Hinderstap is a village located in northern Murandy, near the south border of Andor, not far from the border with Altara. It specializes in producing goat’s cheese and mutton for the other villages and towns in the surrounding region. The mayor, Barlden, is a good strong leader for the people. While Hinderstap used to be a welcoming town to outsiders, in present days visitors are restricted from entering while the sun is set.

Recently, Hinderstap was subject to a horrible bubble of evil. Unlike most of these bubbles, however, the effects of this one have not faded since first afflicting the town.

Every evening, after the sun sets, every one of the villagers loses all awareness of the present, and goes into a mad rage. Every man, woman, and child unconsciously begins to murderously attack each other, and almost all the residents are killed by each other. However, as soon as the sun rises again on the following morning, the villagers all wake up in their beds, the dead no longer dead, and the only sign of anything having happened during the night are damages to buildings and clothing. Not a drop of blood is seen, and the people have no recollection at all. The events then repeat themselves every night.

This loop is completely inescapable, as the villagers have discovered. Even if they leave the town, or even kill themselves during the day time, they still disappear from where they are once the sun rises and reappear in their own beds again.

If someone from outside the village is present during the night and is killed during the townspeople’s rage, then they too become part of the loop, and will start awaking in any one of the vacant beds in the village, usually in the inns.

Mat Cauthon visits Hinderstap after leaving Altara, accompanied by Thom Merillin, three Aes Sedai, and five Redarms. Despite warnings, they do not manage to leave before sunset, and have to endure the rabidness of the night. Luckily, they manage to escape, although three of the Redarms who were sent ahead earlier are unaccounted for. After the mayor, Barlden explains the situation on the following morning, Mat and his group leave, unable to do anything to help.


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