Map of bandar ebon

Katar is a city on the north-eastern edge of Paedish Swar, the Darkwood to the east of Almoth Plain. Although many maps show it lying south of the borders of Arad Doman, it is in fact claimed by that nation, although its remoteness from Bandar Eban ensures a level of autonomy. It lies just west of the Mountains of Mist and north-west of Lake Somal. It is ruled by a group of Lords.

Katar is a trading centre for numerous mines and smaller settlements in the Mountains of Mist, which makes it quite rich. Its ruling lords occasionally attempt to gain further autonomy or outright independence from Arad Doman, but these attempts are usually defeated by the government of that kingdom.

Katar was built on the site of Iman, the capital of Safer. This city was destroyed during the Trolloc Wars. It is unknown when Katar arose on the same site, although if it existed during the Free Years it would have been located within the borders of Darmovan.

In 999-1000 NE, during the chaos of war and civil war between Arad Doman and Tarabon, and between both and the Seanchan and the Dragonsworn, Katar went its own way for a time and sold its trading goods to outsiders. General Rodel Ituralde brought the city to heel and forced its rulers to acknowledge the authority of Arad Doman shortly before he began his campaign against the Seanchan on Almoth Plain.


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