Map of caemlyn

Caemlyn is the capital city of Andor, second in beauty only to Tar Valon. The city of Caemlyn is divided into two parts: the New City and the Inner City. Robert Jordan has said there are roughly 300 000 people in Caemlyn. However, currently the population of the city is swelled by refugees and soldiers to beyond that of Tar Valon.

The Whitebridge Gate to the west of the city leads to the village of Four Kings. The road north leads through the Braem Wood to Tar Valon. The south road leads to Far Madding through the Far Madding Gate, and the eastbound road leads to Aringill. The southwest gates leads to Lugard via the Lugard road. The main entrance to the Inner City is the Origan Gate.

The ancient Inner City was constructed by Ogier. The most impressive building in the Inner City is the Royal Palace, which serves as the seat of government for Andor. The inner city also holds a massive underground cistern that is fed by an aquifer, thus Caemlyn cannot be cut from fresh water when besieged.

The Inner City is surrounded by a white stone wall, effectively walling the upper class from the rabble. The Origan Gate leads into the Inner City, “a great white marble arch in the gleaming white wall.”

The New City is less than two thousand years old, and was built by humans to surround the Inner City.

Alleys in the New City are called “crossing runs” are narrow and often muddy and have an unfortunate smell. Buildings rarely have entries into the crossing run, the few that exist are rarely used, and no windows face into the derelict passages.1

A fifty-foot gray stone wall, six leagues in length, surrounds the New City, walling the entire city of Caemlyn safely away from invaders.

The heavily populated area outside the city walls is called Low Caemlyn, consisting primarily of farmers.

The Crown and Lion
The Queen’s Blessing
The Crown of Roses
The Silver Swan
Culain’s Hound


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