Angreal are objects which allow those who can channel to draw more of the One Power than they normally could without harming themselves. While all angreal offer this benefit, they do vary considerably in strength (the amount of additional Power that they provide access to). Sa’angreal are like angreal, but much more powerful. All known angreal and sa’angreal are aligned for use by either a man or a woman, never both. Most angreal and sa’angreal are constructed with a buffer to protect the user from drawing too much of the Power. All existing angreal and sa’angreal are left over from the Age of Legends. The knowledge of their construction was lost during the Breaking of the World, along with the knowledge of creating ter’angreal, although the making of ter’angreal has been rediscovered. Angreal are rare; sa’angreal are extremely rare.

It is known that the White Tower and the Stone of Tear hold many stores of angreal as well as sa’angreal and ter’angreal but this is a list of angreal used by individuals at certain points in time.

Female Alignment
A dark ivory carving of a woman in flowing robes, held by Moiraine Damodred.

Aviendha’s amber turtle angreal, found with others in Ebou Dar.

Verin Mathwin’s too-many-petaled lily brooch, rather weak in strength.

Graendal’s Gold Ring. Destroyed in Rand’s balefire assault on Graendal’s fortress.

Cadsuane’s Shrike hair ornament.

Ivory carving of a seated woman covered by her own hair. Weaker than other angreal.

Nynaeve’s gold bracelet attached to four gold rings with four golden chains.

A stone figurine of a woman, naked except for her hair, last seen in the Tel’aran’rhiod reflection of the Panarch’s palace museum in Tanchico.

A small dark ivory bracelet in the shape of an acrobat bent backwards so his wrists are tied to his ankles; currently in Moiraine’s possession. It is nearly strong enough to be a sa’angreal.

Graendal’s small, carved ivory knife. Obtained in a trade with Mesaana for information.

An undetailed angreal confiscated from Adelorna’s quarters.

An undetailed angreal confiscated from Josaine’s quarters.

Male Alignment
A shiny green stone carving of a fat bald man with a sword; found by Rand in the Stone of Tear, now lost.


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