Background Edges

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6
While sleeping, you can willingly enter Tel’aran’rhiod, the realm of dreams. You appear dressed in any way you like, but must make a Spirit check to “create” equipment. You leave by either slipping into normal sleep or by waking, which requires a Smarts check.

Requirements: Novice, Notice d6+, Tracking d6+
From birth you have had the ability to smell violence. A sniffer is an individual who can literally smell violence or the residue of violence. The worse and more recent the violent act the stronger and more foul the smell. This ability is not related to the One Power.

Benefit: When violence has occurred within 4 hours the Sniffer has a +4 bonus to Tracking. Within 12 hours, +2, Within 1 Day +1, Within 1 week +0, Within 1 Month -2, Within 3 Months -4.

Strong with the One Power
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Arcane Background:Channeling
A Channeler is stronger than usual with the one power.

Benefit: All rolls involved with channeling have a +2.

Very Strong with the One Power
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Strong with the One Power, Arcane Background:Channeling
A Channeler is much stronger than usual with the one power.

Benefit: All rolls involved with channeling have an additional +2.

Wolf Brother
Requirements: Novice, Wild Card
From birth, you’ve had a natural affinity for wolves, and consider them allies against the Dark One.

Benefit: You understand “wolfspeech,” allowing you telepathic communication with wolves at a distance equal to your Spirit die x 5 in miles. Your eyes become a golden yellow, allowing you to ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting. Your other senses increase as well, granting a +2 to Tracking. However, such close bond with an animal is hard on the human mind, bringing your Charisma down by -1 point.


Dark Ones Own Luck
Requirements: Novice, Wild Card
You have extraordinary but unpredictable luck.

Benefit: Twice per day you may re-roll any one dice roll you have just made, except Knowledge skill checks. You may decide to re-roll after you learn the results of your original roll and take the better of the two.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time allows you to use the ability twice more per day. If a Natural 1 is rolled on your re-roll your luck will go against you in some extrordinary way.

Power Edges

Quick Embrace
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Channeling d6+
Embracing the Source is now a Free Action.

Sense Residue
Requirements: Novice, Channeling d8+
You may make a Notice check to sense the lingering residue left by weaves. With a raise, you can identify the weave.

Tie Off Weave
Requirements: Novice, Channeling d8+
You have learned how to tie off the strands of the Weave you are channeling, allowing you to keep weaves active without maintaining them. Only weaves with a duration other than Instant can be tied off. Effectively, this makes their duration permanent, but until the weave is released the initial Power Point cost of the Weave is deducted from your Power Point total. For example, if an Aes Sedai with 15 Power Points ties off an Environmental Protection weave, she won’t have to continue spending Power Points to maintain the weave, but she will only have access to 13 Power Points for future castings until she releases it.

Professional Edges

Requirements: Seasoned, Channeling d6+, Knowledge (arcane) d6+, Initiate, Possess at least 4 seperate Powers, female.
You are a member of the famous White Tower, an Accepted in training to become Aes Sedai.

Benefit: You gain 1 new power and 10 Power points. You are allowed to move about the tower as you wish and on rare occaision leave the tower if given a mission or task by an Aes Sedai.

Aes Sedai
Requirements: Veteran, Channeling d8+, Knowledge (arcane) d8+, Initiate, Accepted, Possess at least 8 separate Powers, female.
You are a member of the famous White Tower, an Aes Sedai — among the most feared, hated, and respected persons in the world. Upon becoming Aes Sedai, you must choose one of the eight Ajahs and live by their goals.
Black: The “secret” Ajah of those working for the Dark One’s goals. All black Ajah sisters belong to one other Ajah, under which they disguise their true loyalty. (You gain a Ter’Angreal that allows direct contact with a Forsaken and all Shadowspawn will not attempt to harm you)
Blue: the betterment of mankind and the cause of justice (May select a Lost Power or Possess a Ter’Angreal)
Brown: Academics and knowledge. (2 to Knowledge Skills)
Gray: Diplomacy and mediation. (
2 to Charisma)
Green: preparing for Tarmon Gai’don. (1 die step to Destructive Weave effects)
Red: finding and controlling men who can channel. (Quick Embrace)
White: logic and philosophy. (
1 Die step to Smarts)
Yellow: health and healing. (+1 Die step to healing/curing Weave effects)

Benefit: You gain 2 new Powers, 20 Power points and become “ageless,” physically aging only one year for every ten years that pass.

Requirements: Seasoned, Channeling d6+, male
You are a member of the infamous Black Tower, the all-male academy of Channelers created by Rand al’Thor. Though you suffer -2 Charisma with those who know you can Channel or are aware of your allegiance, you also gain the ability to call upon favors from your brothers, much like Aes Sedai. In addition, if you are Disrupted while channeling due to damage, you make your Channeling skill roll at +2.

Requirements: Veteran, Fighting d8+, Knowledge: Sword Forms d8+, Witnessed Defeating another Blademaster, usually taking their Heron Marked Blade.
You have become an expert at fighting with a Blade.

Benefit: +2 to Fighting.

Special: You may now wear a Heron Marked Blade with honor.

Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d6+, Perform d8+
You are a Gleeman, one of those rare but well-educated and talented entertainers who wander the world gathering lore, singing, dancing, and performing tricks for an adoring audience.

Benefit: +2 Charisma, +2 to all Knowledge skill checks. You have been given a Gleeman’s cloak, wear it proudly.

Requirements: Novice, Channeling d6+, Possess at least 2 Powers, female
You are a member of the famous White Tower, an Initiate in training to become An Accepted. You are under the direct supervision of another Aes Sedai, not allowed to leave the Tower. An NPC Aes Sedai should be directly involved with your character until such time as you are ready to become an Accepted.

Benefit: You gain 1 new power.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Tracking d6+
Thief-catchers, sometimes called thief takers, are men or women who specialize in tracking down thieves and bandits in cities. Their weapon of choice is usually a sword breaker, as thief takers are generally focused on disarming and capturing outlaws rather than killing them.

Benefit: When a crime has been commited recently a Thief-Catcher gains a +2 to Notice and Tracking when he attempts to investigate the crime and find the criminal.

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d6+, Strength d8+, Fighting d8+, Notice d6+, Riding d6+
As a Warder, you have been chosen through the Bond Warder Power to serve an Aes Sedai as her guardian. Upon taking this Edge, you gain a Warder’s Cloak, granting you partial invisibility. Opponents must first spot you with a -4 Notice, and even then suffer a -4 to their attacks. The cloak is permanently active but only offers rear cover unless specifically drawn over the body. If this cloak is ever lost or stolen a replacement can be provided for you, though it takes at least a month.

The downside to this Edge is that you are permanently bonded to your Aes Sedai, and live to serve her. You are not a free agent and must think always about the needs of your Aes Sedai over your own. If your Aes Sedai dies, you will most likely slowly perish yourself over time.

Benefit: You gain the Danger Sense Edge and Arcane Resistance +2 Edge. In addition, you can Sense your Aes Sedai, draw strength from your Aes Sedai when she is close and Sense Shadowspawn.

Windfinder (Not Allowed)
Requirements: Novice, Channeling d6+, Boating
d6+, Survival d6+, female
The Windfinders of the Atha’an Miere are protectors of ships and accomplished channelers.

Benefit: With a successful Survival check, the you are able to predict changes in the future within the next day. With a raise, you can predict the weather within the next week. In addition, when using the Telekinesis Power with an air trapping, you can spend an additional 5 PP to increase your weight limit to 100 lbs x Spirit die type, or 500 lbs x Spirit with a raise. This allows you to increase the speed of small sail boats by +4 or +6 with a raise, and large sailing vessels by +1 or +2 with a raise.

Spear Maiden (Not Allowed)
Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+, Aiel, female
You are one of the Aiel’s most fearsome warriors, a Maiden of the Spear.

Benefit: When “Dancing the Spears” you may ignore 1 point of Gang Up bonuses against you. In addition, you add +2 to Fighting and Parry when using a spear.

New Arcane Backgrounds

Arcane Skill: Channeling (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 50
Starting Powers: 3
Weave List: See New Powers. You are a “Channeler,” someone who knows how to embrace the True Source and manipulate weaves to produce magical effects. With this Edge you may be a Wilder, someone who secretly accesses the One Power without the benefit of formal training, or an Initiate in the White Tower, Black Tower, Atha’an Miere (Not allowed), Wise Ones (Not allowed), or some other structured tradition.
Before casting weaves, all channelers must first “Embrace the Source.” This takes a full round, during which time no other action can be taken. Once the Source has been embraced, you can maintain this contact as long as you like, but you cannot sleep or heal any fatigue or damage naturally until you release it. In addition, if you are male you are subject to madness (see madness in the Wheel of Time, below). Several channelers can team up to cast a higher rank weave. Every five channelers who participate raise the casting rank by one.
Backlash: When a Channeler rolls a 1 on her Channeling die (regardless of her Wild Die), she is Shaken. This can cause a wound.

Racial Edges

Learned in the Ways
Requirements: Novice, Ogier, Smarts d6
You know the locations of the Ways, their dangers and how to navigate through them.

Two Rivers Archer
Requirements: Male Human from the Two Rivers, Novice, Shooting d8+
You have been trained to use a bow with the skill of the Two Rivers.

Benefit: All range penalties are reduced by 2. Note: Short Range remains at 0.


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