Lugard is the capital city of Murandy. Most residents will say that they are “Lugarders” first and “Murandians” second, if asked, even though the city houses the seat of King Roedran of Murandy.

Lugard is located on the River Reisendrelle where it joins the River Storn in the heart of Murandy. The Jehannah Road runs west to Jehannah. The Silver Road runs south to Illian. The Lugard Road runs northeast through Four Kings and on to Caemlyn; the roadway running southwest through Altara is also known as the Lugard Road. The eastern gate of Lugard is the Shilene Gate.

Lugard is a dirty city, dusty and noisy, its gray outer walls in a state of disrepair and its inner stone walls in worse shape. Many of its broad roads are unpaved, despite the flourishing trade that brings scores of wagons trafficking through—from Illian, Ebou Dar, Ghealdan, and Andor. Houses, shops, and inns all are of gray stone and roofed in blue, red, purple or green tiles but those bright colors are covered with a dull haze of dirt.

Lugard has a well earned reputation not only for commerce but for thievery and licentiousness as well. Outsiders are well advised to heed the Lugarder saying: “Trust no one but your self, and yourself not too much.” Taverns and common rooms in inns are judged by some to be bawdier than most.

The Dancing Bear (an inn or tavern)
The Domani Wench’s Kiss (an inn or tavern)
The Farrier’s Hammer (an inn or tavern)
The Good Night’s Ride Inn
IThe Nine Horse Hitch nn
The Silver Pig (an inn or tavern)
The Wagon Seat Inn


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