The Karaethon Cycle: The Prophecies of the Dragon

And it shall come to pass that what men made shall be shattered,
and the Shadow shall lie across the Pattern of the Age,
and the Dark One shall once more lay his hand upon the world of man.
Women shall weep and men quail as the nations of the earth are rent like rotting cloth.
Neither shall anything stand or abide…

The Karaethon Cycle

Join me for the Hunt for the Horn of Valere!
Part I, The Road to Caemlyn

Horn of Valere

“The Great Hunt”, book 2 of 13 of Robert Jordan’s famous Wheel of Time series with one last book in the works due out in 2012. This campaign will begin within the happenings of this 2nd book. The Player Characters will be hunters for the Horn just like Rogosh Eagle Eye of old. You all have already taken the oaths and received the blessings at Tomaz in Illian along with 2000 others months before. For you the Hunt, Continues…

WoT Primer:

“Death lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.”-Rand al’Thor

It is preferential, no I take that back, it is nearly essential for those that wish to play in this campaign to have read at least the first book of The Wheel of Time series called; “The Eye of the World”. Naturally the more books a player has read the better grasp on Jordan’s world they will have. Such knowledge will aid them greatly and make for much grander Role-play. It will not be important for the player Characters to personally know the majority of the main characters in the above stories but knowing some of the historic events, people, legends and the general geography of the world would be preferred and might serve the players greatly. I have been scouring all sources at my disposal to bring every bit of information on Jordan’s World here for quick and easy reference. The purpose of this is for the characters (their players) to be well versed in all things WoT. I must warn you though, in this game no quarter shall be given as the dice shall fall as they may unless you have The Dark One’s Own Luck.

For those who want to know a quick synopsis of the books you can go here: Wheel of Time Book Synopsis OR Encyclopaedia WoT

Alot of the information presented here is up to date with the most current book, not the book in which we will be starting the campaign. However there is information that pertains to the time in which the campaign takes place. This Campaign will be Canon and events involving the main characters that come to pass may or may not be known to the would-be adventurers. “The wheel weaves as the wheel wills and you are but threads in the pattern”.

WoT Calendar

WoT Banners

WOT System of Currency and Measurement
Currency, Time

History of WoT
Creation, First Age, The Second Age-The Age of Legends, Third Age-After the Breaking, Third Age – Free Years, Third Age – New Era, Historical Nations, Nations from the Trolloc Wars, History of the Ten Nations, Places in the Age of Legends, New Spring – The Novel, The Eye of the World – Book I, The Great Hunt – Book II

Lands of WoT
The Main Continent
Ebou Dar, Alkindar, Brytan, Coramen, Cormaed, Ionin Spring, Jurador, Malden, Marella, Moisen, Mosra, Nor Chasen, Remen, Salidar, Sehar, So Eban, So Habor, So Tehar, Soremaine, Weesin

Amador, Abila, Almizar, Bellon, Jeramel, Mardecin, Sienda

Arien, Aringill, Baerlon, Breen’s Spring, Buryhill, Caemlyn, Carysford, Comfrey, Cullen’s Crossing, Damelien, Danabar, Deven Ride, Emond’s Field, Forel Market, Four Kings, Harlon Bridge, Jornhill, Kore Springs, Market Sheran, New Braem, Sheldyn, Taren Ferry, Watch Hill, Whitebridge

Arad Doman
Bandar Ebon, Coron Ford, Kandelmar, Katar, Maseen, Solanje, Lake Somal

Cairhien-City, Eianrod, Jurene, Maerone, Morelle, Selean, Taien, Tremonsien

Jehannah, Bethal, Boannda, Cosamelle, Fyall, Jarra, Samaha, Samara, Sidon, Tallan, Willar


Lugard, Hinderstap, Inishlinn, Mindea, Trustair

Tanchico, Alcruna, Elmora, Maracru, Nassad, Serana


The Borderlands:
Arafel, Kandor, Malkier, Saldaea, Shienar

Far Madding, Mayene, Tar Valon

Dorlan, Darein, Jualdhe, Alindaer

The Aiel Waste
Aiel Holds
Bent Valley Hold, Cold Rocks Hold, Colrada Hold, Comarda Hold, Hot Springs Hold, Mainde Cut Hold, Red Springs Hold, Shende Hold, Smoke Springs Hold, Sulara Hold

Other Locations in the Waste
Alcair Dol, Chaendaer, Chain Ridge Stand, Imre Stand, Rhuidean

The Ogier and The Steading
The Ogier, The Stedding, Stedding Jentoine, Stedding Shangtai, Stedding Tsofu, The Ways

Major Roads:
Caemlyn Road, Four Kings Road, Gold Road, Great North Road, Illian Road, Lugard Road, North Road, Old Road, Quarry Road, Silver Road

Major Rivers:
River Akuum, River Alguenya, River Andahar, River Antaeo, River Arinelle, River Boern, River Cary, River Dhagon, River Eldar, River Erinin, River Gaelin, River Haevin, River Iralell, River Ivo, River Manetherendrelle, River Mora, River Sharia, River Storn, River Shal

Inns and Establishments
Garden of Silver Breezes, Royal Library of Cairhien, The Archers, The Ball and Hoop, The Blind Pig, The Blue Cat, The Blue Rose, The Bunch of Grapes, The Crown and Lion, The Crown of Roses, Culain’s Hound, The Dancing Cartman, The Dead Man’s Breath, The Defender of the Dragonwall, The Dragon, Easing the Badger, The Evening Star, The Gates of Heaven, The Golden Barge, The Golden Crown of Heaven, The Golden Swans of Heaven, The Good Queen, The Goose and Crown, The Great Tree, Harilin’s Leap, The Hoop and Arrow, Ionin Spring Inn, Marella Inn, The Marriage Knife, The Nine Rings, The Plowman’s Blade, The Queen’s Blessing, The Queen’s Lance, The Queen’s Man, The Royal Inn, The Ruffled Goose, The Seven Striped Lass, The Silver Penny, The Silver Swan, The Southern Hoop, The Stag and Lion, The Three Plum Court, The Wandering Woman, The Wayfarer’s Rest, The White Boar, The White Tower, The Winespring Inn

Special Sites/Landmarks
Arran Head, Banikhan Mountains, Bay of Remara, Black Tower, Blight Border, Braem Wood, Chishen Mountains, Cliffs of Dawn, Damona Mountains, Dragonmount, Eldrene’s Veil, Far Madding Gate, Garin’s Wall, Great Blight, Great Rift, Jangai pass, Kinslayer’s Dagger, Lake Somal, Lesser Blight, Malvide Narrows, Maraside Mountains, Mountains of Dhoom, Mountains of Mist, Natrin’s Barrow, Nemarellin Mountains, Pit of Doom, Shadar Logoth, Shadow Coast, Shadow’s Lance, Shayol Ghul, Spine of the World, Termool, The Blasted Lands, The Mire, The Waterwood, Tower of Ghenjei, Venir Mountains, Winespring, White Tower

Aes Sedai, Ancient and Honorable League of the Nets, Asha’man, Band of the Red Hand. Bloodknife, Cha Faile, Children of the Light, Daughters of Silence, Far Dareis Mai, Fellowship of Alms, Fists of Heaven, Guild of Illuminators, Illianer Companions, Kandori Merchants’ Guild, Kin, Legion of the Wall, Listeners, Maidens of the Sword, School of Cairhien, Seekers of Truth, Valan Luca’s Traveling Show, Younglings

Darkhound, Draghkar, Grolm, Jumara (Shadowspawn), Myrddraal, Trolloc,

Special Items/Objects
Angreal, Cadin’sor, Callandor, Color-Shifting Cloak, Comolad, Cuendillar, Dragons, Fancloth, Horn of Valere, Kaf, Oosqui, Power Wrought Weapons,Ring of Tamyrlin, Ruby Hilted Dagger, Sa’angreal, Satare, Shocklance, Shoufa, Someshta, Stasis Box, Streith, Ter’angreal, The Seven Seals, Two Rivers Bow

Savage Worlds
The game system I will be using for this campaign is Savage Worlds. This game system gives more flexibility to character creation than Pathfinder or D&D 3.5. This Flexibility is necessary as many characters can be Fighters but also Channelers as well.

Melee Combat Changes
Most melee combat in Savage Worlds will be the same, however for those few men and women that have truly embraced the sword, Blademasters, I have made a change. Please see SWORD FORMS for these changes which include an example of how the changes would affect a combat round. Roleplaying is key here for this. The better, more fluid the role-playing, the better a duel between Blademasters will be. As this is untested it is likely to go through many refinements as testing this system is done. My only intent for this is to try to bring the feel of a Blademasters duel to life.

Using Powers
The Wheel of Time series uses a different system that involves Channeling Weaves instead of casting spells. CHANNELING I have included most of the Weaves ever mentioned in the books up to the book that this adventure takes place along with others that were not mentioned until later. NEW POWERS What is not solid is the power of such things as a weave. This is because each person has differing ability with the One Power and may wish a differing power/effect of the weaves they Channel. This will be majorly apart of role-playing the weaves that are cast. Weaves are very powerful in the WoT. Though many can be resisted, some can not be. Thus, weaves are very powerful even if they are Channeled by a Novice of the White Tower. As this is untested it is likely to go through many refinements as testing this system is done. My only intent is to try to bring the feel of channeling weaves to life. It will be extremely important to NOT explain what you are trying to do to the GM before you do it. It is important to “try” to use a Weave (through RP) how you wish it to be used. The GM will make the final determination on how that Weave actually comes off. Weaves that have been performed as the character wishes will become a known weave in which it’s effects will be commonized. Also, such weaves if viewed by someone who can learn weaves by watching them unfold can be learned in this manner.

The Call of the Horn
Status: In Development


The Wheel of Time - The Call of the Horn

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