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Cairhien is a large country at the end of the Third Age in the east-central part of the Westlands. Cairhien’s flag is a golden rising sun on a field of blue and the nation is renowned for exporting Daes Dae’mar, the politically intrigued Game of Houses. Cairhienin speak in a precise, clipped accent, enunicating every word.

Cairhien is a nation that borders the Spine of the World, north of Tear and south of the Borderlands. It stretches from Kinslayer’s Dagger to the Maraside Mountains, and from the Spine to the River Erinin. Its capital city is also named Cairhien. It is famous for the Topless Towers of its eponymous capital city.

Pronounced “KEYE-ree-EHN”, Cairhien’s name comes the name of the capital city, also Cairhien, which comes from Al’cair’rahienallen. This is an Old Tongue word that means “Hill of the Golden Dawn.” After the Trolloc Wars and the War of the Hundred Years, the original name was shortened to simply “Cairhien”. Before then, the city had been the capital of the nation of Almoren, which later became Tova. After the War of the Hundred Years, the province of Cairhien rose up against their Tovan rulers and slaughtered the entire ruling line.

Cairhienin are usually short in stature and of rather pale complexion, usually with dark hair. They are also, outwardly at least, a very reserved people. Their love of order and control is best illustrated by the perfect grid of their capital’s streets, ignoring even hills and, where possible, waterways. The map in Lord of Chaos, is accordingly grossly inaccurate and misleading.
It is said that when Cairhienin reserve breaks, it can do so to a surprising degree. A good example is Cairhien during the Feast of Lights. During this two day celebration, all social barriers fall, and any man may kiss any woman, and any woman may kiss any man; nobles and commoners alike can be seen in the streets in various states of undress. After the two days are over, life procedes as if nothing had occurred.

Cairhienin nobles tend to favor dark colors, particularly black, dark blue, or green. This upper-class wear clothing with narrow, horizontal slashes of color that indicate their House, the number of slashes across the chest and body reflecting the rank of the wearer. Servants also bear stripes of House colors corresponding to those they serve, but only on their sleeves and collar. The number of these stripes, too, are indicative of the rank, though only among liveried servants. Lords and ladies are often seen with dark ivory lace adorning the collar and cuffs of the sleeves. Ladies pile their hair into elaborate styles that tower atop their heads. When dressing for a formal occasion, their skirts are made wide with supporting hoops. Men cover their long hair with hats, either flat or bell-shaped. Military officers’ dress is similar to that of nobles in that also dark with slashes of rank across their coats. Their hair is worn long in the back, but the front of their head is shaved and often dusted with white powder. Recently noblemen who were in positions of command during the Shaido War have adopted this hair style, though it was originally only worn by officers of common birth. High ranking officers wear large white plumes atop bell-shaped helmets, gilded decorative breastplates and ornate gauntlets. Soldiers’ hair is short, cut in a bowl shape. Likewise, their armor is functional rather than ornate. Commoners are much more flamboyant in the colors of their dress, commonly choosing clashing colors. More free of restraint than those involved in the Game of Houses, there is no particular ‘dress code’ and there are a variety of styles worn in the city.

The lands that now form Cairhien were claimed by the nations of Tova and Shandalle before the time of Artur Hawkwing and Almoren during the time of the Ten Nations. After Hawkwing conquered Tova during the Consolidation, he united Tova with his own homeland of Shandalle to form the Imperial Province of Cairhien. Very shortly after Hawkwing’s death, there was a coup in Cairhien and the Imperial governor was deposed by a group of nobles plotting to reestablish Tova. At a ball held to mark the occasion, these nobles were brutally murdered. Several months of fighting followed, after which Lord Matraine Colmcille emerged as the strongest leader. He was crowned the first King of Cairhien. Cairhien reached its current borders at the end of the War of the Hundred Years. Its attempt to extend north after the fall of Hardan and south after the fall of Mar Haddon did not last very long and its borders retreated to their current status again by around two hundred years ago. Cairhien’s fortunes originate in a random encounter; during the Breaking of the World, a tribe of people gave water and shelter to the Aiel who were guarding the treasures entrusted to them by the Aes Sedai. In a time when so much of civilization was reverting to barbarism, and the peaceful Aiel were preyed on more than most, this kindness stuck in their heads. Centuries later, they discovered that the people of that small village had later gone on to form the nation of Cairhien. In 566 NE the Aiel gifted the Cairhienin with Avendoraldera, a cutting from the great chora tree Avendesora, and right of passage through the Aiel Waste, so long as they carried a banner with the trefoil leaf of the tree. Thus was born the Silk Road.

With passage through the Aiel Waste came access to the remote land of Shara, whose silks and other rare goods had previously only been available through trade with the Sea Folk. Despite the Sharan reputation for being fierce and unscrupulous hagglers, Cairhienin fortunes prospered and the nation grew rich and prominent in the following centuries.

Laman Damodred took the Sun Throne of Cairhien in 965 NE, and nearly immediately began an on-again, off-again war with Andor. The political marriage of his nephew Taringail to Andor’s Daughter-Heir failed to bring an end to the bloodshed, as it became apparent that House Damodred sought to rule both nations. King Laman began to face stiff opposition at home to the ongoing war, and cut down Avendoraldera to make a throne for himself that would be unmatched across the known world. This simple action triggered what would become the Aiel War.

When the Aiel clans learned of Laman’s actions, they were outraged. Janduin, the charismatic clan chief for the Taardad, led four clans across the Spine of the World and began to hunt Laman “Treekiller” down. Cairhien was put to the torch and the spear, and Laman fled for his life, perhaps finally realizing what he had done. Fear of the “Aiel savages” looting and pillaging their lands galvanized the nations to unite in the Great Alliance. They fought the Aiel all the way to Tar Valon, where the Battle of the Blood Snow appeared to finally turn the tide. In truth, the Aiel had finally succeeded in executing Laman; with justice having been served in their eyes, they turned immediately to return to their Three-Fold Land. Harrying parties tried to engage the “retreating” Aiel, but did not pursue them across the Spine.

After the war, of course, the Silk Road was closed to the Cairhienin (now called “oathbreakers” or “treekillers” by the Aiel), and the country’s fortunes dried up almost immediately. Fear of an Aiel return kept eastern lands uninhabited, and the fertile grain harvest became a near-famine. Galldrian of House Riatin succeeded Laman on the throne, and set about rebuilding the city, and its topless towers. Loss of revenue kept him from being able to pay the Ogier and human masons what they required, however, and eventually work ground to a halt.

King Galldrian’s rivalry with House Damodred never cooled, however, with the latter constantly scheming to regain their former place of privilege. This set in motion events that led, in the way that only Daes Dae’mar can, to Galldrian’s death and the destruction of the Foregate which surrounds the city proper. It is suspected by some that Thom Merrilin may have killed King Galldrian out of revenge for Dena, Thom’s girlfriend, who was killed by two of Galldrian’s henchmen. The death of another king triggered a civil war which pushed the nation even further into privation, and it remained in that state until the Shaido Aiel crossed the Dragonwall ahead of the Dragon Reborn and the Aiel loyal to him. To the Cairhienin, it must have seemed like the end of all existence; another Aiel War and the destruction of all they knew. In fact, the Shaido were defeated within a few days, and Rand al’Thor took control of the city and country, providing grain from Tear so that the people would not starve. He intended the Sun Throne for Elayne Trakand, by virtue of her right through her father Taringail Damodred. After taking Caemlyn, Rand placed Cairhien under the joint administration of Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, the First of Mayene, and Rhuarc, clan chief of the Taardad Aiel. Berelain’s stewardship is undermined by Colavaere Saighan’s attempt at seizing the throne during Rand’s absence in early 999 NE. When Rand returns, however, he strips her of her land and titles, leading Colavaere to commit suicide. A quarter of the Sun Palace is destroyed during an assassination attempt on Rand, led by Corlan Dashiva, Manel Rochaid, and Charl Gedwyn, causing Rand to go into hiding. In his absence, he names Dobraine Taborwin as Steward of Cairhien. After Elayne solidifies her rule in Andor, she begins making plans to claim the Sun Throne. She courts the support of Bertome Saighan and Lostrum Aesnan, two of the most powerful neutral lords in Cairhien (neither openly supporting Rand nor explicitly plotting against him), as well as Ailil Riatin, Alaine and Doressin Chuliandred, Amondrid and Belevaere Osiellin, Lord and Lady Hamarashle, and Lord Mavabwin. Offering them estates in Andor, she gains the support of both Bertome and Lostrum, who openly endorse her claim and escort her to the Sun Palace, where she claims the Sun Throne and commands the Cairhienin to prepare to march for the Field of Merrilor.

Cairhien-City (capital)

Noble Houses
House Annallin
House Annallin is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known members of the House are Daricain Annallin and Dalthanes Annallin.

House Chuliandred
House Chuliandred is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known members of the House are Doressin Chuliandred and Alaine Chuliandred.

House Daganred
House Daganred is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known member of the House is Meresin Daganred.

House Damodred
House Damodred is a noble house of Cairhien. The sigil for this house is the Tree and Crown.
Notable Members:
Moiraine Damodred – Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.
Other Members:
Laman Damodred – once-king of Cairhien, now deceased.
Barthanes Damodred – cousin of Laman, once-High Seat and Darkfriend, now deceased.
Caraline Damodred – cousin of Moiraine and current High Seat of the house, currently in Tear.
Taringail Damodred – consort to Tigraine Mantear and Morgase Trakand, now deceased.
Galad Damodred – current Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light.
Aldecain Damodred – brother of Laman and uncle of Moiraine, now deceased.
Moressin Damodred – brother of Laman and uncle of Moiraine, now deceased.
Anvaere Damodred – older sister of Moiraine.
Innloine Damodred – older sister of Moiraine.
Dalresin Damodred – father of Moiraine, Anvaere and Innloine.
Carewin Damodred – Moiraine’s great-grandmother and once-queen of Cairhien.

House Delovinde
House Delovinde is a noble house in Cairhien. Lord Talmanes Delovinde is a member of this house. The sigil of House Delovinde is three yellow stars on a blue background.

House Dhulaine
House Dhulaine is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known member of the House is Arilyn Dhulaine.

House Maravin
House Maravin is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known member of the House is Semaradrid Maravin.

House Moseneillin
House Moseneillin is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known member of the House is Daigian Moseneillin an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah.

House Osiellin
House Osiellin is one of the known Noble Houses of Cairhien. The only known members of the House are Belevaere Osiellin and Amondrid Osiellin.

House Riatin
House Riatin is a noble house of Cairhien. The sign of House Riatin is Five Stars. In recent years, Riatin has been one of the two strongest houses in Cairhien, the other being its bitter rival House Damodred. Important recent members of House Riatin include Galldrian Riatin, Toram Riatin, and Ailil Riatin. Galldrian su Riatin Rie was King of Cairhien from the end of the Aiel War until his assassination by Thom Merrilin in 998 NE. His cousin Toram Riatin, who was High Seat of the House during the ensuing civil war, refused to accept the authority of Rand al’Thor following his rescue of Cairhien from the Shaido Aiel. After going into open rebellion and coming under the influence of Padan Fain, Toram disappeared under mysterious circumstances; he is since deceased. In his absence, his sister Ailil Riatin pronounced herself High Seat of House Riatin with the support of Sashalle Anderley, the highest-ranking Aes Sedai sworn to the Dragon Reborn in the city. She has supported Elayne Trakand’s ascension to the Sun Throne.

House Saighan
House Saighan is a noble house in Cairhien. The colors of House Saighan are red, yellow and silver. The sign of House Saighan is a silver diamond on a red and yellow checked field. The High Seat of House Saighan was Colavaere Saighan. Bertome Saighan is a member of this house.

House Taborwin
House Taborwin is a high-ranking noble house of Cairhien. Famous members include:
Lady Breane Taborwin
Lord Dobraine Taborwin

The People
Lacile Aldorwin
Lacile Aldorwin is a member of Cha Faile. She is slim, pale and short. She follows Faile Bashere to Ghealdan. She tells Faile about Masema Dagar meeting with the Seanchan before she is captured by the Shaido and made Gai’shain. With the aid of Bain and Chiad, she manages to escape the Shaido camp. She is soon recaptured by the Shaido again and is severely punished for it. She now beds Jhoradin in the hope of finding escape. Faile and her group head to the town of Malden, to meet with Galina Casban in the hope she will help them escape. The group is betrayed by Galina and left for dead in a burnt out old house. They are rescued by Rolan and a number of those who have sworn oath’s of fealty to Faile. They are all finally rescued from the Shaido when Perrin meets up with the group, after he began his joint attack with the Seanchan against the Shaido. When Perrin kills Rolan, Lacile stabs Jhoradin in the back killing him as well. After the Battle of Malden she meets with Alliandre Maritha Kigarin, Faile and Arrela. The four woman hold a funeral ceremony for the Aiel men that protected them while they were in the Shaido camp and then ultimately murdered.

Alvistere is a novice in the White Tower. She is short and slim with long dark hair. She has pale skin. She trips Egwene al’Vere up in the dining hall. Egwene rounds on her and embarrases her. She tries to emulate Egwene’s behaviour in classes, and after a string of beatings from Silviana Brehon cuts it out.

Doesine Alwain
Doesine Alwain is an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah and is a Sitter in the Hall. She has remained loyal to the White Tower during the split. Her Warder is Adsalan. Doesine is elegant and tall for a Cairhienin. She is pale, slender, and somewhat boyish. Doesine was a cutler’s daughter, and she ran away three times as a novice.

Doesine, along with Yukiri, Saerin Asnobar and Talene Minly followed Pevara Tazanovni and Seaine Herimon into rooms below the White Tower, where Pevara and Seaine questioned them using the Oath Rod, which forces the holder into speaking the truth. Doesine reswore her Oaths, proving she was not Black Ajah but Talene refused to reswear them and was discovered to be Black Ajah after she was questioned on the Chair of Remorse. They questioned several other Aes Sedai and inadvertently found out about the Salidar spies. She is present when Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan grants the Sitters requests to begin negotiations with the Rebel Aes Sedai. She has to Heal Egwene al’Vere after her constant visits with Silviana Brehon. She is in the White Tower basement, when Meidani brings in Egwene al’Vere. Egwene tells them to continue finding the Black Ajah but tells them to remove the fourth oath they have placed on the Rebel Spies. Egwene also points out that Siuan Sanche was deposed unlawfully due to a Black Ajah member being part of the bare minimum of Sitters required.

She is at dinner with Elaida and most of the other Sitters when Elaida begins to taunt Egwene and demands her to stop telling lies about a Seanchan invasion on the White Tower. Egwene refuses and enrages Elaida to the point where she uses the One Power on Egwene, drawing blood and sending her unconscious. She stands with the rest of the Hall of the Tower to raise Egwene unanimously as the new Amyrlin Seat.

Andil is a cook in the Sun Palace of Cairhien. Mistress Beldair bellows orders around the kitchen when Sashalle Anderly and Samitsu Tamagowa visit the kitchens in the Sun Palace. Andil is one of the cooks she gives orders to.

Daricain Annallin
Daricain Annallin is from the Cairhienin House Annallin. He is a lieutenant. His con has red and black squares all over it. He is sent from Cairhien when it is attacked by the Shaido and finds Rand al’Thor and the rest of the Aiel.

Arinvar is Warder to Sheriam Bayanar. He is a short, slender Cairhienin, graying slightly at the temples. He rides a dark bay stallion. While the Rebel Aes Sedai are hiding in Salidar, he gives the news to the Salidar Six that Gareth Bryne has arrived. He is part of the Warders that accompany Egwene al’Vere and Sheriam when they survey the area around Tar Valon. He is guarding Myrelle Berengari’s tent when Siuan Sanche arrives with the news that Egwene is still alive inside the White Tower. His fate and affiliation is unknown. He is assumed to be brought back to the Tower.

Sheriam was beaten at least once by a mystery assailant. Arinvar should have sensed something was up via the Warder bond. His opinions or even knowledge of this event is unknown. It is also unknown what happens to him after Sheriam’s execution.

Barmellin is a farmer who lives near Tremonsien. During a delivery of brandy to Maglin Madwen at The Nine Rings in Tremonsien, he was frightened by the glow of the Choedan Kal during the cleansing of saidin. Because of this, he turns his horse Nisa around and rides very fast back to his farm.

Bassane is Warder to Merise Haindehl. He is short and wide with quite a dark complexion. He Travels with Merise to Far Madding and then to Shadar Logoth where he scouts the surrounding area during the Battle near Shadar Logoth and the cleansing of saidin. He accompanies Rand al’Thor and Merise to Algarin Pendaloan’s house in Tear, where Rand recovers after cleansing saidin. He watches Lan and Jahar Narishma practice with their swords in the courtyard with the other Warders. Bassane also accompanies Merise and Nethan, Merise’s other Warder, when they visit Salidar and the Rebel Aes Sedai. Later, he is part of the entourage that Rand takes to meet the Daughter of the Nine moons, who turns out to be Semirhage. Bassane also joins Merise and Nethan when Merise seeks an audience with Rand

Mistress Beldair is the head cook in the Sun Palace in Cairhien. Mistress Beldair is a stout woman with gray hair. She is tall for a Cairhienin. She is in the kitchens when Loial and Karldin Manfor arrive in the Sun Palace. She supervises Andil, Eldrid Methin and Kasi.

Berowin is a member of the Kin in Ebou Dar. She is short and stout with a tanned face. She wears the red belt of an Ebou Dari Wise Woman. She was originally from Cairhien. She is relatively weak in the One Power. Weaker than nearly all Aes Sedai. She is contemptuous of Wilders. She seems to have a Talent for Shielding. The Shield does not break, but rather bends and stretches. Berowin is one of those among the Kin who believe they may return back to the White Tower one day. She meets Elayne and Nynaeve al’Meara when Setalle Anan deposits them there after mistaking them for runaway novices. Berowin almost gives the Kin away when she greets Garenia Rosoinde, who had been away from Ebou Dar for a long time. Nynaeve begs Berowin and Garenia to give them information on the Bowl of the Winds – Berowin hesitates, but Garenia blurts out that she would have sent them out to the farm for punishment. For this, Berowin castigates Garenia and forces her to apologise. This confuses Nynaeve because Garenia is very strong in the power, whereas Berowin is very weak. Berowin notices that Elayne and Nynaeve know the trick of not letting the heat touch them. She believes that Nynaeve, at least, may actually be Aes Sedai. She is present on the Kin’s farm when Elayne and Nynaeve arrive with the rest of their group and the Bowl of the Winds. She brought word to Alise Tenjile of trouble in the city.

Aldrin Caldevwin
Aldrin Caldevwin is a Captain in the Cairhienin army. His banner bears a single white star. He has shaven and dusted the front of his hair in the fashion of a Cairhienin soldier. His hair is long and dark at the back. He is in charge of clearing free the male Choedan Kal. He meets Rand al’Thor in The Nine Rings. He assigns Elricain Tavolin to be Rand’s bodyguard while Rand is in Cairhien. He is surprised when Rand tells him Selene leaves The Nine Rings during the night even though he had soldiers watching it.

Merilille Ceandevin
Merilille Ceandevin is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She is a short and slender Cairhienin with glossy black hair and large liquid dark eyes. She is pale skinned. She allies herself with the Salidar Aes Sedai and is sent as their ambassador to the Ebou Dari court. While inside the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar, she vigorously opposes the White Tower legation when they suggest that Matrim Cauthon should be returned to the White Tower. She later dresses down Elayne Trakand for almost revealing to the Kin that the White Tower knows of their existence. Elayne in turn sets Merilille in her place and takes charge of the embassy using her higher standing in the One Power as reason. She Travels from Ebou Dar to the Kin’s farm with the the rest of the group lead by Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne when they move there with the Bowl of the Winds.

The Windfinders have claimed Merilille as their teacher in payment for their assistance with the Bowl of the Winds. She is kept constantly busy with teaching them and is sometimes used as a test subject for their lessons. She is regarded as lower than even an apprentice. She has become increasingly withdrawn and subservient. She is sent to meet with the Borderlander rulers that have camped down in Braem Wood. She reports back to Elayne about the state of the camp and is sent back again when Elayne herself meets with the rulers. She has recently fled the Royal Palace in Caemlyn with one of the Sea Folk apprentices, Talaan din Gelyn.

Alaine Chiliandred
Alaine Chuliandred is a Cairhienin lady. She is a short lady and wears her hair in a tall array of curls. She makes certain advances on Rand al’Thor at Barthanes Damodred’s party even though she is still married. She is seen walking through the corridors talking amicably with Fionnda Annariz.

Matraine Colmcille
Matraine Colmcille was the first King of Cairhien and is sometimes called the founder of that nation. Shortly after the death of the High King, Artur Hawkwing, in FY 994, an alliance of nobles descended from the pre-imperial nation of Tova attempted to restore that kingdom. During a ball held in the city of Cairhien to celebrate this occasion, there was a massacre and most of those present were killed. Months of fighting on the streets and in the back alleys followed, with battles and assassinations raging until every last descendant of the Tovan rulers were slain and one nobleman, Colmcille, had established a clear advantage over the others. Colmcille was thus crowned the first king of the new nation of Cairhien. Colmcille led the nation through the early part of the War of the Hundred Years and some of the later traditions of the kingdom were established under his rule.

Doressin Chuliandred
Doressin Chuliandred is a noble from Cairhien. He supported Colavaere Saighan assuming the Sun Throne. He has the front of his powdered and shaved and is bony. He rides with Rand al’Thor when Rand’s forces attack the invading Seanchan just outside Illian. He follows Weiramon Saniago into the final assault on the Seanchan.

Corevin was a Redarm in Matrim Cauthon’s Band of the Red Hand. He was from Cairhien. He had a very muscular build with a big nose. He had two tattoos on each arm. He had a leopard and a boar on one arm and a lion and a woman on the other. The woman isn’t wearing much except her own hair. He journeys to Ebou Dar with Mat, Elayne Trakand, Birgitte Silverbow, Aviendha, Nynaeve al’Meara, and others. Mat sends him to watch the activites of Jaichim Carridin. Chel Vanin bandages him at the Wandering Woman after he gets into a duel with a fish-seller in Ebou Dar. Harnan berates him for accepting the challenge. He sympathises with Olver after he gets his bottom spanked by a girl after he had pinched hers. While at the building that contained the ter’angreal Bowl of the Winds, he is killed in the fighting between Mat’s group and the Darkfriends they encounter inside.

Meresin Daganred
Lieutenant Meresin Daganred is from the Cairhienin House Daganred. His con is all wavy vertical lines of red and white. He is a pale, slender man with a narrow face and long nose and has the shaved head of a Cairhienin solider. He is sent from Cairhein when it is attacked by the Shaido and finds Rand al’Thor and the rest of the Aiel. Matrim Cauthon mentions him being one of his captains in the Band of the Red Hand.

Aldecain Damodred
Aldecain Damodred was a noble from Cairhien. He was brother of King Laman Damodred and uncle to Moiraine Damodred. He was a very ambitious, angry and cruel man. He was contemptious of Moiraine’s father for being a scholar. He died with Laman during the Aiel War.

Anvaere Damodred
Anvaere Damodred is Moiraine Damodred’s older sister. She cares for horses, hawking, and little else. She also has a temper. No one wants her on the Sun Throne.

Barthanes Damodred
Barthanes Damodred was High Seat of House Damodred and was cousin to Laman Damodred. He was slim and handsome and tall for a Cairhienin. Barthanes invites Rand to one of his parties and tries to find out where Rand’s loyalties lie and if he supports King Galldrian Riatin and his project of digging up the male Choedan Kal. He had a waygate within his estate. He was a Darkfriend and passes a message from Padan Fain to Rand about meeting each other on Toman Head. He was found torn to pieces in his bedroom after the party at his house.

Caraline Damodred
Caraline Damodred is the High Seat of House Damodred. Caraline strongly resembles her cousin Moiraine Damodred, but has a sultry voice. She is short and slim with a pale complexion and long black hair to her shoulders. She has worn two different kesiera, one with a clear green stone and one with a ruby. She has large dark eyes. Caraline Damodred was one of the nobles that gathered in rebellion in Cairhien to oppose the Dragon Reborn. She meets Rand al’Thor when he comes in secret to the Spine of the World. She tries to protect him when he meets both Darlin Sisnera and Toram Riatin and introduces Rand to both as her cousin. She seems to have changed her mind on Rand and becomes very concerned when Rand is stabbed by Padan Fain with the Shadar Logoth dagger as they are a fleeing to safety when a Bubble of evil erupts. She seems interested in Darlin but is playing hard to get. Cadsuane Melaidhrin takes Caraline under her protection and keeps her in Lady Arilyn’s palace in Cairhien. She is finally let go, and accompanies Darlin back to Tear. She is present when Rand arrives in the Stone of Tear to meet with Darlin. Bera Harkin arrives to inform that the High Lords of Tear who were laying siege to the Stone will withdraw with the condition that Darlin becomes King. Darlin asks Caraline to marry her, which she doesn’t reply to. She greets Rand with King Darlin when Rand withdraws his forces from Arad Doman back into Tear.

Carewin Damodred
Carewin Damodred was a former ruler of Cairhien. She was Moiraine Damodred’s great-grandmother. She ruled for more than fifty years. Her reign was regarded a success by the White Tower because Cairhien prospered under her rule and had few wars. She has a reputation as having been a fearsome ruler, her name still being used to scare children in Cairhien. Moiriane says that nobody ruled Cairhien for long without being capable of stooping to assassinations, kidnapping and worse.

Dalresin Damodred
Dalresin Damodred was a scholar and father of Anvaere, Innloine and Moiraine Damodred. It’s implied, though not confirmed, that he was the father of Taringail Damodred, since Taringail is referred to as Moiraine’s half-brother. Dalresin was held in contempt by his ambitious relatives. He died when Moiraine was training in the White Tower. During Moiraine’s test to become Aes Sedai, Elaida challenges and taunts her with an image of Dalresin begging for help.

Galadedrid Damodred
Lord Galadedrid of House Damodred is the only son of Tigraine Mantear and Taringail Damodred and the half-brother of Rand al’Thor through his mother, and Elayne and Gawyn Trakand through his father. His sign is a winged silver sword, point-down. He is the current Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light. He is described as extremely handsome. He is tall and slender with dark eyes and hair. Galad’s mother Tigraine is the Daughter-Heir of Andor until she mysteriously disappears, leading to the Third Succession War after the death of his grandmother Queen Mordrellen Mantear. Morgase Trakand wins the succession war, becoming the new queen of Andor, and marries Tigraine’s abandoned husband Taringail, a nephew of the king of Cairhien, with whom she has a son Gawyn and a daughter Elayne. Taringail later dies in a hunting accident. Galad is raised by his stepmother Morgase and considers her as his mother. As a young boy, he is trained by Gareth Bryne and Henre Haslin with the sword. In this time period, he saves Gawyn’s life a number of times, who is six years his junior. Although Elayne seems to find Galad overly just, Gawyn seems to look up to him.

meets Rand al’Thor in the Royal Gardens of Caemlyn talking to Elayne and Gawyn. He reports Rand’s intrusion to the guards. Galad then goes with Gawyn and Elayne to Tar Valon where he trains to become a Warder. He is an extremely good swordsman, besting Hammar more often than not, and “always does the right thing, with no regard for who it hurts.” He meets Egwene al’Vere for the first time in the White Tower and develops an attraction to her. He is concerned when the girls go missing and tries to question the girls on where they disappeared to. He and Gawyn both fight Matrim Cauthon who is armed with a quarterstaff and beats the both of them. Morgase comes to the White Tower and when she finds that her daughter is missing, she becomes furious. Galad and Gawyn manage to talk their way out of being taken out of the White Tower by her.

While training to become a Warder, he begins to have a few drinks with the Whitecloaks and Eamon Valda gives him a book on the foundation of the Children of the Light. He later joins the Whitecloaks due to the split in the Tower and was quickly promoted due to his skill with a sword and zeal for righteousness. The Whitecloaks believe in the destruction of Darkfriends and they believe that all Aes Sedai are Darkfriends. He meets up with Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne in Samara and tries to convince them to go straight back to Caemlyn. He secures a riverboat for them, which was also wanted by The Prophet. This causes friction and then all out riots between the Whitecloaks and Children of the Prophet. Galad feels no remorse at this as he swore an oath to Nynaeve that he would secure a boat, and he does not care about the outcome of his actions. He cuts down a number of the Prophet’s men as he escorts the girls to the boat where they part company there.

Upon hearing that Eamon Valda, the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, sexually assaulted and supposedly killed his stepmother, Morgase, he rode with Trom, Dain Bornhald, and Jaret Byar to the Whitecloaks’ new headquarters to kill him. Galad challenged Valda to “Trial Beneath the Light”, a duel to the death between two of the Children. After a fierce battle, Galad kills Valda and is acclaimed the new Lord Captain Commander. He believes that the Children need to be at Tarmon Gai’don even if that means fighting beside Aes Sedai to do that. He flees with his force from Seanchan controlled lands, only to be betrayed by his scouts, who were secretly working for Rhadam Asunawa. His force runs into a much larger force of Seanchan led Children of the Light. Asunawa is also there and demands Galad surrender himself to questioning, naming him Darkfriend in the process. Rather than have Whitecloak fight Whitecloak, Galad surrenders and has his force merge with the other force. After being brutally beaten by the Hand of the Light he is rescued by Trom, Byar and Bornhald. They come in with the other Lord Captains previously standing against him. They drop a sack containing Asunawa’s head and pledge loyalty to him. While leading his army, he talks to his Lord Captains about his plans of sending a letter to the White Tower to ask if the Children of the Light can become allies with the Aes Sedai. His men then capture a group a travelers who are the forward group of Perrin Aybara’s army. Convinced by Dain Bornhald and Byar that Aybara is a shadowspawn, he demands to do battle with his so-called foe. However, after negotiation, at which he discovers his mother, Morgase, hiding in Aybara’s camp, Galad agrees to give Perrin a fair trial. Morgase, who is chosen to be the impartial judge, declares Perrin not guilty of murder, but guilty of killing illegally, leaving the sentence up to Galad. Galad, though, chooses not to tell Perrin his punishment yet, agreeing to allow Perrin to first fight at the Last Battle before facing it. A short time later, Perrin’s forces return to the Whitecloak encampment. Galad, thinking himself to be deceived, prepares to do battle with Aybara before realizing that Aybara’s troops are battling an army of Trollocs, trying to save him. After combining forces to defeat the shadowspawn, Galad sees the truth about Perrin and declares that his sentence is to fight with all his might at Tarmon Gai’don. He then joins Perrin’s forces.

Innloine Damodred
Innloine Damodred is a member of House Damodred and an older sister to Moiraine. When the time came to choose a new Cairhienin monarch, Innloine was unsuitable. She is a warm and loving mother but she is not very bright and stubborn as well.

Laman Damodred
Laman Damodred (pronounced: LAH-man DAH-moh-drehd) became king of Cairhien in 965 NE. He was uncle to Moiraine. King Laman chose to cut down the 500-year-old chora tree given to Cairhien by the Aiel to make a throne for himself. This act, often referred to as Laman’s Sin, brought great numbers of Aiel over the Spine of the World and precipitated the Aiel War which ended with Laman’s death on Danu 1, 978 NE. Presumably the Aiel are responsible for his demise, but no confirmation of that is ever given. Even today, Aiel are distrusting of the Cairhienin, referring to them as “treekillers” and “Oathbreakers”. The feeling is quite mutual, considering the slaughter caused by the Aiel as they cut their way to King Laman. The Aiel kept Laman’s sword as a trophy. It was a very rich sword, with an ivory hilt, and a gold pommel encrusted with gemstones – a power wrought blade refitted for ostentation, not for combat. The sword itself would pass through several owners until decades later, when Aviendha acquired it and offered it to Rand al’Thor thinking to free herself of the toh she incurred when Rand innocently gave her a bracelet as a gift. Rand accepted the heron marked blade itself, but chose to let Aviendha keep the impractical and gaudy scabbard and hilt including all the gems.

Moiraine Damodred
Moiraine Damodred (pronounced: mwah-RAIN DAHM-oh-drehd) was born in the year 956 NE in Cairhien, the youngest daughter of Dalresin Damodred, a scholar, and his second wife whose name is unknown. She also goes by the name “Alys”. When she arrives in Emond’s Field she is described as having dark hair, hanging in ringlets. She looks the same age as Nynaeve, but with large, dark eyes that belong to a much older woman. This is the first mention of the ageless look. She is relatively short and has a melodious voice. She wears a sky-blue velvet cloak with vines and flowers along the edges in thick silver embroidery, a golden woven belt and a dark blue dress slashed with cream. She wears her Great Serpent ring on the second finger of her left hand, though she has been known to change the finger. Moiraine also wears the traditional Cairhienien kesiera, hers being a small sparkling blue stone held by a fine golden chain.
Despite being unable to lie due to the Three Oaths, Moiraine will sometimes introduce herself as Mistress Alys. This is possible due to the usual Aes Sedai phrasing that makes liberal use of possibilities such as “You may call me Mistress Alys.”

Moiraine is notable as a channeler in several ways aside from being born with the ability. Firstly, she is what once was considered very strong in the One Power for an Aes Sedai. Among those in the White Tower before the White Tower Schism, only three other active Aes Sedai equaled her in strength. Those women were Siuan Sanche, who was Amyrlin Seat, Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan, a Sitter and future Amyrlin, and Lelaine Akashi, a prominent Sitter. Only one other in retirement, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, surpassed her in strength. Romanda Cassin, who was also retired, equaled her in strength. It is thought that a few other sisters, both active and retired, equaled or came close to her in strength as well, but their names are not revealed. Egwene al’Vere, Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne Trakand all surpass Moiraine in strength. Among Moiraine’s known Talents are Healing and Cloud Dancing. She is strong enough to Travel, but disappeared before she could ever learn how. She also has the ability to use Balefire, apparently cobbled together from information in old books. Before coming to the White Tower, she developed a trick using the One Power to eavesdrop using her kesiera as a focus point, something which she still uses. Her high strength also causes Verin to cite her as one of the few living women with the strength to use the Choedan Kal. Despite being able to create an earthquake and a wall of fire strong enough to destroy hundreds of Trollocs and halt three Myrddraal, Moiraine states that she is not at her strongest when working with Earth and Fire. It should be noted that, at the time, she was making ample use of one of the White Tower’s angreal.

Her father’s brother, her uncle, was King Laman Damodred of Cairhien and High Seat of House Damodred, making her minor royalty and in line for the throne of Cairhien until the reign of Galldrian Riatin. She was also the youngest half-sister of Taringail Damodred, and spent much of her childhood in the Sun Palace. She is Galad, Gawyn and Elayne’s aunt. She shares no blood connection with Rand al’Thor.

At sixteen, she discovered that she possessed the spark to channel the One Power and left for the White Tower to become an Aes Sedai.3 In truth, very little is known about her life before her arrival at the White Tower, although it is known that Moiraine was glad to divorce herself as much as she could from the blackened name of House Damodred, although, before she left for the White Tower, a Grand Ball was thrown in her honour. As a Novice she became close friends — pillow friends, in fact — with a young woman named Siuan Sanche. Both were quick learners, passing all rituals on their first attempt, although Moiraine had the benefit of a classical education in the Old Tongue and knew much of the politics and history of the world before she arrived at the Tower, whereas Siuan did not. Nevertheless, credit must be given to Moiraine in her skill in the One Power. She and Siuan become Accepted after three years and Aes Sedai after a further three years. In the history of the White Tower, only one other woman had become Aes Sedai in such a short time: Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan. This may have been one of the many sources of animosity that would emerge between the two women over the years to come. It may also be speculated that standards were being lowered due to the increasing scarcity and quality of young women with the ability being. found by the White Tower.

Both Moiraine and Siuan were Accepted in 978 NE, during the Battle of the Blood Snow. On this day, the Aiel War came right up to the banks of the River Erinin outside Tar Valon itself, where her uncle Laman had retreated with the remainder of his Cairhien forces. During the battle, the two attended the Amyrlin Seat, Tamra Ospenya, and her Keeper of the Chronicles, Gitara Moroso. That day Moroso foretold that at that very moment the Dragon had been reborn on the slopes of Dragonmount not far away, and immediately fell down dead. Moiraine and Siuan made a pact soon after: they would find the Dragon and guide him, knowing that he was the only one who could save the world from the Dark One, but that others would fear him and try to hinder him—if not kill him outright. The Dragon Reborn, though necessary, was not the most celebrated of saviors; he was prophesied to save the world, and yet break it. At an unspecified time prior to the events of 998 NE she visits the Green Man at the Eye.

years of searching later, Moiraine was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah; traveling in the Borderlands, she had picked up a Warder, al’Lan Mandragoran, last king of Malkier.5 The two of them journeyed to the town of Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers region of Andor, as Moiraine had narrowed her search to three boys in the area. Her suspicions were confirmed when, on Winternight, Trollocs invaded the Two Rivers region. After the attack, she and Lan persuaded the three boys — Rand al’Thor, Matrim Cauthon and Perrin Aybara — plus Thomdril Merrilin, Egwene al’Vere and later Nynaeve al’Meara, to leave Emond’s Field and head for the safety of the White Tower. But the Shadow had picked up their scent, and their plans were derailed. Their journey ultimately took them to Shienar and the Eye of the World, where Rand channeled consciously for the first time. Soon after, Moiraine knew she’d found the Dragon Reborn.

She sent word immediately to Siuan, who by this time was Amyrlin Seat, and the two of them, with the unexpected help of Verin Mathwin, confronted Rand with his destiny. Moiraine left Rand, with a small group to recover the Horn of Valere only to find him again after the Battle of Falme. After that Moiraine left Rand’s side as little as possible. The only time she left his side again was during the events leading up to the fall of the Stone of Tear, when Rand snuck away to see if he could draw the sword Callandor and fulfill an important prophecy concerning the Dragon Reborn, or see if he was only a False Dragon. Despite his success, Rand resented what he saw as interference and manipulation on Moiraine’s part; though she seemed to be trying to help him, Aes Sedai are used to getting what they want, and keeping their plans to themselves. Finally, after Rand’s journey to Rhuidean in the Aiel Waste, the two managed to form a sort of compromise, with Rand agreeing to listen if Moiraine agreed to merely advise.

Unfortunately, their cooperation was short-lived. Just before setting out for the city of Caemlyn to confront the Forsaken Rahvin, Moiraine took Rand, Mat, Egwene, Aviendha, and Lan to the docks of Cairhien. While at Rhuidean, Moiraine had entered a ter’angreal that showed her hundreds of possible futures; furthermore, she knew that if she wasn’t present at the docks that day, Lanfear, a Forsaken who was obsessed with him, might take control over Rand. When Rand refused to kill Lanfear, even in his own defense, Moiraine took matters into her own hands. The twisted redstone doorframe from Rhuidean was present nearby, and Moiraine shoved Lanfear through it by tackling her, and thus joined her inside, ending the assault but presumably also both their lives: neither she nor Lanfear re-emerged from the doorway, which immediately caught on fire and began to melt. Lan also reported that he could not feel her through the Warder bond any longer; everyone believed her dead. Because she had altered her bond so that Lan would belong to another Aes Sedai instead of trying to avenge her (prior to her visions beyond the doorway, and possibly because of Nynaeve), Lan left immediately, if not happily, to seek out Myrelle Berengari. Moiraine Damodred had been woven out of the Pattern.

Later events, however, have drawn Moiraine’s supposed fate into question. Lanfear, dead as well, has reappeared in the form of Cyndane, whose name means “Last Chance” in the Old Tongue. The Great Lord of the Dark resurrected her after the Aelfinn killed her while sucking off her strengh in One Power. Also, one of Egwene al’Vere’s Dreamed visions linked Thom Merrilin to Moiraine — she saw him drawing Moiraine’s kesiera from a fire. A certain amount of romantic tension between Thom and Moiraine has gone unresolved as of yet. Finally, a viewing of Min Farshaw’s, alarmingly suggests that without Moiraine’s help, Rand is doomed to failure. When, how, and even if, she will reappear, remains to be seen. She also mentions to Elayne Trakand, Egwene and Nynaeve that she knows the exact face of who she WILL marry, though confirmed that she shared an ‘ignorance’ with them as opposed to actual information. So far she hasn’t been married and the connection between her and Thom still hasn’t been played out. She also promises to meet Thom again and provide him with information on who Gentled his nephew, and she is fairly certain they will meet again.

While crossing Altara, Thom finally showed Mat the letter he had received from Moiraine saying she was not in fact dead, but she could only be brought back in a specific way. Thom, Mat, and one other would need to go to the Tower of Ghenjei, to access the realm of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Even then, their mission might not be successful. Moiraine wrote that to be successful, they will need to remember what they know of the game Snakes and Foxes. What is known about the game, aside from the manner of game play, is that it begins with player saying, “Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to dazzle, iron to bind” while drawing a triangle with a wavy line through it in the air and that it is necessary to cheat to win. According to Birgitte, drawing the symbol on the Tower of Ghenjei will open a doorway to the dimension of the Eelfinn and/or Aelfinn. From Mat’s trips through the ter’angreals, we know that the Aelfinn and Eelfin ask whether visitors have brought fire, iron, or musical instruments because they are prohibited by the “agreement.”

Mat, Thom, and Noal Charin traveled to the Tower of Ghenjei in order to rescue Moiraine. Using the method learned from Birgitte, they created a opening into the tower and entered. They enter the land of of the Eelfinn and the Aelfinn armed with torches and Aludra’s strikers (fire), spear and shortswords (iron), and flutes and a harp (implements of music). They find themselves in a labyrinthine tower with strange halls and doors, but using Mat’s luck they randomly find their way to the Chamber of Bonds were they find a barely conscious Moiraine. Moiraine is trapped and suspended in mist. Thom frees Moiraine, and Mat is forced to bargain with the Eelfinn to leave with Moiraine and receive unbarred passage out of the world. Realizing the meaning of the Aelfinn’s predictions, he gives up half the light of the world in order to save the world, which means giving up his left eye in order to save Moiraine. Following the bargain they make their way through the tower, however the safe passage out turns becomes a wild chase as the Aelfinn were not part of the bargain. Noal, revealing himself as Jain Farstrider, sacrifices himself in order to buy time for the others to get away. Mat and Thom decide to attempt escaping using the Aelfinn’s red archway to escape, but when they reach its location, they discover that it had been destroyed. As the Aelfinn close in on them, Mat remembers that the request he was granted by the Eelfinn of a way out had given him his ashandarei. Realizing that the spear is a way out, he uses it to draw the same symbol that they had used to enter on the wall, allowing for an escape through a new exit out of the tower.

Once finally free from the Finn, Moiraine reveal that the Eelfinn and Aelfinn have decreased her ability to channel because they have been using her to feed off of the One Power, or the ability to channel. She does however possess a bracelet angreal that allows her to be even stronger than she was before. When she went through the ter’angreal, the ancient treaty held for both her and Lanfear, and she was granted three demands. One of her demands was getting that angreal, but what her other two demands were she has not revealed to anyone yet. Thom, Mat and Moiraine settle down to rest a short walk from the tower. After some discussion of events that have occurred during her captivity she asks Thom to marry her, which explains why she said she knew the face of the one she would marry. He accepts and decides upon becoming Moiraine’s Warder as well.

Moressin Damodred
Moressin Damodred is a noble from Cairhien. Brother of King Laman Damodred and uncle to Moiraine Damodred. He was a very ambitious, angry and cruel man. He was contemptious of Moiraine’s father for being a scholar. He died with Laman during the Aiel War.

Taringail Damodred
Taringail Damodred was the nephew of Laman Damodred and half-brother of Moiraine Damodred. It is implied, though not confirmed, that he is the son of Dalresin Damodred. His sign was a golden double-bitted battleaxe. He married Tigraine Mantear, then the daughter-heir of Andor, and sired a son, Galad. When Laman died during the Aiel War, Taringail was denied the throne because he was married to the Queen of Andor. After Tigraine’s disappearance and Tigraine’s mother Queen Mordrellen’s death, he married Morgase Trakand and fathered Gawyn and Elayne. In 984 NE Taringail died in a “hunting accident” supposedly orcestrated byThomdril Merrilin after Thom discovered Taringail intended to murder Morgase and see himself as the first king of Andor.

Selande Darengil
Selande Darengil is a Lady from a minor Cairhienin House and is loyal to Colavaere Saighan. She becomes the leader of Cha Faile. She is very short and pale with very long dark hair. She is told by Colavaere Saighan to try and flirt and even bed Rand al’Thor in order to tie strings to him for her to control. Rand has an idea about the scheme and scares her off with talk about the taint of Saidin and that he can channel. She idolises the Aiel Maidens of the Spear and begins to practise with the sword to try and become a Maiden of the sword even adapting ji’e’toh. She becomes leader of their “society”.

She meets Rand al’Thor when he arrives back in Cairhien and leads him to the Throne Room where Colavaere Saighan had just recently crowned herself. She is still afraid of Rand but it begins to diminish around him. Faile Bashere takes Selande and the rest of her society into her service. Selande then Travels to Ghealdan with Faile and Perrin Aybara and his army to track down Masema Dagar. She is sent in disguse into Bethal to map out the layout of the city. After Faile is kidnapped Sebban Balwer steps in to control the spying network of Cha Faile. She reports to Balwer and Perrin on Masema meeting with Annoura Larisen and Masuri Sokawa. She goes through the aqueduct to enter the town of Malden before Perrin begins his attack.

Talmanes Delovinde
Talmanes Delovinde is a member of a Cairhienin noble house and a senior officer of the Band of the Red Hand. Talmanes’ men are the the First Banner of Horse and call themselves Talmanes’ Thunderbolts. Talmanes is considered to be second in command to Matrim Cauthon; as such, Talmanes will assume command of the Band in the event of Mat’s incapacitation or death. He is a head shorter than Mat. He is short and wiry with the front of his head shaved and powdered. He was born in Cairhien around the year 975 NE. He is from House Delovinde. His con is three yellow stars on blue and his banner is a black fox.

Talmanes first met Mat during the battle to save the city of Cairhien from the Shaido Aiel. Talmanes led a unit of Cairhienin cavalry outside the city, and very nearly walked into a Shaido ambush. Mat saw the ambush in waiting while trying to get clear of the city, and felt he should warn the unit. Mat’s memories led him to derive a strategy to beat the Shaido waiting, and ultimately had Talmanes’ unit following him by the end of the battle because of his knowledge of tactics and his luck. Talmanes himself was highly impressed by Mat’s command of battle tactics and strategy and after the battle pledges his personal loyalty to Mat, acknowledging Mat as his commander and his lord. He dislikes the Tairen Nalesean Aldiaya. Talmanes is generally quieter and more contained than most of the other men of the Band of the Red Hand. This is partially his nature and partially due to his nobility – most of the men of the Band of the Red Hand are commoners, below him in social rank. He is thus somewhat cool towards Daerid Ondin, a commoner and fellow member of the Band. Although later after getting to know him, Talmanes and Daerid jest and seemingly get along quite well.

Talmanes drunkenly stumbles across an assassination attempt by Aiel on Mat and is saved when Mat draws them away and raises the alarm. Talmanes is left in charge of the Band when Mat leaves for Ebou Dar. Talmanes attends the meeting between the Andoran nobles and Egwene al’Vere with the Little Tower Hall. He stops trailing the Salidar Aes Sedai army on the border of Andor and Murandy to accept King Roedran’s offer to unite the country of Murandy against a foreign army. Egwene warns him to be careful. He tells her of Mat’s need of the Redarms coming from the south. While in Murandy, the Band manage to purchase a crank that allows crossbowman to fire more rounds per minute. This particular invention helps the Band to stay alive when they are chased by the Seanchan in Altara.

Chel Vanin finds Talmanes and some of the band while scouting for a smugglers pass in the Damona Mountains. Vanin brings him back to where Mat is camped. He informs Mat of the lucrative deal with King Roedran and how large the Band has become. Mat promotes him to Lieutenant-General. Talmanes’ bloodline is considered both ancient and distinguished in Cairhien. When Mat introduces Talmanes to Tuon, Talmanes recites his lineage. He greets Furyk Karede, who enters the Band’s camp to return Tuon back to Ebou Dar. He engages the Seanchan force sent to kill Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag for the one hundred thousand gold crown reward. Because they attacked from the rear, the Seanchan force didn’t even notice his force was there until it was too late. He rides with Mat into the cursed village of Hinderstap and is attacked by the crazed villagers when nightfall comes. The group only just manages to escape the village and wait the night away before entering the village again at daybreak to find everyone is back to normal. Later he meets with Mat, who is planning how to approach Trustair, the next village along after Hinderstap. He is present when Verin Mathwin arrives in the Band’s camp.

Dena was a slim and pretty Cairhienin woman and Thomdril Merrilin’s lover. She was slender and young. She had fair skin and dark hair to her shoulders. She intended to be the first female gleeman. She met Rand al’Thor, when he caught up with Thom and showed Thom the Horn of Valere. Dena was murdered by Galldrian’s lackeys who were looking for Thom.

Denharad is the Lance-Captain of Ailil Riatin’s forces. He is a pale little man. He is in Rand al’Thor’s army which fight against the Seanchan trying to invade Illian.

Arilyn Dhulaine
Lady Arilyn Dhulaine is a noble from Cairhien. The embassy from the White Tower lead by Coiren Saeldain, stay at Lady Arilyn’s manor.

Doile is a scout from Bertome Saighan’s Colchaine estate. He is gap-toothed fellow with seamed scars on both cheeks. During the Seanchan campaign against Illian, he reports to Bertome about a Seanchan force containing Taraboners and damane drawing in to engage their force.

Doirellin is a member of the Children of the Light. Doirellin is almost as wide as he is tall, with barely an once of fat on him. He has a high-pitched voice, which no one dares make fun of. He can put walnuts between each of his fingers and crack them by clenching his fist. When Galad Damodred suggests allying with anyone who is willing to join the fight against the Seanchan, Doirellin queries this and suggests that it could mean Aes Sedai. Galad says that fighting alongside Aes Sedai will be necessary if he wants to fight at Tarmon Gai’don, to which Doirellin nods slowly.

Lirene Doirellin
Lirene Doirellin is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She is a little shorter than Egwene. She has nervous eyes that remind Egwene of a sparrow watching out for cats. Although she is Red Ajah, her clothing only has traces of red in it. It is possible that she wishes to disown the Ajah that disowned her in her years of exile. She was a Sitter in the Hall until she, along with Toveine Gazal and Tsutama Rath, was exiled by Marith Jaen in NE 985, for her role in gentling male channelers outside the White Tower. Elaida brought her, along with Tsutama Rath and Toveine Gazal, back after her long years of exile. Elaida thinks she has become nervous after her treatment over the years. When Egwene al’Vere has lessons with her, she talks endlessly about the mistakes made by Elaida. She is guarding Egwene when Egwene is forced to do endless chores in the kitchens.

Doirmanes is a Cairhienin nobleman who was gai’shain in the Shaido Aiel camp. Doirmanes is slender, young and pretty. Whilst Sevanna is visited by Therava and her gai’shain Galina Casban, Doirmanes is one of twelve gai’shain who replace the gai’shain that had attended Sevanna during the night. Doirmanes takes Faile Bashere’s place. Because of his loyalty to Sevanna, Faile believes Doirmanes would have to be killed if he learned about the oaths of fealty that other gai’shain have sworn to her. Doirmanes is noted as one who started weeping even before a beating began

Dormin is a Shaido gai’shain from Cairhien. Used to be a bootmaker. He is stocky. He is one of the gai’shain who has sworn an oath of fealty to Faile Bashere.

Aldred Gomaisen
Aldred Gomaisen was a hired mercenary captain working for Elayne Trakand. He was short and slender, with the front of his head shaved. He works for Elayne, pushing back the sorties from Arymilla Marne. He demands Elayne for more money due to a loss of men. She sends him away with no agreement. Later, he, Rhys a’Balaman and Evard Cordwyn turn coat and attack the Far Madding Gate. Elayne later signs his death warrant.

Ries Gorthanes
Ries Gorthanes is a Cairhienin. He has broad shoulders and is tall for a Cairhienin. He is good looking with an inch-long scar from his left eye to his ear. Ries dressed up as a Tower Guard captain and attempted to pry into Moiraine’s banking habits. Ilain Dormaile detained him until Ries bribed one of the guards and escaped. Just as Moiraine set sail on Bluewing she sees Ries talking to the harbormistress and watching her ship leave.

Ivon (blacksmith)
Ivon is a blacksmith in the city of Cairhien. Dena has a set of knives made by Ivon for both her and Thomdril Merrilin.

Jori is Warder to Morvrin. He is quite short, even for a Cairhienin, and shorter than Morvrin.1 He is very wide, square-faced and bald. He is considered to be one of the best swordsmen among the Warders. He is part of the Warders that accompany Egwene and Morvin when they survey the area around Tar Valon. He is guarding Myrelle Berengari’s tent when Siuan Sanche arrives with the news that Egwene al’Vere is still alive inside the White Tower

Kasi is a cook in the Sun Palace in Cairhien. Mistress Beldair bellows orders around the kitchen when Sashalle Anderly and Samitsu Tamagowa visit the kitchens in the Sun Palace. Kasi is one of the cooks she gives orders to.

Temaile Kinderode
Temaile Kinderode was an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She was also Black Ajah and one of Liandrin’s Group of Black Sisters. She was a fox-faced Cairhienin with very big blue eyes and shoulder-length dark hair, who appeared fragile but was quite sadistic towards people. She was an Accepted in the White Tower during the Aiel War when the Dragon was reborn. During her time with the Black Ajah, she became very sadistic. She tormented Amathera, the Panarch of Tarabon, for no apparent reason, as well as torturing Jorin Arene when his house was taken over by the Black Ajah. When Liandrin attempted unsuccessfully to overthrow Moghedien, Moghedien gave her to Temaile to “soften up.” Her treatment of Liandrin had caused the other Black Ajah sisters to become quite afraid of her. Temaile was a member of a Heart along with Galina Casban and Talene Minly. She traveled to Samara and when Eldrith Jhondar’s Warder Kennit arrived, she fled to Caemlyn. After an unsuccessful kidnap attempt on Elayne, Temaile, as well as the Lady Shiaine and the other Black Ajah Sisters involved were captured and were being held in the Royal Palace dungeon in Caemlyn. During an escape attempt from Caemlyn by Dollin Mellar and the Black Ajah, Temaile was knocked unconscious after being flung by Elayne. Mellar, apparently acting on orders, then stabed Temaile after slitting Eldrith’s throat. He then fled the scene.

Latian is a member of Cha Faile. He is from Cairhien. He is pale with a sharp nose. He accompanies Faile Bashere to Ghealdan. He accompanies Perrin Aybara and Sebban Balwer, who has taken Cha Faile under his wing, into So Habor. They find Martyn Tallanvor there and bring him back to Perrin.

Lyrelle is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and is a Sitter in the Salidar Hall. She is tall for a Cairhienin, although of average height, and elegant and graceful. She owns a dress of blue slashed silk, with red and gold embroidered on the bodice. Some say she was a dancer before coming to the White Tower as a Novice.

In Salidar, she is part of Lelaine Akashi’s faction. As a sitter, Lyrelle has little to say, usually following Lelaine’s ideas on the matter at hand.

With Moria Karentanis’s outburst at Lelaine making her vote yes to war on Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan, Lyrelle follows suit and also votes YES causing a greater consensus and a passed motion.

After small proding from Lelaine, she votes YES in the Rebel Hall of the Tower for an alliance with the Black Tower and during Lelaine’s emergency meeting of the Hall, she stands to accept the offer from the Dragon Reborn of bonding forty-seven Asha’man.

Arel Malevin
Arel Malevin is an Asha’man from Cairhien. He is wide and short. He is one of the Asha’man who captured and bonded the group of sisters led by Toveine Gazal. He has bonded Aisling Noon. He Travels with Logain Ablar to Tear to find Rand al’Thor. He takes part in the battle against the Trollocs that attack Algarin Pendaloan’s manor. He is then part of the group that burns all the bodies left behind afterwards.

Mandevwin is a Captain in the Band of the Red Hand. He is from Cairhien. He is stocky, with one eye. He has gray streaks in his hair. He has been in the Band since its formation in Cairhien. Matrim Cauthon joins up with the Band again, when they find him in Altara. Mandevwin is in command of the band when they engage a Seanchan unit in an ambush, wiping out the whole contingent with just about no casualties. He is in command of the men when they engage the Seanchan force that are trying to kill Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag for the one hundred thousand gold crown reward. He meets with Mat, who is planning how to the approach Trustair, the next village along after Hinderstap. He is present when Verin Mathwin arrives in the Band’s camp.

Semaradrid Maravin
Lord Semaradrid Maravin of House Maravin is a Cairhienin lord. He is hard-faced and dark eyed, with wings of gray at his temples. He suffered numerous wounds in the Cairhien civil war and a limp from battles with Tear. He is highest ranked Lord from Cairhien sent to the Plains of Maredo where Rand al’Thor is gathering a massive army for the imminant attack on Illian. He is co-commander with Weiramon. He goes with Rand when Rand tries to deal with the Illian rebels loyal to Lord Brend. He rides with Rand when Rand’s forces attack the invading Seanchan just outside Illian. Rand does not trust him due to his House having an alliance with House Riatin. He leads Torean, Maraconn and Ershin Netari into the final assault on the Seanchan.

Corgaide Marendevin
Corgaide Marendevin is the Holder of the Keys in Cairhien. She is grave faced with gray hair. She greets Cadsuane Melaidhrin when she arrives in Cairhien and shows her to her room. She tells Samitsu Tamagowa and Sashalle Anderly that Loial and Karldin Manfor have just arrived back in Cairhien.

Maringil was a Lord from a major House of Cairhien. He was tall and very thin, with long white hair to his shoulders. He was one of the Lord’s to swear fealty to Rand al’Thor. His ambition is to sit on the Sun Throne with Meilan Mendiana and Colavaere Saighan being his main rivals. After Rand was kidnapped by the White Tower Aes Sedai, Maringil was assassinated by Colavaere.

Meneril is a Lord from Cairhien. He has a scar on the left side of his mouth which was caused from the Cairhienin civil war. He is one of the Lords under the command of Weiramon. He is sent to the Plains of Maredo where Rand is gathering a massive army for the imminent attack on Illian

Eldrid Methin
Eldrid Methin is a cook in the Sun Palace in Cairhien. Mistress Beldair bellows orders around the kitchen when Sashalle Anderly and Samitsu Tamagowa visit the kitchens in the Sun Palace. Eldrid is one of the cooks she gives orders to. She spins terrible tales about what she has heard about the Dragon Reborn and the Asha’man. Mistress Beldair scolds her for talking so much about a subject she apparently hates to discuss.

Metwyn is a Redarm in the Band of the Red Hand that accompanied Mat Cauthon to Ebou Dar. Metwyn is a slender man with a pale face and boyish looks, though he is actually in his mid thirties. He was born in Cairhien and is known as the best swordsman among these men. In Ebou Dar he is one of the few Redarms to survive the gholam attack looking for the Bowl of the Winds. He then stays in the Tarasin Palace with the rest of the surviving Redarms. Mat sends him to meet him outside the city when Mat carries out his plan of escaping with the captive Aes Sedai. He meets up with Mat again outside Ebou Dar and joins Valan Luca’s Traveling Circus with the rest of Mat’s group. He is part of the group that chase Renna Emain after she stabbed Egeanin Tamarath and tries to flee to the town of Coramen.

Daigian Moseneillin
Daigian Moseneillin was an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. She had pale skin with long black hair and was plump and curvaceous. She wore a kesiera, a thin silver chain with a moonstone dangling from it, in her hair. She was the youngest daughter of a lesser Cairhienin House, and was the weakest Aes Sedai, spending a longer time as Novice and Accepted than anyone in memory. She was one of the Aes Sedai that accompanied Cadsuane Melaidhrin into Cairhien. She acted as Cadsuane’s messenger to Rand al’Thor when he requested a meeting with her, giving him Cadsuane’s answer of no. She Traveled with Cadsuane to Far Madding to track down Rand. She bonded Eben Hopwil as her Warder. Linked to him, she participated in the Battle near Shadar Logoth with Nesune Bihara and Beldeine Nyram. During the battle they fought Aran’gar. Eben detected her holding saidin and threw himself at Aran’gar, ultimately sacrificing himself. She accompanied Rand and Cadsuane to Algarin Pendaloan’s house in Tear, where Rand recovered after cleansing saidin. She wept in private over the loss of Eben. While in Arad Doman, she helped teach Nynaeve al’Meara the one hundred weaves required to become an Aes Sedai. She helped maintain Semirhage’s shield while Semirhage was being interrogated by Cadsuane and Sarene Nemdahl. She was killed during Semirhage’s escape, most likely by Shaidar Haran.

Nerim is from Cairhien and is Talmanes Delovindes servant. He is very short and skinny with gray hair. He has a very pessimistic attitude. He sews Talmanes wounds after the Aiel assassination attempt on Matrim Cauthon, and then is sent over to sew Mat’s as well. When Mat leaves for Ebou Dar, Talmanes sends Nerim as well, to carry on serving Mat. He then stays in the Tarasin Palace with Mat and begins to transfer his clothes and all his money back into the Wandering Woman. Mat sends Nerim and Lopin to collect all the stored money and meet him outside the city when Mat carries out his plan of escaping with the captive Aes Sedai. He then catches up with Mat and then travels in Valan Luca’s Traveling Show as cover for their escape.

Nerion is a member of Cha Faile. He is sent to Masema Dagar’s camp under the pretence that he is a Dragonsworn. While he is there he spies on Masema’s activities.

Desala Nevanche
Desala Nevanche is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. Desala is a beautiful Cairhienin with large dark eyes. She has quite a temper. The surest way to rouse it is to have harmed a child. She despises wilders and purely hates women who pretend to be Aes Sedai. She likes to dance with men, when given the chance. Desala, along with Arebis, Melare, Zanica and three other Aes Sedai, were involved in Leane’s capture at Northharbor. She flogs Leane when she sticks to claiming that she is Leane Sharif of the Green Ajah. She assumes she is lying and is just a wilder. Melare is afraid to leave Leane alone with her for long. Desala was one of the Red sisters, along with Pevara Tazanovni, Javindhra Doraille, Jezrail, Melare and Tarna Feir, sent to the Black Tower to put the proposition of Red sisters bonding Asha’man as Warders to Mazrim Taim. He has agreed to this.

Barmanes Nolaisen
Barmanes Nolaisen is a member of Cha Faile. His sister is Camaille Nolaisen. Faile Bashere takes Barmanes into her service. He then Travels to Ghealdan with Faile and Perrin Aybara and his army to track down Masema Dagar. He accompanies Perrin to the town of Almizar. While there he joins some Seanchan in dice and attempts to find out any news or rumors during the process. When Perrin is struck with an arrow, Barmanes is the one who pulls it out.

Camaille Nolaisen
Camaille Nolaisen is one of the lordlings in Cairhien to try taking up being an Aiel. Her brother is Barmanes Nolaisen. She is pale skinned. She meets Rand al’Thor when he arrives back in Cairhien and leads him to the Throne Room where Colavaere Saighan had just recently crowned herself. Faile Bashere takes Camaille and the rest of her society into her service, where she becomes a member of Cha Faile. Camaille then Travels to Ghealdan with Faile and Perrin Aybara and his army to track down Masema Dagar. She accompanies Perrin to the town of Almizar. While there she joins some Seanchan in dice and attempts to find out any news or rumors during the process. After the Battle of Malden she goes with the scouts into Cairhien to look for Rand al’Thor.

Olver is a young boy orphaned after his father was killed by the Shaido and his mother died of illness. He is referred to as being very ugly with a massive, squashed nose, big ears that stick out and a mouth which is too wide. He is gaunt. was unofficially adopted by Mat Cauthon after the Aiel assassination attempt on Mat’s life and it’s clear that he idolizes Mat, copying his mannerisms and habits, most especially where women are concerned. Amusingly enough, Mat doesn’t realize that Olver has learned how to deal with women from watching Mat himself, and is always on the lookout for the man or men of the Band of the Red Hand that he considers the likely source of corruption. Olver has an intense dislike for Aviendha and constantly watches her with hatred. He slips into Salidar with Chel Vanin and travels with Mat when he leaves for Ebou Dar. He now rides in horse-races in Ebou Dar and seems to be doing very well. He goes missing in Ebou Dar and Mat is forced to go find him, leading to Mat’s injury and leaving him, Olver and all the Redarms stranded when the Seanchan attack.

Olver is taken out of Ebou Dar with Nerim and Lopin before Mat goes through his plan of freeing some captive Aes Sedai from the damane kennels and then escaping the city. He meets up with Mat again outside Ebou Dar and joins Valan Luca’s Traveling Circus with the rest of Mat’s group. He spends a lot of his time playing snakes and foxes in Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag’s carriage. When Mat reads Thomdril Merrilin’s letter, he reveals that Moiraine Damodred is trapped in the land of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Olver has a vast knowledge of the snakes and foxes and tells them that they need to enter the Tower of Ghenjei as told to him by Birgitte Silverbow.

After a skirmish with Darkfriends in Maderin Mat and the rest of his group decide to leave Luca’s show. While riding through Altara they meet up with the Band of the Red Hand and begin to travel with them. Olver runs a message to Mat that Verin Mathwin has entered their camp. When the Band sets up camp in Caemlyn, the gholam attacks Mat’s tent. Luckily Olver had fallen asleep in Noal’s tent after playing snakes and foxes with him. Olver opens Mat’s letter from Verin while Mat was away. He doesn’t understand it, but Talmanes Delovinde does. Talmanes races off to to rally the Band.

Daerid Ondin
Daerid Ondin is a high-ranking member of the Band of the Red Hand. He has a scarred face and a nose that has been broken more than once. He was born roughly in the year 960 NE in Cairhien. He is a “good fifteen years” older than Talmanes Delovinde, who was born around the year 975 NE. He has been a soldier all his life. As a commoner he has risen to his position solely on merit – infantry is the one arm generally neglected by the nobility of the Westlands who generally prefer the dash and pageantry of armored cavalry. Due to his social rank, he would have normally been condemned to remain a relatively minor military commander who merely carries out the orders passed down from his superiors When Mat first meets him he is a Cairhienin soldier who is in charge of an infantry unit. He is saved by Mat who warns him that an Aiel ambush party lies upahead during the battle outside Cairhien. He helps fight the Aiel that try to assassinate Mat. He later rises to command the infantry forces of the Band of the Red Hand. He later gains the rank of Lieutenant-General, third in line to command after Mat Cauthon and Talmanes Delovinde – this rank, in effect, gives him the social rank of a noble, both in the Band and in the eyes of those that deal with the Band. While other nobles may not respect him as their social equal, still considering him a commoner, they are generally shrewd enough to respect the power he represents – power backed up by cold steel. In addition, his high rank in the Band is quite likely to be a motivator to the mass of commoners that make up the Band, for his rank makes it clear that ability is rewarded in the Band, regardless of a man’s origins.

Admondrid Osiellin
Amondrid Osiellin is a noble from Cairhien. He is moon-faced. He supported Colavaere Saighan assuming the Sun Throne. He rides with Rand al’Thor when Rand’s forces attack the invading Seanchan just outside Illian. He follows Davram Bashere into the final assault on the Seanchan.

Belevaere Osiellin
Belevaere Osiellin is a Cairhienin lady. She makes certain advances on Rand al’Thor at Barthanes Damodred’s party even though she is still married.

Pevin is a refugee from Cairhien. He is older, with a long scar from jaw to hairline. He often has a blank look about himself. Tragically, Pevin loses his whole family to the Cairhienin Civil War, an ensuing famine, and the Shaido Aiel. He becomes Rand al’Thor’s bannerman, because he has nothing to believe in save the Lord Dragon’s vengeance on the killers of those he loved. Pevin has discarded the old farmer’s coat he used to wear and now wears a red coat with dragons embroidered on it. He stands behind Rand when Rand sends an attack to Caemlyn to confront Rahvin. Pevin narrowly survives a lightning strike sent by Rahvin to kill Rand. However, a Trolloc kills Pevin during the remainder of the battle.

Reale is an attendant to Colavaere Saighan. Reale serves as an attendant to Lady Colavaere. She was hired after Maire disappeared

Ailil Riatin
Ailil Riatin is a Cairhienin noblewoman, sister to Toram Riatin. Lady Ailil is slim and dignified. She is tall for a Cairhienin and pretty. Ailil grew up and prospered in House Riatin, and her cousin Galldrian Riatin ascended to the Sun Throne after the Aiel War, in 978 NE. She lived in comfort and relative obscurity until the Shaido Aiel came to Cairhien ahead of the Dragon Reborn. After his forces defeated the Shaido and took control of Cairhien, her family was no longer in the powerful place it once enjoyed. Her brother Toram became a rebel, aligned with Caraline Damodred and some Tairen High Lords in an encampment outside the city. She did not join him, presumably because she neither likes nor trusts him.

During the preparations for the Rand’s assault on the Seanchan, Rand al’Thor sent for numerous nobles whose loyalties were unclear to him. One of those summoned to him was Ailil Riatin, who protested loudly about being anywhere near the site of an actual battle. She brought her Lance-Captain with her, Denharad, who she said could do any and all fighting or leading into battle that was necessary. Rand was emphatic, however, and kept Ailil close by his side. At one point in the battle, Rand was knocked off his horse by an unseen Seanchan crossbow bolt, and Ailil discusses his fate – and theirs – with the High Lady Anaiyella of Tear. When Rand recovers, he notices her belt knife is out; whether she intended to kill him or defend him is never made clear.

Once the offensive against the Seanchan is concluded, Rand arranges to have trusted servants in the Sun Palace keep an eye on Ailil and others of the untrustworthy nobles who returned with him.

Ailil begins to converse with a Windfinder named Shalon din Togara Morning Tide during the time she is a ‘guest’ in the Sun Palace, and these conversations develop into friendship, and then into the two of them becoming lovers. The relationship has to be kept secret because Shalon is married, but they are discovered together (quite by accident) by Rand shortly after the Asha’man assault on the Sun Palace. Unaware of what he has discovered, he shields Shalon and ties them up under their bed for their own safety, and for his. They are later discovered and held captive by Cadsuane Melaidhrin until they promise to help her. She and Verin Mathwin both know the true nature of their relationship, and are using it to hold the pair to their promise.

Galldrian Riatin
Galldrian su Riatin rie was king of Cairhien from 978 NE, after Laman Damodred’s death at the end of the Aiel War, until his own assassination in 998 NE. He was a member (and possibly High Seat) of House Riatin before becoming king. Galldrian was an unremarkable ruler for the most part, although not prone to quite the same excesses as his predecessor. He hired many masons, including Ogier, to rebuild the Topless Towers of Cairhien, but eventually stopped paying them for their work, and the Ogier, at least, left the city. Instead, he became obsessed with digging up the giant statue buried in the hillside near Tremonsien – apparently unaware that it was in fact a sa’angreal of unparalleled power, the male half of the Choedan Kal – to be transported to the city of Cairhien as a symbol of his greatness.
Galldrian, like all Cairhienin nobles, was meshed in intricate plots related to Daes Dae’mar – the Game of Houses, also known as the Great Game. His closest rival was Barthanes Damodred, High Seat of House Damodred and close cousin to the deceased King Laman. His plots eventually caught up with him when he sent strongarms posing as Barthanes’ men to question Thom Merrilin about Rand al’Thor. The men killed Thom’s lover Dena, and in retaliation Thom appears to have assassinated the king. This sparked a civil war across Cairhien, and no one has been able to secure the Sun Throne since, except for Rand al’Thor, who says he does not want it for himself.

Toram Riatin
Lord Toram Riatin is High Seat of House Riatin. His sister is Ailil Riatin, and he is related to Galldrian Riatin, the former king of Cairhien. Toram is tall for a Cairhienin, something he takes great pride in. In fact, he takes pride in everything, and has been called arrogant and overbearing by many, including his sister. He is also jealous to a fault, taking great offense at perceived attempts to appropriate things (or people) he views as “his”. He is tall and slender, and considered extremely good-looking. He can be possessive and arrogant, however.

After Couladin and the Shaido assault Cairhien, Toram and Caraline Damodred take up arms in the foothills of the Spine of the World, opposing Rand al’Thor’s de facto leadership of the city (and country). They are unable to take action, however, until Colavaere Saighan lays claim to the Sun Throne following Rand’s disappearance from the city. As House Riatin ruled until Galldrian’s death, Toram does not support Colavaere’s claim and prepares a siege of the city. Rand’s sudden return following the Battle of Dumai’s Wells causes the rebels to retreat to a wooded area south of the city. He acquires a new advisor there, Jeraal Mordeth, and an unrequited love interest in Caraline.

Despite the massing of both Cairhienin and Tairen rebels in the woods, Rand does nothing about them for several days. When he does go to investigate them, in disguise and secretly, Toram offers to spar with him, using practice swords. A bubble of evil interrupts their mock combat, and Toram uses the distraction to strike a hard blow to Rand’s side, before realizing the full extent of the danger they are all in. He allies himself with Rand’s group (which also includes Cadsuane Melaidhrin and several other Aes Sedai who were meeting with the rebels) until he discovers who Rand actually is, at which point he runs away through the fog.

Miraculously, Toram survives the bubble of evil and reunites with his advisor, Jeraal Mordeth. He becomes even more obsessed with opposing Rand, and lies in wait for him at Far Madding. Despite the element of surprise and his skill with a sword, he is unsuccessful in his ambush attempt and is killed by Lan Mandragoran.

Bavin Rockshaw
Bavin Rockshaw works as Perrin Aybara’s quartermaster. He is from Cairhien. He helps distribute food to all the refugees traveling with Perrin after the Battle of Malden.

Bertome Saighan
Bertome Saighan is a Cairhienin noble and cousin of Lady Colavaere Saighan. Although never openly opposing Rand al’Thor, his loyalty is still largely questioned. He is short with the front of his head shaved. Upon the death of Lady Colavere, he became the High Seat of House Saighan. He rides with Rand when Rand’s forces attack the invading Seanchan just outside Illian. He follows Weiramon Saniago into the final assault on the Seanchan. Rand brings him back to Cairhien and gives him servants that are loyal to Rand and Dobraine Taborwin. He is later seen conversing with Weiramon in Cairhien’s corridors.

Colavaere Saighan
The Lady Colavaere of House Saighan was the highest ranking noble in Cairhien following the deaths of Galldrian Riatin and Barthanes Damodred. She was the High Seat of House Saighan. She was middle aged, and considered to be more than handsome; pretty, but not quite beautiful. Like most Cairhienin noblewomen, she wore her hair in an ornate tower of curls, without a touch of gray. She had a musical voice, which Rand was used to hearing from Moiraine. Colavaere dressed like all other Cairhienin noble women. Her dresses were striped horizontally, from her high collar of lace down to her knees in the colors of House Saighan, yellow, red and silver. After the battle with the Shaido in Cairhien she swore fealty to Rand al’Thor. She tried to find a bedpartner by Rand but was strongly discouraged by Aviendha who gave her a beating. She made a deal with the White Tower embassy. When Rand was captured by the White Tower embassy she made her move for the Sun Throne and had both Meilan Mendiana and Lord Maringil murdered; they were her main rivals. Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron found evidence linking her to the crimes. As soon as Rand was missing she was crowned Queen of Cairhien. On Rand’s return he confronted her in the Throne Room and for her crimes against Meilan and Maringil she had all her lands stripped from her although Rand wouldn’t pronounce her death sentence and exiled her to a farm for life under Dobraine Taborwin’s care. She hanged herself rather than face such disgrace.

Dairaine Saighan
Dairaine Saighan is a Cairhienin who had been made gai’shain by the Shaido. She is slender, with black hair down to her waist. She stands just below the High Seat of House Saighan. After being captured by the Shaido, she becomes one of Sevanna’s personal gai’shain. She becomes one of Sevanna’s favorites due to her telling tales on all the other gai’shain. She walks in on Faile Bashere planning on her escape from Malden. She is rolled up in carpet and kept an eye on by Bain and Chiad until Faile can get away.

Melavaire Someinellin
Melavaire Someinellin is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She has remained loyal to the White Tower during the split. She has a single Warder, whose name is not currently known. Melavaire is a stout, short Cairhienin, with flecks of white in her dark hair. She is with Beonin Marinye, when Egwene al’Vere confronts Beonin about betraying her. Melavaire is about to step in when Beonin tells her to wait to the side.

Stevan is Warder to Demira Eriff. He is Cairhienin. He has gray in his hair. He feels the injury Demira recieves from the false Aiel in Caemlyn and Merana Ambrey and Berenecia Morsad go to her so she can be Healed.

Kin Tovere
Kin Tovere is a lensmaker from Cairhien. He is stocky and bald. He invented a telescope which Rand al’Thor uses to watch the battle of Cairhien through and currently works at Rand’s School of Cairhien. He later draws up plans for a telescope which can look to the stars. Rand is so impressed he tells Kin to start building it. Idrien Tarsin reports to Rand that Kin has finished his looking glass and can now see the moon quite clearly.

Breane Taborwin
Breane Taborwin is a Cairhienin Lady of House Taborwin. Although approaching her middle years, Breane is still pretty, with a pale complexion and dark eyes. Breane first encountered Rand at a party held in Cairhien by Barthanes Damodred. She, along with Alaine Chuliandred and Belevaere Osiellin made certain offers to Rand that made him extremely uncomfortable, causing him to seek out Thom Merrilin, with whom he had previously agreed to break contact. Breane fled the civil war that flared up in Cairhien, eventually ending up a refugee in Caemlyn and falling in love with Lamgwin Dorn, one of the guards of The Queen’s Blessing. She flees with him from Andor when they follow Morgase Trakand to Amadicia. She acts as Morgase’s servant while in Amadicia but she is very disrespectful towards her. She gets stuck into Morgase after Morgase’s self confidence begins to drop while being held captive in the Fortress of the Light. She escapes with Morgase and her crew with the help of Sebban Balwer. While traveling in Ghealdan she and her group are saved by Perrin Aybara when they are attacked by the Prophet’s men. They then join with Perrin’s army and become attendants under Faile Bashere. After Faile’s capture by the Shaido, she becomes a servant to Perrin. She has an intense dislike of Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron. Perrin sends her north just before the attack on the Shaido in Malden with the intention of catching up with her afterwards.

Dobraine Taborwin
Dobraine Taborwin is High Seat of House Taborwin and a high-ranking Cairhienin lord. Dobraine has long gray hair, shaved in front like a soldier, and is square-faced with deep-set eyes. He has a pale face.

Six days after Rand and Min disappear from the Sun Palace after the audience with Elaida’s emissaries, Dobraine approaches Perrin. There have been two murders in the city, which is almost unheard of for the Feast of Lights. He is also concerned by Colavaere’s efforts to gain support for her claim to the Sun Throne, since Rand has publicly claimed it on behalf of Elayne. While they are talking, Berelain brings them Rand’s sword and sword belt, which she found left behind in his quarters. The men and Sulin are convinced Rand and Min were actually kidnapped; Rand would not leave without his sword. They immediately begin preparations to rescue him from the Aes Sedai. The next day Dobraine leads five hundred men with Perrin, Gaul, Loial, and two hundred Mayeners to rescue Rand. They are joined around midday by five thousand spears and one thousand Maidens, led by Rhuarc, Sulin, and Nandera. Six days later, they are joined by a group of men from the Two Rivers and several Aes Sedai. Dobraine leads his men at Dumai’s Wells. He is unhorsed but continues to fight. When Taim’s Asha’man raise the dome of Air, Dobraine is inside it. When he reaches Rand, he is carrying the Banner of Light.

Dobraine is probably one of the few Cairhienin that Rand trusts. After the battle with the Shaido in Cairhien, he has swore fealty to Rand and is one of the few who actually takes his oath seriously. Upon returning to Cairhien, Rand places the recently dethroned Colavere into Dobraine’s care. He is part of Rand’s embassy when he meets with the Sea Folk and makes the Bargain. He informs Rand on all the activities that have occurred in Cairhien while Rand was absent with his campaigns against Illian and the Seanchan. Rand has made him steward of Cairhien and has told him to back Elayne Trakand when she lays claim for the Sun Throne.

He is stabbed in his rooms by robbers rummaging through his contents. He manages to kill both before passing unconscious. Samitsu Tamagowa manages to find a thin flame of life in his body and manages to Heal him although he is still in a critical state. When he finally recovers, he is sent by Rand to Arad Doman. There, he is required to bring peace to the war torn country. With Rhuarc he manages to secure Bandar Eban. When Rand finally rides into Bandar Eban, Dobraine greets him with all his armsmen. Although Dobraine may have had expectations for Rand to name him King of Arad Doman, Rand sends him on his way to Tear. He greets Rand with King Darlin Sisnera when Rand withdraws his forces from Arad Doman back into Tear.

Idrien Tarsin
Idrien Tarsin is Headmistress of the School of Cairhien. She is stocky with a blunt face. Her black hair is graying. She makes a massive crossbow in the battle against the Shaido which was attached to Cairhiens wall. Rand al’Thor was so impressed that he makes her in charge of the new school of inventions. She runs the school with a tight rein and has a real dislike of Herid Fel. She finds the remains of Fel and passes out. When she comes round she runs to Rand and breaks down when she attepts to tell him what happens. She shows Rand through the school, when he arrives with Min Farshaw to pick up some of Fel’s books.

Tavan was Warder to Careane Fransi. It is unknown whether Tavan is aware that Careane is Black Ajah. He had broad shoulders. He was with Careane when she traveled to Caemlyn. He felt Careane die inside the house on Full Moon Street and rushed inside to confront the Black Ajah Aes Sedai who had killed her. It is assumed he died in the confrontation.

Elricain Tavolin
Elricain Tavolin is an officer under the command of Aldrin Caldevwin in the Cairhienin army. His banner bears two crossed white bars. His hair is shaved in the fashion of a Carhienin soldier. He is assigned by Caldevwin to be Rand al’Thor’s escort during Rand’s time in Cairhien.

Seonid Traighan
Seonid is a short and pale Cairhienin with dark hair. She is cool and reserved. She has two Warders, Furen Alharra and Teryl Wynter. She is allied with the Salidar Aes Sedai and was a member of the embassy sent from Salidar to Rand in Caemlyn. After the delegation dissolves she accompanies Bera Harkin and Kiruna Nachiman to meet Rand in Cairhien after he flees Andor. Seonid fought with Perrin’s forces at the Battle of Dumai’s Wells to rescue Rand, although she was forced to swear fealty to Rand after wards. Seonid accompanies Perrin into Ghealdan to track down Masema Dagar. She becomes an apprentice to the Aiel Wise Ones and even has to suffer beatings from them. She goes with Perrin to his meeting with Masema in Abila. She goes with Perrin to So Habor, where they collect grain for their troops. She wishes to investigate the ghosts in So Habor but Perrin forbids her from remaining behind. She accompanies him back to camp and witnesses him cleave a Shaido prisoners hand off, when he is looking for answers on his missing wife. She Heals the hand, but as a stump, without the hand. She assisted Perrin in rescuing Faile from her captivity by the Aiel. She goes through the aqueduct to enter the town of Malden before Perrin begins his attack. She Healed both Faile and Perrin after the rescue.

While Perrin’s army travels from Malden, they come across an area of land which is diseased. Perrin orders Seonid and the rest of the Wise One’s to burn it. She then attends a meeting with Perrin to decide where the army should now go. She decides to accompany a scouting force that will be sent to Cairhien to start looking for Rand.

Zara is the Innkeeper at The Bunch of Grapes.


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