eventually marry, Egwene eavesdrops on Rand al’Thor and his friends. [FTTR-xxiv]

991 NE
Mid/Late Danu: Rand al’Thor and Mat Cauthon manage to steal a jar of apple brandy. They are later punished by Nynaeve al’Meara. [TSR-H-102]

Circa: Ferane Neheran of the White Ajah steps down as a Sitter in the Hall of the Tower. [COT-H-51]

993 NE
Logain Ablar channels for the first time. [LOC-H-647]

Told that she is unable to learn to channel, Mili Skane is turned away from the White Tower. [ACOS-H-284]

Mili Skane joins a circle of Darkfriends in Caemlyn. She quickly makes her first kill and starts a successful career as an assassin and hunter. She is later known as Lady Shiaine Avarhin, and kills nineteen more by 1000 NE. [ACOS-H-284]

994 NE
Sunday: Hurin, a resident of Fal Dara, begins to exhibit the traits of a sniffer, a person with the ability to smell violence and track those who have committed violence. A year later he is employed by Lord Ingtar. [TGH-TP-129]

Nynaeve al’Meara becomes the Wisdom of Emond’s Field. [TDR-H-263]

High Lady Alteima of Tear meets Queen Morgase during a state visit. [TFOH-H-50]

Circa: Loial leaves Stedding Shangtai to venture into human lands. [TEOTW-H-533 / LOC-H-319 / COT-H-552]

995 NE
Summer: Padan Fain, a peddler and Darkfriend, is approached by a Myrddraal in Murandy. He is taken north to Shayol Ghul and brought before a man naming himself Ba’alzamon (Ishamael). Fain is given the task of seeking out a young man (Rand al’Thor), and is altered and changed so that he can carry out this hunt. Although the Dark One is unaware of the identity of the man he seeks, or of his exact location, he knows that Fain conducts business in the region where the young man will be found. [TEOTW-H-599]

Gorin Rogad, a false Dragon, is burned alive in Illian. [LOC-H-79]

996 NE
Spring: A group of Tinkers crossing the Aiel Waste find a group of young Aiel women, all dead except for one. The woman, whose group had been killed by Trollocs, warns the Tinkers that the Dark One is coming, and that he plans to blind the Eye of the World and kill the Great Serpent. The dying woman also makes mention of He Who Comes with the Dawn—the Dragon Reborn. [TEOTW-H-315]

Spring: Padan Fain arrives in Emond’s Field at a later date than usual. Unlike most of his visits, he stays for a week in the Winespring Inn. [TEOTW-H-599]

Summer: Padan Fain is taken back to Shayol Ghul. His thoughts and experiences are studied, and he is further changed to enable him to narrow his search for the Dark One’s target. [TEOTW-H-599]

Summer: Tuon celebrates her sixteenth birthday and has her head shaved in Seanchan tradition for the first time, this marking her as an adult. Selucia, her nursemaid since birth, rejects a position of power to serve as Tuon’s chief maid. [WH-H-322 / COT-H-140]

Callie is put out of the White Tower. [ACOS-H-318]

Andor has border disputes with Murandy. [TFOH-H-180]

Captain-General Gareth Bryne of the Queen’s Guards of Caemlyn meets Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat, during her progression through Cairhien, Tear, Illian and Andor. The Amyrlin, attempting to safeguard Lord Dulain, orders Bryne to remove all Andoran troops from the Murandian border in order to assure the survival of Dulain, believed to be capable of uniting Murandy. [TFOH-H-49-180-339]

A month after the Amyrlin’s visit to Caemlyn an Andoran farmer kills Lord Dulain during a sheep raid. [TFOH-H-339]

997 NE
Spring: Elyas Machera encounters a group of Tinkers led by Mahdi Raen. [TEOTW-H-314]

Spring: Padan Fain arrives in Emond’s Field and is able to determine that his target is one of three boys—Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, or Mat Cauthon. [TEOTW-H-599]

Fain returns to Lugard, and encounters Ba’alzamon in a dream. He further strengthens his ties to the Dark One, and is promised power and glory should he succeed in his hunt. He is told to mark the three men in Emond’s Field upon his return the next spring, and that Trollocs and Myrddraal would be waiting for him in the Two Rivers. [TEOTW-H-599]

Autumn: Logain Ablar declares himself the Dragon Reborn in Ghealdan. He is the third in approximately five years to declare himself. [TEOTW-H-30 / TGH-H-585 / LOC-H-168]

Winter: Captain Bayle Domon is forced to winter in Saldea when the River Arinelle freezes early. He witnesses evidence of numerous Trolloc attacks north of Maradon and against the city itself. [TEOTW-H-263]

Circa: Beldeine Nyram is raised to the shawl of the Aes Sedai and chooses the Green Ajah. [TPOD-H-31]

Circa: Sareitha Tomanes is raised to the shawl of the Aes Sedai and chooses the Brown Ajah. [WH-H-174]

The Great Fire of Sohima. Furyk Karede, a Deathwatch Guard, loses his wife Kalia and one of their sons in the fire. During this incident a doll, given to Karede by High Lady Tuon, is destroyed. [COT-H-160 / KOD-H-734]

998 NE
Circa: Neferi, High Lady Tuon’s Soe’feia, dies unexpectedly in an accident. She is replaced by Anath, who is chosen by the Empress herself. [WH-H-323]

Winter: The Two Rivers, as well as most of the land, suffers from an unusual and brutal winter. [TEOTW-C1]

Winter: Trollocs attack the nations of Kandor, Arafel and Saldea continuously through the winter in raids whose scope have not been seen since the Trolloc Wars. [TEOTW-H-586]

Late Winter: Trollocs and Myrddraal travel through the Ways to the Two Rivers, exiting from the Waygate in the ruins of Manetheren. [TEOTW-H-599]

Late Winter: Moiraine and Lan (having posed as Alys and Andra) leave Baerlon for the Two Rivers. Later that day the Children of the Light arrive in Baerlon in response to the troubles in Ghealdan caused by Logain. [TWOTW-H-157]

Spring (3 days before Winternight): Mat Cauthon sees a stranger in Emond’s Field—a mysterious man on horseback (a Myrddraal). [TEOTW-H-12]

Spring (1 day before Winternight): Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred and her warder Lan arrive in Emond’s Field in the evening. [TEOTW-H-19]

Spring (1 day before Winternight): Perrin Aybara sees a stranger (a Myrddraal) on horseback in Emond’s Field at twilight. [TEOTW-H-37]

Spring (1 day before Winternight): A gleeman, Thom Merrilin, arrives in Emond’s Field in the middle of the night.

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