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Amadicia is a southern nation of the Westlands. It is the home of the Children of the Light.

Amadicia is a country that lies west of Altara, with the River Eldar forming the border between the two. It is at the southern end of the Mountains of Mist, and is southeast of Tarabon. Its southern border is the River Sharia, beyond which lies the Shadow Coast.

The ruling body of Amadicia is historically a king, most recently King Ailron, but the Children of the Light were the real ruling power in Amadicia before the coming of the Seanchan.

Due to the belief among the Children of the Light that Aes Sedai are servants of the Dark One, both Aes Sedai and channeling are outlawed in Amadicia, and the merest suspicion of such activity can result in harsh punishment and execution. Similarly, the denouncement, trial, and execution of suspected Darkfriends is common, though the accused are often little more than social outcasts or the unlucky participants in disagreements.

The Children’s expansionist aspirations have led to a number of wars in Amadicia, most recently the Whitecloak War with Illian and Altara, which the Children call “the Troubles.”

After the White Tower split, the Children of the Light themselves played a key role in the choice of Salidar as the base of the rebel Aes Sedai. The proximity of the Children made Salidar an unlikely place to look for them, and ideal for planning the attack on Tar Valon.

Amador, the capital

Noble Houses
House Algoran

The People
King Ailron was said to be anointed by the Light, King and Defender of Amadicia, Guardian of the Southern Gate. Although Ruler of Amadicia it was Pedron Niall who actually held all the power. He had receding, dark wavy hair and a long nose. He was a very delicate man. When Morgase Trakand fled Andor she sought out King Ailron in the hope of reaching an alliance with him. Their dealings always seemed to come closer to an agreement without ever quite reaching it.

After the Seanchan invasion of the country in early 1000 NE, Ailron fled into the countryside and rallied the nation’s fighting men, but his army was crushed at the Battle of Jeramel. Ailron was killed in the fighting.

Alainia is an Amadician silversmith who was taken gai’shain by the Shaido Aiel. She is plump. Alainia is one of the gai’shain who has sworn an oath of fealty to Faile Bashere.

Aldin is a bookkeeper from Amadicia who was made gai’shain by the Shaido Aiel. He is tall and square-shouldered. He is one of the many people who have been made gai’shain by the Shaido. He has pledged an oath of fealty to Faile Bashere. He has tried to court Arrela Shiego, but she is not interested in men. He comes to help rescue Faile when she is trapped in the burnt out old building.

Alvon is a woodcutter from Amadicia. His son is Theril. He is stocky. He is made gai’shain by the Shaido Aiel. He and his son continue to try and escape from the Shaido, taking longer to find each time. He swears fealty to Faile Bashere and later on brings the Oath Rod to Faile, after his son steals it.

Amelia Arene
Amellia Arene, along with her husband, Jorin Arene, is a merchant in Amador. She and her husband are both Darkfriends. She has a stern face, and graying hair. Liandrin and her group take over Amellia Arene’s house in Amador. Temaile Kinderode caused serious harm to Amellia’s husband. Amellia begged Liandrin to Heal Jorin. About a month later, Moghedien gives Amellia and Evon, the house cook, a shielded Liandrin to use as a scullery girl.

Jorin Arene
Jorin Arene is a merchant in Amador. He is a Darkfriend. He has a wife named Amellia Arene, who is also a Darkfriend. He objected to Liandrin and the rest of her Black Ajah group taking over his house, so Liandrin allowed Temaile Kinderode to torture him into submission.

Sabban Balwer
Sebban Balwer was the secretary and spymaster of the former head of the Whitecloaks, Pedron Niall. Balwer is from Amadicia. He is portrayed as having knobby shoulders and a narrow, pinched face with a disapproving mouth. He is small and nervous, often described as a “dried-up stick of a man.” He has a scratchy voice. Despite not seeming to share their politics, Balwer worked diligently under Niall and the Whitecloaks from their base of operations, the Fortress of the Light. He was one of the few men Niall trusted, yet despite his role as spymaster, he was not the only source of information to Niall, a fact that irritated Balwer to some degree.Among other tasks, Balwer was responsible for inciting Estanda and Tedosian to rebel in Tear. He was also witness to Eamon Valda’s killing of Abdel Omerna.

Following Niall’s murder and Valda’s subsequent mistreatment of the captive Queen Morgase, the Seanchan invasion of Amador gives Balwer the opportunity to escape the Fortress, taking Morgase and the rest of her party with him. When the party are accosted by Dragonsworn, they have the good fortune to be rescued by Perrin Aybara and his forces. Balwer offers service to Perrin as secretary to him and his wife; the rest of the party contrive to conceal Morgase’s identity and also offer service.

Balwer’s skills aid Perrin a number of times; he provides and interprets information on the Seanchan and the Whitecloaks, uncovering news of King Ailron’s defeat to the Seanchan at Jeramel, and of Valda and the Whitecloaks’ escape and flight east. Balwer proves useful in Perrin’s dealings with the Prophet Masema, when Perrin leads a delegation to meet with and pass on instructions to the Prophet from Rand al’Thor. During his time with Perrin, Balwer develops an increasing depth of loyalty to Faile. When she and the others of Perrin’s party are kidnapped by the Shaido he disappears briefly, but works tirelessly to discover any and all information that may aid Perrin in her retrieval. He forms Faile’s Cairheinin followers into a more organized spying network, keeping tabs on Masema’s possible dealings with the Whitecloaks and Seanchan.

When Balwer, with Perrin, reaches So Habor he leaves the party claiming a meeting with an acquaintance, taking Latian and Medore Damara with him. They stay behind in the town when the acquaintance doesn’t arrive, and return to Perrin’s camp four days later, bringing Martyn Tallanvor with them. It is Balwer who first reports to Perrin that Aram is spending more and more time with Masema, foreshadowing Aram’s subsequent behavior. He is also instrumental in the preparations for Perrin’s assault on the Shaido camp, having scouted Almizar with Medore prior to the use of the Malden aqueduct to deliver forkroot-dosed water to the Aiel. He is present at the meeting with Perrin and Tylee Khirgan, who is informing Perrin on a rebellious group of Whitecloaks moving north not too far from camp, when the Pattern ripples. He seems to hold Galad Damodred in high regard. Balwer remains in Perrin’s camp with Berelain during the battle itself.
After the battle, Balwer is sent to question the captive Aiel. He manages to find out how the Aiel were tricked by one of the Forsaken and scattered across the continent. After leaving Malden he attends a meeting with Perrin to decide where the army should now go. He decides to accompany a scouting force that is sent to Cairhien where he will investigate the School there.

Aravine Carnel
Aravine is from Amadicia. She is plump and plain. She is one of the many people who have been made gai’shain by the Shaido. She is now one of Sevanna’s personal gai’shain. She comes to the aid of Morgase Trakand and Faile Bashere when they are being threatened by Galina Casban, and sends Galina on her way. She then pledges an oath of fealty to Faile in the hopes that when Faile escapes from the Shaido, she will take Aravine with her.

She comes to Faile with the news that the Oath Rod has finally been stolen. Later, she comes to help rescue Faile when she is trapped in the burnt out old building. After the Battle of Malden, Faile places her in charge of organizing the refugees for the march home. She attends a meeting with Perrin Aybara to decide where the army should now go. A decision is made to send a scouting force to Cairhien to start looking for Rand al’Thor.

Jaichim Carridin
Jaichim Carridin was an officer of the Children of the Light and an Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light. He commanded the Questioners in Tarabon. His second was Einor Saren. He was also a high ranking Darkfriend, known to his fellows by the name Bors. He is tall with gray at the temples. He is hard faced with dark, hard deep-set eyes. Jaichim Carridin is described as a very patient and cunning man. As an Inquisitor he was ruthless, as a friend of the dark he was worse. Carridin was from a large noble family in Amadicia. He had an intense hatred of Tinkers.

Carridin first appears as the man known then only as Bors, at the Darkfriend Social. He was ordered by Ishamael to keep a watch for three country lads, Perrin Aybara, Matrim Cauthon, and Rand al’Thor, and to report if they were found. Ishamael also ordered him to take the Children into Almoth Plain and create chaos. He was also told to keep anything he heard about the Seanchan quiet and minimize their importance. He used Pedron Niall’s plan to seize Almoth Plain to this end. Niall sent Geofram Bornhald to assist him. Carridin began using the Children to create havoc on the plain. Bornhald aided him at first but soon realised that the true threat was the Seanchan. Defying Carridin’s orders, he led his legion to Falme to confront the Seanchan.

After the disaster at Falme, Carridin was recalled to Amador by Pedron Niall. He was rebuked for his inaction against the Seanchan and told to keep Rand al’Thor alive. After this meeting he was given orders by a then unidentified Shaidar Haran to kill Rand or his family would be killed one by one, with him last. Carridin returned to Tarabon and continued looking for Rand. When he failed to find him, reports started coming in that Myrddraal were killing members of his family.

When Liandrin and her associates arrived in Tanchico, he became involved with them. He was ordered to place his men at the Panarch’s palace to help create confusion and unrest. Liandrin gave him orders, conflicting with those he had previously received, to no longer hunt Rand. Carridin began drinking brandy heavily around this time.

Eventually Carridin came to serve Sammael. Sammael sent him to Ebou Dar to find a cache of angreal and ter’angreal, which included the Bowl of the Winds. While there he hired a Darkfriend assassin named Lady Shiaine. When Sammael came to check on progress, Carridin noticed Matrim Cauthon and suddenly remembered a secret mission given to him to kill Mat. Sammael told him to forget Cauthon and search for the angreal. Carridin disobeyed Sammael and sent Shiaine after him. Carridin failed again. Carridin was murdered, drowned in brandy, by Murellin, on the orders of Lady Shiaine in the the house on Full Moon Street, by the order of Moridin.

Ronde Macura
Ronde Macura is a dressmaker in the village of Mardecin, a small village in Amadicia. She also serves as an agent of the Yellow Ajah, reporting to Narenwin Barda. She is middle aged, handsome and has dark hair. When she encounters Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne Trakand on their trip to Salidar, she recognizes them instantly from her orders from the White Tower. In order to capture the two for transport back to the Tower she poisons them with forkroot tea and hides them in her upstairs bedroom. The two girls are rescued by Thomdril Merrilin and Juilin Sandar, who come looking for them after they fail to return to their camp. After Elayne and Nynaeve resume their trip to Salidar, Ronde sends a report to the Tower reporting her failure. When Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan hears of this failure she orders that Ronde be severely punished for failing in her mission to capture the two runaways. For punishment, Ronde is flogged in front of her store. Elaida uses Ronde’s punishment as an example of what failure will bring. Because of her public humiliation and punishment by Aes Sedai, Ronde now carries a passionate hatred for all Aes Sedai. This hate leads for her to plead to serve the Seanchan and is taken into Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag’s service. She then gives the Seanchan the secret of forkroot, that allows for them to effectively capture both wilders and Aes Sedai that are within their territory.

Abdel Omerna
Abdel Omerna was a officer of the Children of the Light. He was tall with a strong chin and waves of white hair at his temples. He has dark eyes that are deep and thoughtful. He is the image of what a Whitecloak officer should look like and appears fearless and commanding. He has a deep, resonant voice. He was one of the Lord Captains of the Council of the Anointed. Although supposedly a minor member of the Council, he is Pedron Niall’s public spymaster and feared every bit as much as Rhadam Asunawa. In truth, Abdel is a decoy to direct attention away from Niall’s true spymaster and secretary, Sebban Balwer. Not even Adbel himself knows of this fact. While Niall acknowledges his competence in the field, he thinks the man very stupid and gullible. Niall indicates that the man has seen harsh battles. His battle experience may have been during the Whitecloak War, as might fit his apparent age and position. Niall notes that he is very good at remaining calm and suggests that it is what he does best. He listens far too much to gossip in the street and in taverns, though he is very efficient at gathering such information. It is no secret that he has been duped into buying no fewer than three Horns of Valere for large sums of money, and was frustrated when he blew them and nothing happened. Niall consults with him on various issues regarding the quarantine of the border between Tarabon and Amadicia. Omerna wishes to invite the Illuminators into Amador to open a chapter house and to infiltrate them with spies for the Children. Niall does not agree. He also reports on confirming the existence of the Dragonsworn in Ghealdan and Murandy. Omerna suggests that the rulers of Ghealdan, Altara and Murandy are willing to support the Children. Omerna thinks that Siuan Sanche hadn’t really been deposed, the Stone of Tear had not fallen and the armies of Hawkwing had returned to Falme. Niall thinks all of these ridiculous, yet the final one was the truth. Niall thinks that Omerna was becoming increasingly incompetent and careless and reflects that he is useless as a decoy if he cannot carry out his supposed position as spymaster to his full ability. Omerna is manipulated by Eamon Valda into assassinating Pedron Niall with a dagger. The reason he gives is the fact that Niall did not act against the Aes Sedai gathering in Salidar on the border. His usefulness fulfilled, Eamon then kills Abdel himself. Valda suggests that Omerna had been bought by Tar Valon witches or the Dragonsworn.

Sharbon is the personal servant to Jaichim Carridin in Amador. Sharbon is a plump man. When Jaichim Carridin was frustrated over his conflicting orders from the Shadow and from Pedron Niall, he beats Sharbon when he brings Carridin some fruit.

Theril is from Amadicia. His dad is Alvon. He is lanky and tall. He is made Gai’shain by the Shaido. He and his dad continue to try and escape from the Shaido, taking longer to find each time. He swears fealty to Faile Bashere and later on steals the Oath Rod from Therava’s tent. He then gives to Faile. He witnesses Galina Casban topple a burnt down old house on top of Faile and the rest of her group. He runs back to the Shaido camp to get help from the rest of those who swore fealty to Faile. He is sent by Faile to the fortress in Malden to escort those that traveled through the aqueduct before the Battle of Malden to where Faile and Perrin Aybara are.


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