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Historical nations after the Breaking
New Era Nations Now Extinct

Twenty-four nations rose during and just after the War of the Hundred Years. However, by 600 NE nine of these nations had already faded away. The overrunning of Malkier in 955 NE marked the latest death of a nation. These ten extinct New Era nations are the following:

This area of this former nation is now known as the Almoth Plain. Unlike many of the extinct nations, Almoth Plain still contained a significant population at the outset of the series. In the north-east corner is the town of Katar. The long peninsula of Toman Head is also settled, containing the port town of Falme.

Since the end of Almoth, the Plain has had a turbulent history; control of Almoth Plain has been hotly contested by the two surrounding states of Tarabon and Arad Doman. Neither, however, has managed to secure a permanent advantage.

Falme also witnessed the first encounter with the Seanchan Forerunners, who were, however, forced to temporarily withdraw as they were faced with opposition led by Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn. This led to large numbers of Dragonsworn forming armed bands and roaming the countryside, further adding to the disorder.

Following the eventual Seanchan conquest of Tarabon, Almoth Plain became a buffer between Arad Doman and the Seanchan Empire.

It can be surmised that a significant proportion of the original population has died or been displaced by the recent turmoil.

Little is known about Caralain, which once lay to the north of Andor. These days, much of Caralain is Caralain Grass, a great expanse of largely uninhabited grassland.


Hardan was a nation located in the north-east of the Westlands, between Shienar in the north and Cairhien in the south. The capital of Hardan was Harad Dakar. The nation faded away during the New Age. After the end of Hardan as a nation, Cairhien tried to assert control over its territory, but retreated when it became clear that the nation could not control so much land.

Kintara (including the Hills of Kintara, south of Andor)

Malkier was once the northernmost of the Borderlands, buffering Shienar and Arafel from the Great Blight. It was one of the first nations formed after the War of the Hundred Years, to provide stability and security along the Blight. The warriors of Malkier, like all Borderlanders, were renowned for their martial prowess.

Malkier was famous for containing the Thousand Lakes and the Seven Towers. It is unknown exactly what these towers were, but they were perhaps the key fortresses of the kingdom. The symbol of Malkier was a golden crane in flight.

Malkier fell to the Shadow in 955 NE. A powerful noble, Cowin Gemallan, deliberately stripped the border fortresses of their garrisons, and great numbers of Trollocs invaded. Gemallan was captured by Jain Farstrider and brought back to the Seven Towers in chains, and the King, al’Akir Mandragoran, killed him in single combat. But the Trolloc presence in Malkier was by this time too strong, and there was not enough time to gain military assistance from Arafel and Shienar. Lan Mandragoran, the King’s son, who was then an infant, was escorted to Fal Moran. Al’Akir and his Queen, el’Leanna, led the Malkieri to the final defeat at Herot’s Crossing. Despite the Trolloc attack eventually being blunted by the combined armies of Shienar, Arafel and Kandor, the Borderlander nations were not strong enough to reconquer Malkier, which was by then firmly under Trolloc occupation, and it eventually was swallowed up by the Blight. The surviving Malkieri fled as refugees, and most found homes in the other Borderland nations.
In the years since the fall of the Seven Towers in 955 NE, much has already been forgotten. Many Malkieri have turned from the old ways, forgetting their mothers and fathers, pretending to be Shienaran, Arafellin, Kandori or Saldean. Men have unbound (no longer wear) their hadori; women no longer paint the ki’sain on their brows.

Mar Haddon
Mar Haddon (now Haddon Mirk)

Maredo once was a nation in the New Age. The capital was Far Madding in the north of the kingdom. The land faded away sometime in the New Age, and the only human populated area in the former nation now is the city-state of Far Madding.


Historical Nations

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