Mountains of Mist

Map of mountains of mist

The Mountains of Mist are a range of mountain peaks that exist in the western region of the Westlands.

The mountains begin south of the border between Arad Doman and Saldaea and proceed south. They extend for several hundreds of leagues and form the nartural boundaries of four more nations; Andor, Tarabon, Ghealdan, and Amadicia. The mountains also serve as one of the four natural barriers that isolate the Two Rivers region of Andor from the outside world. The mountain range serves as the genesis of the headwaters of two major rivers, the River Tarendrelle and the River Manetherendrelle. Additionally, the range features a vast inland lake, the spectacular waterfall Eldrene’s Veil, and the Sand Hills, a geographic anomaly that extends along its eastern limits. Six Ogier stedding are also located throughout the mountain range.

Evidence suggests that the Mountains of Mist did not exist during the Age of Legends, when the area was covered by the shallows of a great ocean. During the Breaking of the World, insane male Channelers raised the mountain range and drove back the sea. The disturbance of the adjacent shoreline would become the sand hills, and the rocks, ores, and minerals locked below the ocean floor were forced into enormous vertical displacements forging vast mountain peaks.

In the years following the breaking of the world, those who returned to the area discovered a great wealth of gold, silver, iron, and copper in the mountains that had long existed below the surface of the earth. In time towns arose to exploit these riches which became cities and eventually birthed the nation of Manetheren (literally “Mountain Home” in the Old Tongue). Manetheren founded it’s capital near the headwaters of the Manetherendrelle River, high and secure in the safety of the surrounding peaks. For over a thousand years the nation prospered and fought wars within the passes of the mountains with its neighbor and rival Safer which controlled the northern stretches of the range. Doom came to both nations during the Trolloc Wars when Manetheren was destroyed following the Battle of the Tarendrelle River and the Battle of Aemon’s Field. Safer dwindled soon afterwards and for several hundred years the mountains remained uncontrolled. Travelers to the site of the former Manetheren capital will encounter a singular lone Waygate surrounded by a vast stretch of glass shards strewn along the mountain slopes, marking the location where the wonderous capital city was annihilated.

In the years following the Trolloc Wars the Mountains of Mist fell under the control of many nations that rose and fell. Towns and encampments were founded to continue to exploit the riches locked in untapped mines near the surface of the range, though no single community would last permanently.

After the death of Artur Hawkwing the nation of Andor began to grow and expand westward. Eventually Andor came into control of some stretches of the Two Rivers region and some lands to the north where the town of Baerlon was founded to create a community where miners could live whilst extracting riches from the mountains and funnel the subsequent wealth east to Caemlyn. Other nations have also claimed rights to various stretches of the range, though none have managed a control of the area so completely as ancient Manetheren.

Mountains of Mist

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