Flag of malkier

Malkier (pronounced: mahl-KEER) was part of the Borderlands, lying north of Shienar. The sign of Malkier was a golden crane. Malkieri men are recognized by a braided leather cord they wear called a hadori. The nation was swallowed by the Blight in 955 NE, causing Shienar to become the northernmost of the Borderlands.

The nation of Malkier was a former province of Artur Hawkwing’s Empire, forged out of the earlier kingdom of Rhamdashar. Governor Shevar Jamelle declared the province to be a sovereign kingdom very early in the War of the Hundred Years, forging an alliance with the other Borderlands against both the Shadow in the north and the threat of interference by other nations to the south.

Malkier endured against the Shadow for almost a thousand years, until it was destroyed in 955 NE. Lain Mandragoran, the brother of King al’Akir Mandragoran, took five thousand lancers to the Blasted Lands as part of a wager laid by his wife Breyan and was killed. Al’Akir’s refusal to support Lain’s foolishness saw Breyan plot to have him and his young son Lan killed so her own son Isam could take the throne. Cowin Gemallan, a Malkieri noble but also a Darkfriend, supported Breyan’s plan and attempted a coup against al’Akir.

The coup failed, but the Blightborder forts were stripped bare and a major Shadowspawn invasion was able to break through the lines. Breyan and Isam were apparently killed and much of the kingdom laid waste, although the famed scout Jain Charin, already called Farstrider, was able to take Gemallen prisoner and bring him back to the Seven Towers to face al’Akir in single combat, where he was killed. Al’Akir abdicated the throne to his son Lan, anointing him a Diademed Battle Lord, and sent him south to Shienar to be raised in safety, before rallying the last of the Malkieri to fight the Shadow. Al’Akir was killed, Malkier was overrun, the Seven Towers were destroyed and the Blightborder pushed a hundred miles or more to the south, until troops from the other Borderlands met the Shadowspawn at the Stair of Jehaan and turned them back.

Malkier is now a desolate wilderness, overrun by the Blight. The Thousand Lakes are poisonous and inhabited by foul creatures, whilst the Seven Towers are toppled ruins. Despite this, Malkier’s reputation for martial excellence and stalwart defence against the Shadow remains incredibly powerful. It is known that thousands would flock to Lan Mandragoran’s cause should he ever lift the Crane Banner once more.

Recently, rumour has come from Saldaea that al’Lan Mandragoran has indeed raised the Crane Banner and is riding for Tarwin’s Gap and Tarmon Gai’don, with an increasingly huge host from across the Borderlands riding with him.

Malkier lay north of Shienar, apparently running from where the Blightborder is now located to Tarwin’s Gap and possibly even beyond the Mountains of Dhoom. It was the northern-most of the Westlands and the one located closest to Shayol Ghul. Its capital city was known as the Seven Towers, located along the shores of several lakes, not far from the southern feet of the Mountains of Dhoom.

Important Malkieri
Al’Lan Mandragoran, last king of Malkier and former warder of Moiraine Damodred. Jain Charin, also known as Jain Farstrider, traveled the world and brought Cowin Gemallan, who had betrayed Malkier to the Shadow, before the King for justice. He is also known as Noal Charin who travels with Mat.

Seven Towers (capital)
The Seven Towers refers to the seven towers on the walls of the capital of Malkier, a Borderland nation lost to The Blight. The Seven Towers were located alongside some lakes near the Mountains of Dhoom. Today it’s only a broken ruin.

Mountains of Dhoom
The Mountains of Dhoom are a chain of peaks created during the Breaking of the World. During the Breaking, the volcano of Shayol Ghul, then an island, became the epicenter for the destruction wreaked by the Hundred Companions after the Dark One tainted saidin. New landmasses arose, and the Mountains of Dhoom formed during this time. The Mountains of Dhoom appear to encircle the northern polar regions of the world, and stretch right across the Westlands, the Aiel Waste, Shara and Seanchan. It is believed they even continue underneath the waves.

The mountains appear to be black, jagged and lifeless, likely a result of the Blight that surrounds and corrupts them. They tumble into the sea in a confused morass of islands and cliffs. The waters north of the mountains in the Aryth Ocean are called the Dead Sea and are not hospitable. It is unknown if the same is true off the coasts of Shara and Seanchan.

In the Westlands there are numerous narrow passes through the Mountains of Dhoom, used by Shadowspawn to menace the Borderlands throughout much of history. With the expansion of the Blight, few of these passes are directly guarded. The largest and most significant such pass is Tarwin’s Gap, north of the fortress of Fal Dara in Shienar. Given that the Trolloc Wars also ravaged the Aiel Waste and Shara, it can be assumed there are passes through the mountains there as well.

The Mountains of Dhoom in Seanchan were named by soldiers and sailors in Luthair Paendrag Mondwin’s invasion force, who noted their identical appearance at the same latitude to the mountains in their homeland. It is assumed that the Seanchan patrol and guard any passes through the Mountains of Dhoom into their territory. However, the extent of such precautions given the extinction of Trollocs and Myrddraal in Seanchan is unknown.

Tarwin’s Gap
Tarwin’s Gap is a mountain pass marking the boundary between the Mountains of Dhoom and the Spine of the World. Tarwin’s Gap can be seen as the location of Rand’s first appearance as the Dragon Reborn when he destroyed the Trolloc Army there after channeling the pool of pure saidin at the Eye of the World. Tarwin’s Gap was also used extensively during the Trolloc Wars to transport Trolloc troops from the Blight into the Westlands.

Stair of Jehaan
The Stair of Jehaan is where the armies of Shienar, Arafel and Kandor met the Trollocs and deafeated them after Malkier was overrun by the Shadow in 953 NE. This was likely the largest battle in the Westlands since the War of the Hundred Years. Unfortunately, this was not enough to save Malkier, and the Blight would go on to devour that land. Paitar Nachiman, the current King of Arafel, may be old enough to have fought in this battle as a young man.

Herot’s Crossing
Herot’s Crossing was a location within the Borderland of Malkier. It is unclear if it was a town or merely a location. It is famed as the site of the final stand of the Malkieri, when King al’Akir Mandragoran and Queen el’Leanna Mandragoran led the last remnants of the Malkieri army against the Shadowspawn invasion. Despite a valiant defence, the Malkieri host was slaughtered and al’Akir and el’Leanna were killed. The Shadowspawn swept on to the destroy the Seven Towers and menaced the border of Shienar, before the other Borderlands sent a unified army against them which turned them back at the Stair of Jehaan. Shortly before the battle, al’Akir and el’Leanna sent their infant son al’Lan Mandragoran south to Fal Moran to escape the massacre at Herot’s Crossing.

The People
Weilin Alderagoran
Weilin Aldragoran is a merchant born in ruined Malkier. His wife is Alida. He was a toddler when the Trollocs wiped out Malkier. He must have escaped and now lives in Saldaea. He wears the hadori. Nynaeve al’Meara visits him in Saldaea telling him that the Golden Crane has been raised and that Lan Mandragoran rides into the Blight. Aldragoran decrees that Lan will not ride alone.

He is a lean dangerous looking man. His long hair is held back with a hadori. He used to be in the Kandori army. He, Nazar Kurenin and Rakim all meet up with Lan Mandragoran and Bulen along the Plain of Lances. They travel in front of Lan until he finally accepts them into his company.

Erdeyn Arrel
Edeyn ti Gemallen Arrel is a Malkieri noblewoman, who lived in Fal Moran in Shienar and Chachin in Kandor. She has long dark hair to her waist with touches of white at her temples and large dark eyes. She was carniera or first lover to Lan Mandragoran. Malkier custom now ties Lan to her. After the first night of being lovers, she cuts Lan’s hair to his shoulders and keeps a lock of it now, called a daori. Years later she raises the Golden Crane for Lan. She meets Lan in the Throne Room of Kandor in Chachin and kneels before him, pledging her fealty to him. She plans for Lan to marry her daughter Iselle Arrel so Iselle can become Queen of Malkier. After Iselle is killed by Merean Redhill, she loses her passion for life.

Iselle Arrel
Iselle Arrel was the young daughter of Edeyn Arrel. She was tall and full mouthed with long black hair that fell below her hips. Edeyn planned to have her marry Lan Mandragoran so Iselle could one day be Queen of Malkier. Iselle didn’t want this for herself as she knew her mother was already Lan’s carniera; instead she wanted to go to the White Tower with Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche. After she watched Merean Redhill kill Brys and Diryk, she was killed by Merean.

Bulen is a boy from the Aesdaishar Palace. He is Kandori but his father was from Malkier. As a boy he was gangly. As a man his arms are thick and strong. He has black hair and has tanned skin. He was assigned to be Lan Mandragoran’s errand boy during the Aiel War.

More than twenty years later, Bulen intercepts Lan in the Proska Flats in Saldaea. He asks Lan for the honor to wear the hadori and permission to fight at his side. At first Lan moves to leave him behind, but Bulen talks Lan into letting him accompany him as long as they travel in secret. They are approached by three riders when they get to the Plain of Lances. Andere, Nazar Kurenin and Rakim all decide to travel in front of Lan. Lan finally accepts them into his company and the two become five.

Jain Farstrider
Jain Charin, known as Jain Farstrider, was an adventurer from the Borderlands. His adventures are well known throughout the Westlands because of the book The Travels of Jain Farstrider. He was a legend throughout the Westlands. Jain Charin was credited with bringing Cowin Gemallan, betrayer of Malkier and a Darkfriend, before the Great Lords of the Seven Towers. Gemallen had been instrumental in arranging the downfall of Malkier. Charin disappeared on one of his travels, and his whereabouts are unknown by most. He was discovered hiding in Ebou Dar under the assumed identity of Noal Charin, Jain’s Cousin. He was encountered several times by Matrim Cauthon.

He is a scrawny, white haired man with gaps in his teeth, stooped shoulders, hooked nose, and a sad weathered face that does not match the long gray coat he wears. He is described as “the very picture of hard times.” Both his nose and gnarled fingers looked to have been broken several times.

Mat first encounters Noal while tracking Mili Skane, the Darkfriend woman assassin from the horse races then to the Chelsaine Palace leased by Jaichim Carridin in Ebou Dar. Noal’s identity does not become clear until later; his reasons for being in Ebou Dar and near Darkfriends remains mysterious.

Noal later saves Mat’s life during a fight with a gholam in an Ebou Dar alley. Noal keeps long knives hidden under his vest, and is deceptively agile. Mat then took Noal with him to the Tarasin Palace and had him stay with his men. Noal told Olver many stories about his travels and adventures. Noal’s memories of more recent events in his life appeared to have been lost or tampered with somehow, as he was shown struggling to remember some important task that he needs to perform.

When Mat attempts to leave Ebou Dar with the captive Aes Sedai he is confronted by Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag. Noal manages to sneak up behind her and capture her before she could raise an alarm. He decides to leave with Mat’s party rather than stay behind in Ebou Dar.

Along with the remainder of Mat’s party, he uses Valan Luca’s Traveling Show as cover to escape Ebou Dar. Mat charges him to keep an eye on Amathera Aelfdene Casmir Lounault while she is strolling about. He remembered a verse about Mat from the Prophecies of the Dragon.

Later, Noal volunteered to join Mat and Thom Merrilin in their attempt to rescue Moiraine Damodred from the Eelfinn.

After a skirmish with Darkfriends in Maderin, Mat and the rest of his group decided to leave Luca’s show. While riding through Altara they met up with the Band of the Red Hand and began to travel with them.

He met with Mat, who was planning how to the approach Trustair, the next village along after Hinderstap.

After the Band set up camp in Caemlyn, the gholam attacked Mat. During the fight, the gholam threatened to kill Noal. After the attack, Mat insisted on Noal sleeping in the city in a different tavern each night.

Noal travels with Mat and Thom into the Tower of Ghenjei in order to rescue Moiraine. Although Mat’s bargain prevents the Eelfinn from harming them, he said nothing about the Aelfinn. The Aelfinn cut off the group’s escape. Noal chooses to remain behind in the tower, and hold off the Aelfinn as long as he can, in hopes of giving Mat and Thom enough time to escape with Moiraine. He bought them enough time to escape, but died in the attempt. His last words to Mat were: “If you ever meet a Malkieri, you tell him Jain Farstrider died clean”.

Some suspected that Noal was actually the famous explorer Jain Farstrider, though Noal claimed to be only Jain’s cousin. Some also suspected that he was spying on Mat for Graendal, as when Sammael visited her abode, an old, white-haired man was seen disconsolately sitting, something as yet unexplained. It is also possible that Verin had used her form of Compulsion on him, which would explain the flaws in his memory, as Verin herself mentioned that her form of Compulsion is less effective on men. Additionally during Rand’s confrontation with Ishamael at the Eye of the World the Forsaken gloats that he let Jain go “thinking he was free of me.” Together with the uncertainty about why he was spying on Jaichim Carridin, why he chose to follow Mat and other things seem to suggest that Noal is not as harmless as he seems.

Cowin Gemallan
Cowin Gemallan, was a nobleman of Malkier and a Darkfriend. He is the man who with Breyan Mandragoran, Lain Mandragoran’s wife, plotted the overthrow of the Seven Towers so that they might supplant the lawful lords of the Borderlands. Instead they managed to so weaken Malkier that when Trollocs invaded, the land had not a prayer. Cowin is labeled a Darkfriend.

He was captured by Jain Farstrider and then challenged by the King and killed in a duel after his treachery was revealed. This the King did because Gemallan, also called Fairheart, was considered a hero of the realm.

Gorenellin is a merchant born in ruined Malkier. He lives in Saldaea now. He has refused to wear the Hadori. He overhears Nynaeve al’Meara conversation with Weilin Aldragoran telling him that the Golden Crane has been risen and that Lan Mandragoran rides into the Blight. Gorenellin celebrates and will join him.

Shevar Jamelle
Shevar Jamelle was the first King of Malkier and the founder of that nation. Jamelle was the Imperial Governor for the Province of Malkier during the latter part of the reign of Artur Hawkwing, the High King. Upon his death in FY 994, Jamelle and the other Borderland Province rulers met to discuss what they should do as the rest of the Empire began to disintegrate in the War of the Hundred Years. The five provinces became independent nation-states, allied together against both the threat of the Blight to the north and also from attack by the southern kingdoms. They were able to subsequently ride out the chaos of the wars with minimal violence.

Nacelle Kayama
Nacelle Kayama was an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She was also secretly a member of the Black Ajah. She was tall and slender and had blue eyes. She is Malkieri, in fact she is the only Malkieri Aes Sedai mentioned thus far in the series.

After the split in the White Tower, she joined Rebel Aes Sedai. She has developed a weave for detecting the use of saidin. In Verin Mathwin’s book given to Egwene, Nacelle is listed as a member of the Black Ajah. It can be assumed she was one of the fifty Black sisters to be executed in the rebel camp.

Nazar Kurenin
Nazar Kurenin was born in Malkier but now lives in Kandor. He is jut-nosed. His hair is cut short and wears a forked beard. He is twice Lan Mandragoran’s age and is past his seventieth year. His white hair once again carries the hadori. He walks in front of Lan and Bukama Marenellin while they are in Canluum. More than twenty years later, Nazar, Andere and Rakim all meet up with Lan and Bulen along the Plain of Lances. They travel in front of Lan until he finally accepts them into his company.

Managan is a merchant born in ruined Malkier. He lives in Saldaea now. He is lean and refused to wear the Hadori. He overhears Nynaeve al’Meara conversation with Weilin Aldragoran telling him that the Golden Crane has been risen and that Lan Mandragoran rides into the Blight. Managan celebrates and will join him.

Al’Akir Mandragoran
al’Akir Mandragoran was the last crowned king of the nation of Malkier. Jain Farstrider captures Cowin Gemallan and brings him back to al’Akir. Due to his betrayal and him being a Darkfriend al’Akir challenges and then kills Cowin in single combat. He and his wife, el’Leanna Mandragoran, sent al’Lan Mandragoran (their son) out of dying Malkier when he was born. They both were killed at Herot’s Crossing soon after.

Breyan Mandragoran
Breyan Mandragoran was the wife of Lain Mandragoran, mother of Isam (Slayer) and aunt of Lan Mandragoran from lost Malkier. Being urged by Cowin Gemallan she dares her husband Lain to travel into the Blight. He accepts this and unfortunately perishes while he is there. This weakens Malkier and Trollocs strike and completely destroy Malkier. She flees with her son Isam into the Blight. Ultimately her fate is currently unknown.

El’Leanna Mandragoran
el’Leanna Mandragoran was the wife of al’Akir Mandragoran, and the mother of al’Lan Mandragoran. She and her husband, al’Akir Mandragoran, sent al’Lan Mandragoran out of dying Malkier when he was born. They both were killed at Herot’s Crossing soon after.

Lain Mandragoran
Lain Mandragoran was the brother of al’Akir Mandragoran of lost Malkier. His wife was Breyan Mandragoran and his nephew is Lan Mandragoran. On a dare from his wife Breyan, he leads a number of men into the Blight where they perish. He was a great man and it was a huge loss to Malkier, weakening it for a huge Trolloc invasion, which ultimately destroyed it. He was survived by his son Isam (Slayer).

Lan Mandragoran
Al’Lan Mandragoran, (pronounced: AHL’LAN man-DRA-gor-an) known commonly as Lan, is also known as Lord of the Seven Towers, Lord of the Lakes, True Blade of Malkier, May He Sever the Shadow, Dai Shan, and known to the Aiel as Aan’allein. He is the uncrowned king and only survivor of the royal line of the fallen kingdom of Malkier.

He is a Warder initially bonded to Moiraine Damodred, with the bond passing to Myrelle Berengari upon Moiraine’s apparent death. He was later sent to Nynaeve al’Meara, whom he marries. Nynaeve subsequently acquires Lan’s bond from Myrelle, and he is currently bonded to Nynaeve.

Lan is often described as having a face of stone and chilling blue eyes. He is very tall with shoulder-length hair greying at the temples, held back by a leather headband called a hadori. He wears the color-shifting Warder cloak, and uses a sword as a weapon.

Lan was born in 953 NE, the year Malkier was betrayed to the Shadow. When he was an infant and Malkier was falling, his parents, al’Akir and el’Leanna Mandragoran, placed the sword of the Malkieri kings in his hands. They named him Dai Shan, Diademed Battle Lord of the Malkieri, and swore the ancient oath of Malkieri kings and queens in his name. His mother placed a locket around his neck for remembrance and twenty of Malkier’s best swordsmen carried him to Fal Moran in Shienar. Only five reached the city, with all sustaining wounds. The survivors tutored Lan in Malkieri heritage, the Blight, and combat.

When Lan was fifteen, Edeyn Arrel made herself his carneira, or first lover. After their first night in bed, she cut Lan’s hair to his shoulders and kept a lock of it, called a daori. Unknown to Lan, she intended to use the daori to compel Lan to marry her daughter Iselle Arrel. Edeyn would later raise the Golden Crane for Lan and began raising an army of Borderlanders for him.

At age sixteen Lan was given the hadori, a thin strip of braided leather holding his hair back, and named a man. He began his one man war against the Shadow to avenge his lost kingdom. The Malkieri oath defined his ongoing quest: To stand against the Shadow so long as iron is hard and stone abides. To defend the Malkieri while one drop of blood remains. To avenge what cannot be defended. At some point Elyas Machera teaches Lan much about the Blight and about using the sword.

Lan met Moiraine in Kandor while searching for the Dragon Reborn after the Aiel War. After Moiraine was caught following his party, Lan threw Moiraine into a nearby pond, and she retaliated by using the One Power to soak him in turn. After battling the Black Ajah alongside Moiraine, and losing his friend Bukama Marenellin, he became her Warder in 979 NE.

Twenty years later, Moiraine and Lan are in the Two Rivers seeking the young man who is the Dragon Reborn. They find Rand al’Thor, Matrim Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, all of whom are ta’veren. Shortly after their arrival, Trollocs attack the Two Rivers, and the group is forced to flee.

Nynaeve al’Meara follows the group to take return them to the Two Rivers, and meets Lan for the first time. Nynaeve is smitten almost immediately with Lan, while he is impressed with her skill in tracking. Eventually, as Nynaeve reveals her feelings to Lan, he refuses to pursue their relationship because of his personal war with the Shadow. He gives her his Golden Crane signet ring, which she wears around her neck at all times.

Once in Tear, he is willing to break his bond and oath to Moiraine to protect Nynaeve after her decision to visit Tanchico and investigate the Black Ajah. Nynaeve refuses to allow him to break his oaths to be with her, and orders him to stay with Moiraine.

In Cairhien, Moiraine battled Lanfear at the docks, and pulled the Forsaken through the twisted redstone doorframe. As they were both channeling large amounts of saidar, the doorway was destroyed completely, and both were presumed dead. Lan’s Warder bond transfered to Myrelle Berengari, the woman Moiraine had arranged to pass his bond to1 in the event of her death. He asks Rand to tell Nynaeve to forget him before riding off to Salidar.2.

When Egwene discovers him in Salidar, she sends him to Ebou Dar to protect Nynaeve3, who he rescues from drowning. Shortly afterward, they are married by the Sea Folk Mistress of the Ships. As a result, they adopt the Sea Folk custom that swap their roles in private.

Later, on the way to Caemlyn, Lan discovers the murder scene of both Adeleas Namelle and Ispan Shefar. Once they arrive in Caemlyn, Nynaeve’s captive sul’dam and damane are placed into the Kin’s care. When Reanne Corly tells Nynaeve and Elayne that three damane are ready to be freed of captivity, it is Lan who reminds them that they must ethically free them.

When Rand goes to enlist Nynaeve to help cleanse saidin, Lan is balanced to attack Rand and doesn’t quite trust him anymore.

They then go to Far Madding together to kill the renegade Asha’man; Cadsuane, Verin, Min and some others follow them. Rand receives an anonymous note (from Padan Fain) giving him the location of the final two renegades. Rand and Lan walk knowingly into the trap. Lan battles Toram Riatin, a fellow blademaster, while Rand battles Fain. Lan defeats his opponent and flees across the rooftops, until slipping off. Rand attempted to save him, but ended up falling as well.

They end up unconscious in the Far Madding jail. Cadsuane rescues them and they depart Far Madding for Shadar Logoth. There, Nynaeve and Rand cleanse saidin together using the Choedan Kal. Lan patrols the hill around Nynaeve during the Battle near Shadar Logoth.

He accompanies Rand and Nynaeve to Algarin Pendaloan’s house in Tear, where Rand recovers after cleansing saidin. While there, he practices sword play in the courtyard with other Warders. He repeatedly defeats Jahar Narishma with no difficulty.

Lan informs Nynaeve that it is time for him to leave her and Rand and ride for Tarwin’s Gap. She promises to take him straight to the Borderlands, rather than having to travel by horseback the whole way, as long as he swears to accept any man that wishes to accompany him. Nynaeve deposits him in Saldaea, the farthest point from Tarwin’s Gap that is still in the Borderlands. This is at least two-thirds the distance of Tear to Tarwin’s Gap.

As he rides to Tarwin’s Gap he encounters Bulen, who is waiting for him. Lan attempts to leave Bulen behind, but Bulen convinces Lan to let him journey with him, on the condition they tell no one their destination. They are approached by three riders when they get to the Plain of Lances. Andere, Nazar Kurenin and Rakim all decide to travel with Lan, and he eventually accepts them into his company. Their party grows into an army as they approach Malkier, and Lan raises the cry for his kingdom.

Once at Tarwin’s gap, Lan’s army is around twelve thousand strong. They encounter a Trolloc army of one hundred-fifty thousand. Lan then leads a charge into the Blight, not as the Aan’allein, but as the King of Malkier.

Seven ruined Towers are seen around his head. Refers to the seven broken towers of the Malkieri kingdom.
A baby in a cradle holding a sword. Thought to refer to Lan’s past, The sword is made with the One Power and comes from the Age of Legends.

Bukama Marenellin
Bukama Marenellin (pronounced: boo-KAH-mah) was a high ranking officer of Malkier. Bakuma was a member of al’Akir Mandragoran’s bodyguard and continued to serve Lan Mandragoran. He is remembered as the hero of Salmarna in the Borderlands. Bukama was almost as tall as Lan. He had blue eyes and grey shoulder length hair in later life. He is also said to be broad and to look bluff.

Bukama was a soldier for Malkier. In 953 NE he was one of the soldiers tasked by al’Alkir to take his son Lan to Fal Moran. Bukama has Lan strapped to his back throughout the journey. He is one of 5 of the 20 bodyguards to survive this journey. He then sets about training Lan about how to fight and how to survive in the Blight with the remaining Bodyguards. He is the last survivor of the the bodyguards. He continues to honour Malkieri traditions and customs including giving Lan his hadori. He is also seen to be disparaging to the Malkieri who assimilate themselves into the other Borderland cultures.

When Lan led troops south during the Aiel War, Bukama accompanies him and is used as a scout. After the Aiel retreat Bukama and Lan travel around the southlands so as to take a break from their solitary battle with the Blight. After arriving back in the Borderlands they first reach Canluum, while travelling from there to Chachin they meet Moiraine Damodred on the road and accompany her. The travels prove eventful with brigands and assassins impeding their progress.

After arriving in Chachin, Lan uses Bukarma to spy upon Merean Redhill for Moiraine. While spying on Merean he is killed by Ryne Venamar. After Lan discovers his body he agrees to become Moiraine’s Warder.

Ryne Venamar
Ryne Venamar was born in Malkier about five years before Lan Mandragoran. He was as tall as Lan and was five years older. He had two long bell-laced braids in his hair.

He moved to Arafel when Lan was ten. He dressed and kept his hair in Arafellin style. While he wore no Hadori, he did wear his sword in the traditional Malkieri way and Lan judged him to be a better swordsman than himself. He worked as a merchant’s guard.

Ryne accompanied Lan and Bukama Marenellin when they met Moiraine Damodred on the road from Canluum to Chachin. Ryne was a Darkfriend and served Merean Redhill, who was of the Black Ajah, at Aesdaishar Palace. By her order, he killed Bukama and fought Lan. Ryne Venamar was killed by Lan in the fight. His body was disposed of by Moiraine Damodred.


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