Aringill is a moderately-sized port town on the west bank of the River Erinin, on the border with Cairhien. Aringill is Andor’s largest and most important port, linking it by water with the city of Tar Valon upriver and with Tear downriver.

There is a smaller Cairhienin port village located on the opposite bank of the Erinin, called Maerone.

During the recent civil war in Cairhien, many thousands of refugees from Cairhien attempted to cross into Andor via Aringill, leading to some difficulties for the government of Andor.

The Riverman

The Good Queen
The Good Queen is an inn located in the city of Aringill, in Andor.

In 999 NE the innkeeper was Jeral Florry. Aringill was packed with refugees following the Cairhien Civil War. All the inns were full, so Mat and Thom had to pay an exorbitant amount to sleep in the stable, where they rescued Aludra from Tammuz. Mat also bought two horses from Master Florry.


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