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Mayene (pronounced: may-EHN) is a small but wealthy city-state on the Sea of Storms, in the far south-east of the Westlands. Mayene claims to be an independent city and has its own government and military forces, but it is also claimed by the nation of Tear to the west. Mayene’s sigil is that of the a golden hawk, which was also the symbol of Artur Hawkwing. The rulers of Mayene claim descendence from Hawkwing through his grandson, a claim that is not taken seriously outside of Mayene.

Most modern historians and geographers name only the fourteen other kingdoms of the modern day, counting Mayene either as independent city-state (along with Falme, Far Madding and Tar Valon) or as part of Tear. However, Mayene controls more territory than those other city-states, including most of the peninsula it sits upon, which extends for a hundred miles or more from the mainland. The Mayener peninsula forms the eastern and south-eastern edge of the Bay of Remara, and is cut off from the mainland by the Drowned Lands, a hostile swamp impassable to large armies. The peninsula does not appear to be easy to invade by sea either, forcing any attack to come through the city itself, which is defended by stout walls and formidable defences. Mayene is located at the southern tip of the peninsula on the Sea of Storms, and is the eastern-most city of the Westlands, and is the closest city to Shara, the enigmatic land beyond the Aiel Waste. Fishing shoals rich in oilfish lie somewhere to the east of Mayene, but the location is a closely-guarded secret. Mayene also lies close to the Sea Folk island of Cindaking. A combination of its location on key trade routes to the Sea Folk isles and Shara, plus its dominance of the oilfish trade, make Mayene extremely wealthy and covetable in the eyes of Tear. Mayener oilfish oil is highly prized, often valued more than Tairen olive oil, adding to the competition.

Mayene was a city of Artur Hawkwing’s Empire. The date of its construction is unknown. It was part of the province of Moreina and was one of the ports where Hawkwing assembled his fleet for the ill-fated invasion of Shara in FY 993. As the nearest Westland city to Shara, Mayene was ideally placed to both launch the invasion, and also suffer any retaliation: however, this never took place and the Sharans bizarrely maintain to this day that no invasion ever happened.
In FY 994, upon the death of Hawkwing, the city of Tear declared independence and claimed all the lands of the province of Moreina, including Mayene. Other factions resisted this claim and during the War of the Hundred Years Tear was too busy fighting for its own survival to worry about its claim to Mayene. Mayene, for its part, made no claim until FY 1004, when its ruling council claimed that Hawkwing’s grandson Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera had survived the calamity that killed his mother. They acknowledged him as First Lord of Mayene and proclaimed their own independence. Tyrn died in FY 1054 and was succeeded by his daughter Miselle. After the War of the Hundred Years ended, Tear renewed its claim to Mayene, but was rebuffed. Several attempts to capture the city by force were defeated. Given its size and manpower, Tear could have seized the city in a grinding war of attrition, but only at the expense of exposing its western border to an attack by Illian. Instead, Tear resorted to subterfuge, espionage and blackmail in an effort to force Mayene’s capitulation, but to no avail. In 999 NE, the current First of Mayene, Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, officially allied Mayene to the standard of the Dragon Reborn, winning an assurance that Tear would not be allowed to seize control of Mayene during the Dragon Reborn’s governance. With Tear regaining some autonomy from the Dragon Reborn’s control with the appointment of Darlin Sisnera as the first-ever King of Tear, it is unclear if the Dragon Reborn’s arrangement with the First will continue to hold.

Mayene is ruled by a lord or lady named the First of Mayene. The First is a hereditary ruler. As with Andor, internal realignment and power struggles may result with ruling Houses being displaced and new ones rising, but the First must be a direct-line descendant of the founding ruler, in this case Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera. The First is advised by a council of Seconds, who each have a responsibility for a different branch of the government. There are also guilds and merchant groups, who are influential. It was recently revealed that Mayene has a strong relationship with Tar Valon. Due to Tear’s antipathy towards Aes Sedai, this relationship was kept secret from them. The First enjoys the counsel and wisdom of an Aes Sedai adviser at almost all times, and is schooled in the arts of rule in a similar manner to the Daughter-Heir of Andor, regardless of her ability or inability to channel. The First is also given martial training and is taught how to avoid assassinations and knife attacks. A combination of these factors makes the First both an unusually canny and personally dangerous ruler. The First and Mayene are both defended by the Winged Guards, an elite military formation who are noted for their skill at arms and promotion through merit. Given the extreme remoteness of Mayene, it is a tribute to the Winged Guards’ performance as part of the Grand Alliance during the Aiel War, and more recently their service to the Dragon Reborn, that they have built up an impressive reputation for martial prowess. The First’s primary duty is to keep Mayene independent from Tear. Mayene’s independence despite these claims relies on the Mayener’s knowledge of the location of the secret oilfish shoals, the oil from which is highly valued and competes with similar products from Tear, Illian, and Tarabon. Oilfish are taken in nets, precluding any conjectural identification of them with whales. Another tool the Mayener rulers once used to maintain Mayene’s autonomy was a ter’angreal in the shape of a twisted redstone doorframe which took them to the land of the Aelfinn. Anyone may enter this doorway once in their life; on the other side, they are allowed to ask any three questions, and will receive three true answers. These answers were a great aid to the Firsts in maintaining Mayene’s independence, but one young First named Halvar, who had already stepped through the doorway in his lifetime, eventually bargained it away to Tear. Despite this loss, the Mayeners are intent on remaining apart from the High Lords of Tear; this wish led Berelain to ally Mayene with the Dragon Reborn, the first nation to do so freely.

Noble Houses
House Paeron
House Paeron is one of the known Noble Houses of Mayene. The only known member of the House is Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron.

The People
Bertain Gallenne
Bertain Gallenne is the Lord Captain of Berelain sur Paendrag Paerons Winged Guards from Mayene. He doesn’t think on much except how to attack. He has graying hair and wears a black eye-patch over his missing eye. He is of medium height.

He accompanies Perrin Aybara and Berelain into Ghealdan to track down Masema Dagar. He accompanies Berelain into Bethal to meet with Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin. He is with Berelain when Perrin finds the Darkhound tracks and then accompanies Perrin when he looks over the Shaido camped in Malden. He goes with Perrin and Berelain to So Habor, where they collect grain for their troops. He is again guarding Berelain when she and Perrin make their deal with the Seanchan. He leads the Mayene forces in the Battle of Malden, but his main duty was for him and his men to guard Berelain.

While traveling from Malden, he is with Perrin when they find land that appears to have been affected by the Blight. Later he attends a meeting with Perrin to decide where the army should now go. A decision is made to send a scouting force to Cairhien to start looking for Rand al’Thor.

Gendar is a thief-catcher from Mayene. Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron brings him from Mayene to Cairhien. She uses he and his partner Santes, to find evidence linking Colavaere Saighan to the murders of Meilan Mendiana and Lord Maringil. He later accompanies her to Ghealdan where she again uses his skills to spy on Masema Dagar by posing as Dragonsworn. While in Masama’s camp, he and Santes steal a letter from Suroth Sabelle Meldarath addressed to Masema from his personal belongings. He is sent back into Masema’s camp and never returns. It is assumed he was found out and killed.

Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera
Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera (FY 9??-1054) was an imperial prince of Artur Hawkwing’s Empire. He was the son of Laiwynde, one of Hawkwing’s daughters by his second queen, Tamika. Officially, Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera was proclaimed dead along with his mother in FY 994, a few days before the death of the High King, although the news did not reach Hawkwing before his death. The circumstances of their deaths are murky, and with the chaos of the War of the Hundred Years just getting underway no-one conducted a thorough investigation. In FY 1004 the ruling council of Mayene, the south-easternmost city of the former Empire and claimed by the nascent nation of Tear, acknowledged a young man as Tyrn. It was claimed that he had escaped the fate that befell his mother and was hidden so he may be brought up in safety without fear of further assassination attempts. The high council of Mayene acknowledged his authority and prestige as a grandson of the High King and named him the First Lord of Mayene, a ceremonial and advisory position. Curiously, he made no claim for the Empire as a whole, but instead merely claimed independence for Mayene. The man claiming to be Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera died in FY 1054 from a fever and his daughter Miselle became the First Lady of Mayene, beginning an unbroken line of succession that lasted a thousand years until the time of the current incumbent, Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron.

Miselle was the First of Mayene, although at that time she was called the First Lady. She was the daughter and heir of Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera and claimed to be the grand-granddaughter of Artur Hawkwing, although this claim was not acknowledged outside of Mayene. Miselle’s father had been given the title of First Lord as a ceremonial position, the title was changed so that Miselle wielded real authority and power. Her position became more akin to that of the First of Mayene today. Although a strong council maintained the day-to-day running of the bureaucracy and a number of advisors called Seconds aided her, Miselle effectively became the ruler of the city and a symbol of the city’s continued claims for independence in the face of claims of sovereignty over the city by Tear. Miselle ruled after her father’s death from a fever in FY 1054, during the height of the War of the Hundred Years. It is unknown how long Miselle ruled for, or when she died. The current ruler of Mayene, Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, claims to be a direct descendant of Miselle and, though her, the Hawkwing.

Moradri is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is from Mayene and has two Warders. She is long-limbed and has dark skin. She reports to Saerin Asnobar about the positions of the Aes Sedai during the Battle of Tar Valon.

Havien Nurelle
Havien Nurelle is a Lord Lieutenant of the Mayene Winged Guards. He has pink cheeks, is slender and a head shorter than Rand al’Thor. He is about the same age as Perrin Aybara. Nurelle was first seen in Cairhien, having accompanied Berelain, First of Mayene, to the city when Rand summoned her for her assistance in governing the country. He was in command of the soldiers she brought with her. When Rand was kidnapped by Aes Sedai of the White Tower from the Sun Palace in Cairhien, Nurelle and his detachment of Winged Guards joined Perrin and the Aiel to rescue Rand. He holds Perrin in awe and is very impressed with his campaign against the Trollocs in the Two Rivers. He fought in the battle. He accompanies Perrin and Berelain into Ghealdan to track down Masema Dagar.

Ortis is a Squadman of the Winged Guards of Mayene. He has a burn on one cheek and a scar at the corner of his mouth. He is in his middle years. While in Ghealdan he reports on a group of Dragonsworn murdering innocent people.

Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron
Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, Blessed of the Light, Defender of the Waves, High Seat of House Paeron is First of Mayene. She is a beautiful, tall, pale woman with long black hair, and has large, dark eyes. She wears the Diadem of the First, a golden hawk in flight. Berelain claims to be a descendent and heir of Artur Hawkwing, through his grandson Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera. In Mayene it is claimed that Tyrn evaded the assassination attempt that killed his mother and was raised in secrecy in Mayene for his own safety. The Firsts of Mayene claim an unbroken line of succession from Tyrn and his daughter Miselle, and through him to Hawkwing. This claim is not taken seriously outside of Mayene.

Berelain’s first appearance, when she tries to seduce Rand al’Thor in an effort to obtain political influence, ends with disastrous results; she then goes after Perrin Aybara with no better apparent effect. She does earn the enmity of Faile Bashere, a woman interested in Perrin, however; Berelain believes that it will “amuse” her to take Perrin away from Faile. Later, Rand places Berelain in a position of stewardship over the city of Cairhien after it is ravaged by the Shaido Aiel. Upon re-encountering Perrin, Berelain renews her attempts at seducing Perrin which results in interpersonal problems with Faile, now his wife. Faile’s subsequent kidnapping by the Shaido has thrown this entire dynamic into even greater chaos. She later neglects her duties in Cairhien but gets a stern reminder from Rhuarc who treats her as a daughter. When Rand is captured by the White Tower Aes Sedai she not only sends men to Rand’s aid but she uncovers evidence linking Colavaere Saighan to both Lord Maringil and Meilan Mendiana’s murders when she makes her move for the Sun Throne. While Rand is missing, Colavaere is crowned Queen and takes Berelain’s Aes Sedai advisor Annoura Larisen for her own and makes Berelain a lady in waiting with Faile. When Rand returns to Cairhien he relieves her of her stewardship and tries to send her back to Mayene due to her reputation being damaged by Colavaere. She instead accompanies Perrin into Ghealdan to track down Masema Dagar.

Perrin sends her to meet with Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin. She brings Alliandre back to camp and helps Faile pressure her into keeping her oath of fealty to Perrin by staying with the army. While out hunting with Faile and Alliandre, the group is attacked by the Shaido Aiel. All of the group are captured except Berelain, who manages to escape and send word to Perrin. While Faile is in captivity, Berelain at first tries to offer a truce to Perrin in regards to her advances, but his reaction infuriates her. She then allows rumors to be spread that he is succumbing to her advances around the camp, further aggravating the situation. Nevertheless, she is instrumental in discovering Masema’s collusion with the Seanchan and offers to use her gold and jewels to ransom the Shaido’s prisoners, including Faile. She goes with Perrin to So Habor, where they collect grain for their troops. She accompanies him back to camp and witnesses him cleave a Shaido prisoners hand off, when he is looking for answers on his missing wife.
She is present when Galina Casban is brought before Perrin and questioned. Galina asks to be slapped so she can claim she was beaten by brigands, with which Berelain complies. She later goes with Perrin when he makes his deal with the Seanchan. She is present at the meeting with Perrin and Tylee Khirgan, who is informing Perrin on a rebellious group of Whitecloaks moving north not too far from camp, when the Pattern ripples. While traveling back through Ghealdan, after the Battle of Malden, she is with Perrin when they find land that appears to have been affected by the Blight. Later she attends a meeting with Perrin to decide where the army should now go. A decision is made to send a scouting force to Cairhien to start looking for Rand.

Rubinde was born in Mayene and is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She has very dark hair with eyes like sapphires. She was a Sitter for the Greens in the Hall of the Tower before the deposition of Siuan Sanche. Following the split in the tower she placed here allegiance with Elaida and continued as a Sitter for the Green in the White Tower’s Hall. She is one of the Sitters that meets with Elaida over beginning negotiations with the Rebel Aes Sedai when Alviarin Freidhen returns to the White Tower. She disagrees with her Ajah over these matters. She is at dinner with Elaida and most of the other Sitters when Elaida begins to taunt Egwene and demands her to stop telling lies about a Seanchan invasion on the White Tower. Egwene refuses and enrages Elaida to the point where she uses the One Power on Egwene, drawing blood and sending her unconscious.

Santes is a thief-catcher from Mayene. Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron brings him from Mayene to Cairhien. She uses him and his partner Gendar, to find evidence linking Colavaere Saighan to the murders of Meilan Mendiana and Lord Maringil. He later accompany her to Ghealdan where she again uses his skills to spy on Masema Dagar by posing as Dragonsworn. While in Masama’s camp, he and Gendar steal a letter from Suroth Sabelle Meldarath addressed to Masema from his personal belongings. He is sent back into Masema’s camp and never returns. It is assumed he was found out and killed.


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